PTO Meeting Feb 13
6:45-7:00 Check in, meet & greet,
drop off kids at child care
7:00-8:00 PTO Business Meeting
8:00-8:30 Subcommittee meetings

RSVP here 👟👢👞 Don't forget your shoe donation!! 👟👢👞
Teacher retention has been an ongoing topic this year. Come and hear the open letter from Ted Anderson with a summary of the results of School Board's staff survey and the school's action requests from the PTO. And here is a link to the teacher contract.
Needed for NEXT year:
< PTO President >
< Vice President >
< Secretary >
< Treasurer >
< General Officer >

Learn more about PTO Organizational structure here
How involved are you in the PTO?
1) The PTO has monthly meetings, activities, events, service...How involved are you in the PTO?
I'm very involved and volunteer at least once a month
I try to be involved and help with a handful of PTO events/projects
I'm not very involved at this time but I plan to be involved next school year
I prefer not to be involved
I volunteer for the school in other areas (school board committees, library...)
2) In this school year, how many of the last 5 PTO meetings have you attended?
3) Select an option that the PTO could do to encourage better parent participation
Move PTO meetings "off campus" and not meet on school property
Move PTO meetings to Sunday evenings to not conflict with work & school schedule
Have PTO meetings alternate between morning meeting times and evening
Alternate meeting locations between Minneapolis and St Paul
None of these above options would change my participation
♻️ Drop Off Days for Rummage Sale
Please leave your donations at the top of the Aula stairs on Como Ave. during the following dates and times:
Mondays: 2/12 and 2/26 2:30-6pm
Tuesdays: 2/20 and 2/27 8-8:30am
Thursdays: 2/15, 2/22, 3/1 and 3/8 2:30-3:30pm
Please only drop off your items during these times. Only items small enough to be lifted by one person. If you have any questions contact Christine Ustun at  706 631-7941 or
April 14th is the Rummage SALE - we could use some sorting, pricing, publicity, and set-up help.
Herberger's Community Days

Come help sell $5 coupon books. The whole $5 from each book sale is given to the PTO, and the fall sale raised $900!
How can you help?
Or help sell books any Saturday during February from 2-4pm at the University Ave Herberger's store. Contact Christine to volunteer 
Shoe Drive 👟👢👞

The collection box is located outside the main office. 2,500 pairs of gently used shoes of any kind or size equals $1,000.
Contact Nate with questions 

So far we have 200 pairs!

Shoes donated to Funds2Orgs

Want to help with any of these events? Great!!