Worship With Us
Join us for worship this Sunday at 9:55am. Our Gospel Lesson will be Luke 18:9-14 where Jesus offers a parable about humility. Our sermon is entitled The Work of A Lifetime.

As always, we encourage you to bring a friend, family member, co-worker, neighbor … anyone! All are welcome!

Plan to attend our Speaker Series at 11:15am in the Heritage Room. We are pleased that PUCC neighbor and PUNS alum parent Nora McMorrow will be with us to share a bit of her Baha'i Faith with us. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to interfaith intertwine! You will be blessed.

Speaker Series:
The Baha’i Faith

Sun, Oct 27 | 11:15am
Heritage Room
Join Nora McMorrow as she shares her Baha’I faith with us.

Parkway Speakers Series Presents "The Way We Were; Preserving the Legacy of a Great Church”

Sun, Nov 3 | 11:15am
Heritage Room

Did you know that Parkway UCC has almost two centuries of history? Come hear our church historias Naomi
Runtz and Kim Livengood focus on the many highlights, as they seek to inform the congregation of our history and help us to remember and preserve our past.

NEXT SUNDAY: All Saints Day
Next Sunday is All Saints Day - the first Sunday of November - and we will follow tradition by gathering for worship across the street in our Historic Sanctuary. Please consider bringing a framed photo to honor a loved one - family member, friend, educator, mentor… arrive a few minutes early so you can place these treasures on a table up front. Our Speaker Series at 11:15am will be back on the west side of the street with PUCC Historians Naomi Runtz and Kim Livengood!

(Remember to set your clocks back as we literally go back in time!)
Lead the way to Alzheimer’s first survivor.
Sunday, October 27 | noon on-site registration | 1:15 opening ceremony | Enterprise Center

Join Parkway's team!
PUCC Dessert Night – Inquirers
Monday, October 28 | 6:30-8:00pm Heritage Room (11)
Inquirer: someone who wants to know more … about Parkway UCC
The next PARKWAY UCC Inquirers’ Gathering will be a dessert night.

Get to know one another a bit more. You will find our time together meaningful and informative!

Prayer List Updates
Sarah Lowenthal and Matt Schaeperkoetter - wedding this wkend.
Mackenzie Neubert and Christian Poirot - wedding last wkend.
Kari McIver and John Stockglausner - wedding here last Saturday.
Val Detjen - waiting on test results; anticipating additional tests.
Cannon Family - grieving/celebrating John (son of Mary Jo & Jamie).
Judy Rohwedder & Christine Bratton – waiting for court date to finalize adoption of Madison and Taylinn.
All that is happening at the border of Syria and Turkey.

St Louis Assn UCC Covenant Partner
Week ending October 20 - St. Paul UCC, St. Louis on Giles & Potomac;
Week ending October 27 - St Paul’s UCC, Oakville; sp4u.org 

Stewardship Campaign
Consecration Sunday: November 10
The Stewardship Campaign began last Sunday as letters and pledge cards were mailed during the week. If you didn’t receive your mailing, please contact a member of The Stewardship Commission (Amy Yakel, Harold Cobb, Ellie Svenson, Tom Maxeiner and Phillip Waite.) Stewardship Moments for three Sundays are leading up to Consecration Sunday, November 10. We look forward to your participation.
America, Missouri, Chesterfield Recycles Day November 2

Follow the link to find out how to recycle your electronics.
Nature walk with the Sustainability Seekers

Sunday, November 3 1:30pm Al Foster Trail
A minute of amazing fall colors…I imagine you will watch it at least twice?! 
Who helps the little pumpkins cross the road to school?

The Crossing Gourd.
Hope has two beautiful daughters; their names are Anger and Courage. Anger at the way things are, and Courage to see that they do not remain as they are.
-St. Augustine

Fellowship Treats
Please c onsider providing treats for Sunday morning Fellowship Time as old friends, new friends and first time visitors build and sustain relationships…
Sunday Morning Flowers
Beautify the sanctuary even more by signing up for flowers or plants some Sunday…
Building Bridges, Not Walls.
Some of our interfaith friends from TASOM (Turkish American Society of Missouri – tasom.org) are eager to become more proficient in speaking English. There are ten people who would like to have a conversational partner. We are hoping to have some PUCCers sign on to engage in one on one connections and a few small groups. The sky is the limit (what does that even mean to someone learning English!?) for what can happen … some talk about a book, some cook together, some go out for a picnic or just chat. The pairings/groups come up with their own plans. This is a great way to commit to building bridges, not walls.

Berrin from TASOM asks that interested persons please visit https://forms.gle/amgYQd98QSwWFumL6 as soon as possible so we can get the ball rolling (what!?).

Please contact Kevin Cameron ( [email protected] ; 314-872-9330) or Lisa Mason ([email protected]) if you have any questions. 

(314) 872 9330 [email protected]
2841 N Ballas Road,
St. Louis, MO 63131
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