PTG 3 Day Cycle

(a.k.a. Taylor Trading Technique)

If you're looking for a reliable and effective way to trade in the inherently choppy nature of the markets, look no further than the Taylor Trading Technique. Invented by George Douglass Taylor back in the late 1940s, this short term, 3 Day Method has withstood the test of time and is still widely used by professional Hedge Fund and Mutual Fund traders today. 

What sets the Taylor Trading Technique apart is its unique view of the markets being driven and manipulated by Smart Money. By adopting Taylor's structure of the Market's 3 Day Cycle, traders can gain invaluable insights into the market's movements and make more informed trading decisions. 

At the core of Taylor's technique is his premise that the market is manipulated in stages which repeat over and over. These stages were manually recorded using his Book Method, which has since been digitized and made accessible to traders everywhere. 

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Now, you may be wondering how this technique can benefit you. Well, with the PTG 3 Day Cycle (a.k.a. Taylor Trading Technique), you can trade smarter, not harder. You can identify the stages of the market and make informed decisions based on the movements of the Smart Money. This technique allows you to take advantage of the market's volatility by aligning trading positions along with the BIG BOYZ.

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In 1950’s eyeballing the “Book” was enough to predict the amplitude of the moves. However in today’s markets and the use of computers, this had to be improved so the “Electronic Trading Book” was the solution, and the “PTG/TTT e-Book”which also included new developments, was created by Richard Boisvert; Professional Trader / Money Manager.

With the “PTG/TTT e-Book“ we do not only have a better idea of the daily direction of the markets, but also of the possible levels of support and resistance to be achieved.

The "PTG/TTT e-Book", today's electronic version of Taylor's 1950 "Book Method", shows that even in Bear markets, the “Smart Money” creates a positive 3 Day Rally in over 90% of the cycles.

We offer 6 different “PTG/TTT e-Books” covering a wide range of markets including: US Index Futures and Indexes; European Futures; Gold, Silver and Energy Products; Forex Futures; and Bitcoin Futures.

PTG/TTT e-Book is a source of compiled data for 24 hour and Day Sessions, emailed to you every day after the market closes that includes:

  • Projected High and Low
  • Odds of achieving Higher Highs and Lower Lows
  • Odds of getting a Decline or a Rally
  • Odds of having a Positive 3 Day Rally
  • If a Rally is forecast and by how much
  • If a Decline is forecast, and by how much
  • Average Spread / Range for the day
  • Odds of making the High or Low – 1st / Last
  • Previous Day High / Low and if made 1st / Last

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With our comprehensive training program, you'll learn all the ins and outs of this powerful technique, from identifying the market's stages to making higher quality trades.

If you're ready to take your trading to the next level and navigate choppy markets with greater confidence, then give the PTG 3 Day Cycle a try.

Part 1 - The "Basic's"

Part 2 - Target Calculations

Part 3 - Target Projections

Thank you and Good Trading,

PTGDavid and Richard Boisvert

Polaris Trading Group (PTG) provides institutional quality comprehensive futures day trading education that includes an Online Study CourseLive Trading Room and ongoing Training and Mentoring. Thirty-Nine-year veteran trader of Investment Banks and Hedge Funds, David D Dube' moderates the PTG Trading Room, where he provides traders specific information and institutional analysis on current market conditions.

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