Community News
Thankfully we have seen an enormous amount of growth in our student enrollment here at Hyde Park School. To support these students with the financial, community, and infrastructure needs that are not provided by the district it is up to the PTO Organization to supplement. For us to continue our success we as an organization need volunteers to fill all positions for the 2018-19 school year.

Our reach needs to be broad so that we can incorporate the opinions and desires of the entire Hyde Park School community. In order for the PTO to exist and to evolve, it requires new parents every year who want to engage and effect change. There are absolutely no requirements to volunteer in a position and you will be mentored by the person currently serving in that role. Every parent on our current board was a first-time volunteer who juggles work, kids, life and service to our school. So this is your opportunity; We welcome all candidates to come forward and join the team!!
SLATE OF ELECTED POSITIONS- Voted May 2, 2018 @ 8:00 am
Here is the list of PTO Officers and general duties: If you have an interest in one of the below positions please send an e-mail to  by April 28th. All candidates will be announced April 30th.

Vice President - Assist the President with the basic operations of the PTO. Learn the schedule of events and regulations required to lead as the President the following year. Following his/her initial term of office, the Vice President shall automatically, and without a vote, fill the office of President for the following year. Perform such other duties as are pertinent to the office. Position as described in PTO Regulations available upon request.  

Vice Treasurer- Assist the Treasurer with the basic financial operations of the PTO. Train on our financial management platform (Quickbooks) and become familiar with the regulations and policies established by the Board. Following his/her initial term of office, the Vice Treasurer shall automatically, and without a vote, fill the office of Treasurer for the following year. Position as described in PTO Regulations available upon request. 

Secretary- The Secretary keeps all records of the organization, takes and records minutes of all Board meetings and Member meetings, and handles e-mail correspondence. S/he is responsible for compiling the weekly newsletter emailed to HPS families, as well as posting on Facebook.  It’s a great position to know everything going on in the HPS community! Position as described in PTO Regulations available upon request.

LSDMC Representatives (2 ) - Each representative must have a child enrolled at Hyde Park School. Can commit to a two year term ending in June 2020. Must commit to attend all, to the extent practicable, of the LSDMC meetings (1 meeting per month). Primary focus of the LSDMC will be a new 5-year strategic plan for the school and facilities. If interested, or have additional questions, please contact Jason Wilcoxon at by April 28th.