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 Ballard High School Volunteer Positions

Ballard High School   relies heavily on parent volunteers  to help BHS provide the best possible experience and opportunities for its students. It takes incredible infrastructure, coordination and orchestration not just from the students, teachers, and administrators, but tremendous support from the parent community as well.

Several openings for PTSA are listed below and can be co-chaired as well! If you have any questions, comments or ideas, please email the BHS PTSA email at - we want to hear from you!

PTSA Volunteer Opportunities

☐  Vice President  The VP performs duties of the President when the President is absent. The VP will help plan the meeting agendas and will work with committee chairs to ensure they have all of the necessary information.
☐  Secretary  The Secretary will take minutes and record all business at the PTSA meetings. The secretary must prepare the minutes for approval at the next meeting.
☐  Nominating Committee Chair This short-term position works with the PTSA to help find qualified candidates for open PTSA positions.
☐  Membership Chair  This position does not require extensive experience with the PTSA. This position helps to encourage, manage and track BHS PTSA membership.
☐  Newsletter/ Social Media / Website Coordinator This position(s) can help facilitate and/or prepare the PTSA Weekly Newsletter, as well as, distribute and communicate information for social media platforms and PTSA & School websites.
☐  Volunteer Coordinator This position helps recruit and organize volunteers for various PTSA functions, including BASH, SPREE and other sponsored events.
☐  SPREE Coordinator The SPREE Coordinator helps to plan and coordinate the senior graduation party.

Other Volunteer Opportunities within the BHS PTSA

☐  FACE – Family and Community Engagement
☐  Direct Appeal | ☐  The Bash - PTSA Auction
☐  SPREE Parent Chaperone Ӏ ☐  Staff Appreciation
☐  First Day/Week of School Help – Handing Out Class Schedules/ORCA cards
 Start of School Packets – Copying, Assembling

Please  select any areas  which you would like to volunteer. Return t he attached form to the main office or complete the on-line form at

Just a few hours of your time goes a long way! We need your support!