Happy Fall!
A word from your PTSA presidents

School is off to an amazing start with some sunny weather and a tich of typical Seattle rain mixed in which keeps us parents on our rain boots versus flip-flopped toes.  We have had such fun the first few weeks of school and have accomplished quite a few fun and exciting things.  The ice cream social was a HUGE success- thank you to everyone who attended and to all the volunteers and vendors who came and supported Lakeview.  

Break out your sneakers because next week we have Walk to School Week.  On Monday, please swing by after you drop your kids off and join the PTSA for some hot coffee, snacks and conversation--we would be honored to get to know you and answer any questions you might have for us.  Besides, who needs an excuse to hang out, drink coffee and eat doughnuts?!  Not us!

Here's to an awesome October and see you on Monday!

Elizabeth & Kim

Walk to School Week
September 25-29

Kick off the Walk to School Week on Monday morning in front of the school with refreshments from Met Market, along with the Ped Bee and Kirkland Police and Fire Departments.   Parents can stop by for a cup of coffee on Monday after you drop of your students, compliments of the PTSA presidents.

Check the  LWSD Safe Walk and Bike Routes to find the walk and bike routes closest to your home.   Biking is welcome too! Students in 4th and 5th grade must fill out the  Lakeview Bike Permission Form  in order to bike and always wear a helmet. Students in K-3rd must ride to/from school with an adult.

And in case you are looking for one more place to click, check out this link: "Why Walk or Bike?" 

Halloween Costume Swap
September 30

Trade your old costumes for ones that are new-to-you! Donate costumes, masks, and accessories at Kirkland City Hall the week of September 25-29. Then, complete the swap by selecting a donated costume at Heritage Hall on Saturday September 30.   Click here for more details

PTSA Special Needs Group
September 26th at 6:30

The Lake Washington PTSA Special Needs Group invites all parents and caregivers to their monthly meeting on Tuesday, Sept 26th, at 6:30PM at the Lake Washington Resource Center. 

Paul Vine, LWSD Director of Special Education, and his team of LWSD associate directors will discuss how they are there to support you and your students.

For more information and to sign up for child care for this event click here.

What's Missing in the Lakeview Comm_nity?
Spoiler alert: it's U!

The PTSA is still seeking several volunteers to help with various programs and events this school year.  Positions include:
  • Enrichment Co-Chair - Coordinates after-school enrichment classes to help provide a well-rounded experience for Lakeview students and most importantly makes sure we have chaperones as required by the district. Contact Victoria Azalde.
  • Emergency Prep Committee - Helps keep Lakeview kiddos safe by making sure each room is prepared just in case there is an emergency. Contact Karee Oliver.
  • School Services Co-Chair - Works with veteran chair on programs that support the school building such as safety, emergency preparedness, playground and hearing and vision screening. Contact Karee Oliver.
  • Special Needs Liaison - Helps keep Lakeview families informed about meetings and available resources. There is a great deal of district support for this person or persons. Contact Debbie Callahan.
  • Family Dance Night Coordinators - Shake your groove thing! Coordinates Lakeview's Family Dance in April. This is an awesome event and is tons of fun. Contact Erica Gamble and Gia Parsons.
  • Staff Appreciation Week Coordinator - Works with Room Parents and the PTSA Board to coordinate Staff Appreciation Week in May. Contact Erica Gamble and Gia Parsons.
  • Bike to School Day - This is a one day event held annually in May to support safe biking. There is a great deal of support from Cascade Bike Club. Contact Erica Gamble and Gia Parsons.
These jobs can all be done by an individual or shared with another parent. You know what they say - two heads are better than one!

If you can't commit to one of these roles but would like to help out when possible please send an email to lakptsavolunteer@gmail.com.

Meet the Candidates
October 11, 7 to 8:30PM

You hold the power to impact education in Washington!
Whether you're a parent, a business leader, or a community member, the decisions our State Senators and School Board Members make regarding education issues in the coming years will have an impact on all of us.

Where: Redmond HS Performing Arts Center, 17272 NE 104th St.; Redmond, WA 98052

When: Wednesday, October 11, 2016; 7-8:30PM

Co-Sponsored by LWPTSA Council and Redmond High School PTSA

PTSA Membership Update

As of September 19th, 155 Lakeview families (32%) and 11 Lakeview teachers (46%) have joined our PTSA!  That is excellent for our first weeks of school. That said, there are many more families and teachers that we want to join! Show your support for our Lakeview community! Go to www.lakeviewptsa.org to join

Spotlight On:
Lakeview's New Dishwasher

This week the PTSA was able to replace the broken dishwasher in the teacher's staff lounge.  Thank you, parents, for your contributions that helped make this possible!