PTCS Program Newsletter: October 2018
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General Program Updates & Tips
PTCS Customer Service Update  CustServ 
BPA is pleased to welcome new customer and technical support staff to the team. Now when you call or email the team, Nathan, Nick, Anna, or Amber at CLEAResult will respond to your questions and concerns. The email, phone number, and fax number will all remain the same.
In addition, Mark Jerome, Trevor Frick, and Bruce Manclark from CLEAResult will be available to discuss and troubleshoot your duct sealing and heat pump projects. If you have topics you would like to discuss with our technical support staff, contact the PTCS program team at 1.800.941.3867 or email
BPA will continue to work closely with CLEAResult to ensure everyone receives a high level of support.

BPA Staff: Amy Burke, Gary Smith,

and Maitri Dirmeyer. 

CLEAResult Staff: Nathan Hall, Nick Eddy, Eric Timmon, Reed Lehto, Amber Bradly and Eli Caudill. Not pictured: Anna Frankowski, Bruce Manclark, Mark Jerome, and Trevor Frick.
Market Your PTCS Business MarketingUpdate

Don't forget: The PTCS program offers free marketing materials you can customize with your company logo and contact information. Check them out by visiting our marketing portal !
Tips for Using the RegistryRegistryUpdates
How to Update Site Details
Are you a contractor or administrative staff who needs to update the utility, home type or size, or heating system type in the registry for an existing job? You're in luck! You can do it without contacting PTCS customer service and waiting for an email or phone call response.
  1. Sign in to the PTCS Online Registry with contractor access.
  2. Click Enter a Project, typing the address exactly as it was entered (Hint: Be mindful of the lot number).
  3. If the site details match what you expected, update as necessary.
Save Progress Feature
If you are entering data but need more information to complete the task, you can click "Save Progress" at the bottom of the job entry screen. You will get a status of "In Progress". When you are ready to complete the project information, please do the following:
  1. Sign in as the installing technician
  2. Click Search for Project and search by address or measure ID of the saved project
  3. Click Continue Job next to the appropriate measure ID and enter the remaining data
  4. Click Finish if all the installation data has been entered, or you can click Save Progress again if more information is needed.
All About Air Source Heat Pumps
Airflow Corrections for Filter Grille Measurements  FilterGrille
Heating systems with filter grilles or electric furnaces and heat pumps in manufactured homes typically lack return-side ductwork in front of the TrueFlow® Plate location.
To calculate the measured airflow in these cases, multiply the final corrected airflow by 1.04-a four percent increase. When entering a new job, make sure to document the procedure in the registry by changing the plate pressure to match the adjusted airflow so the airflow matches your test. Include an explanation in the note field. Even if you're using a system that has this feature built in, like The Energy Conservatory's DG-1000, the registry must still be updated with the adjusted measurements so your project entry doesn't get rejected. Please include an explanation in the notes field so any Quality Assurance inspector can replicate your test. 
If you have any issues entering the updated values, please contact us at
Thermostats in Test Modes TestMode
Clarifying the Compressor Lockout Language LAL
We'd like to clarify the Compressor Low Ambient Lockout portion of the forms and registry inputs. The ASHP Specification is " If a low ambient temperature compressor cutout option is installed, it must not cut out the compressor at temperatures above 5°F." Please see below for clarification on the answer options on the form and registry.

Compressor Low Ambient Lockout control (LAL) setting at 5° or less?   
  • Yes:  This meets program standards. Use this entry when the controller is set at 5° or less
  • Not Installed/Disabled:  This meets program standards.  Use this entry when the compressor low ambient lockout is disabled
  • Non-Electric Backup:  This meets program standards.  Use this entry when gas backup is used instead of typical electric backup.
  • No:  This does not meet program standards.  Selecting this will fail the project.
If you have other questions on other PTCS form or Registry inputs, contact the PTCS Program team at 1.800.941.3867 or at
Need a Refresher? Refresher
Get reacquainted with the PTCS program! Contact your trainer or reach out to the PTCS program team at 1.800.941.3867 or .
From entering jobs into the registry to reading your DG-700, we're here to help. Reach out to 1.800.941.3867 or . For more information, consult our Program Homepage .
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