January 2016 Newsletter
  • Tiny Homes: 4 Week Hands-On Workshop (4/25-5/20)
  • Porch Furniture Project: Virtual Shop Tour 
  • Save the Date: Annual Founders' Breakfast
  • Reflections: Fall 2015 Foundations of Woodworking Students

  • Celebrating By Hound & Eye: Vitruvian Man/Vitruvian Dog T-Shirts! 

  • Your Year in Giving: A Look Back at Your Generosity in 2015
  • Woodworking Inspiration: Robbi Niclas Violins
Steve Habersetzer's last Gyspy Wagon
Tiny Homes: 4 Week Hands-On Workshop (4/25-5/20)

Traditional techniques in a contemporary context: the tiny home phenomenon has come to PTSW! 

Whether you are drawn to tiny homes by a desire to live more simply, have a smaller  environmental footprint, or just scale down your living space, here's your chance to gain the hands-on experience to make it happen. 

Our objective in offering this class is to help you develop the skills you will need to efficiently build a tiny home with sustainable materials. Leveraging his experience building Gypsy Wagons, Steve Habersetzer will co-teach the class with John Edwards, a local contractor with more than 20 years of experience. 

Learn about construction of the basic structure, framing, cladding, roofing, installation of windows and doors- using just solid wood! We've designed this class for individuals who are looking to build their own home or who may lead a crew in community tiny home building projects. Learn more about this amazing opportunity

The class will be limited to 8 students, so sign up early! 

Have a friend or family member who has been tiny home dreaming? Forward them this email or a link to our website and help set their dreams in motion! 
Fort Worden Porch Furniture Project: Virtual Shop Tour

Did you miss the Porch Furniture Project Open House in December?  Take a virtual tour through the furniture making process.

We will be offering quarterly Open Houses...keep an eye out for an announcement about our Spring Open House in February's newsletter! 

In the meantime, if you're a friend or alumni interested in volunteering to help or exhibiting your work at an Open House, send us an email at info@ptwoodschool.org
Reflections: Fall 2015 Foundations of Woodworking Students 

On expectations: " I was surprised by the first three weeks how intense the pace was. But I also found that I really enjoyed that, and learned so much more than I had anticipated."

On community: "Feeling like I've stepped into a community of people who are really devoted to this has been amazing."

On passion:  "Time chasing my passion & dreams in woodwork is the first time in many years that I have once again truly been myself, living with a joy and curiosity I thought had been lost many, many years ago."
On place:  "You're not just teaching people how to cut dovetails, there's a philosophical framework, it's a heritage school...I believe what we're doing is important."

Vitruvian Man (or Woman!) + Vitruvian Dog T-Shirts, celebrating By Hound & Eye! 

Inspired by the recently published By Hound & Eye by Jim Tolpin & George Walker, a Vitruvian Man/Virtruvian Woman + Vitruvian Dog T-Shirt is in the making, with help from the very talented Andrea Love (the book's illustrator). If you haven't checked out the book yet, find it through  Lost Art Press. 

Stay tuned for details about the sure-to-be-fabulous design and pre-orders! 
Your Year in Giving: A Look Back at Your Generosity in 2015
2015 was the pilot of a formal giving program for PTSW and YOU made it successful!  Former students and friends of the school like you raised $13,000  to make our programs possible. Thank you!  

Additionally, we are thankful for the First Federal Community Foundation, the Jefferson County Community Foundation and an anonymous foundation for their generous grants this year.
Do you share our passion for fine craftsmanship, sustainability and creative expression, but haven't yet made your gift? J oin with the 85+ donors who supported the preservation of traditional woodworking and the transformative experiences offered by the School this past year.  
Please make your gift online today.   Thank you from all of us at PTSW!
Woodworking Inspiration

This month, talented woodworker and yacht interior designer Rob Niclas was kind enough to share images of his stunning electric violins that he created for his youngest daughter & eldest son's wife. 

Look for more to come about these beautiful instruments (with more amazing photos!) over on our blog.
Share your woodwork and the images that inspire it with us on Instagram (@ptwoodschool) or by using the #PTSW hashtag.
Photo by Isaac Gautschi