The Vilas County Forestry, Recreation, and Land Department is seeking assistance from St. Germain as it updates its countywide Outdoor Recreation Plan for calendar years 2023-2027. By providing this assistance, and by the Town's recreational opportunities being recognized in the County plan, both the County and Town will continue to be eligible for competitive federal and state outdoor recreation grant funds.

Input from outdoor recreation enthusiasts is part of this process.

Please take a few minutes between now and October 2nd to complete an ON-LINE SURVEY of your personal outdoor recreational interests.

To better understand the plan, view the current 2019-2023 Vilas County Outdoor Recreation Plan. Pages 55-57 highlight St. Germain's recreational opportunities. These pages will be updated in the 2023-2027 plan to reflect the Town's recreational developments of the past several years and to highlight developmental objectives for the next five years.

The Town Board thanks you for participating in this important survey.

The St. Germain Town Board of Supervisors provided this message. If you wish to contact any of the Town's officers, please visit the "Elected and Appointed Officials" page of the TOWN WEBSITE.