Interfaith Cooking Class
Saturday, November 23 | 5:00pm Parkway UCC

Intertwine is excited to announce our first interfaith cooking class. We will begin the evening with a brief Havdalah ceremony, separating the Jewish Sabbath from the rest of the week.
Worship With Us
Gather with us for worship this Sunday at 9:55am. It’s Thanksgiving Sunday in the US and Reign of Christ or Christ the King Sunday across the globe. Our Scripture Lessons are widely divergent at first glance… Luke 1:68-79 and Luke 23:33-43. One tells about Jesus’ beginnings and purpose and the other listens in as he is on the cross. What!? Why are we sharing these passages on the same day?

It’s the last Sunday in Ordinary Time – Advent starts next Sunday, December 1.

The sermon is entitled Tense of the Day .

We will receive a Thanksgiving Offering for ECH – Every Child’s Hope. This PUCC tradition dates back to the mid-1800s when we found ways to help love and nurture the children at the German Protestant Orphanage by sharing gifts from the earth that grew in our farms. Please take a look at the ECH website to learn again - or for the first time - about their origins and current mission. They are serving children, teens, young adults and families in all kinds of ways – including Head Start, Alternative School, Residential Living, Counseling through Trauma, Teen Parents.

We dedicated our 2020 pledges to our 2020 mission and ministry earlier this month. You won’t be surprised to learn that the Stewardship Commission will continue to receive your card! Thank you!

Prayer Corner
Mon, Nov 25 | 6:00-8:00pm | Sanctuary

Pastor Kevin is available to pray with you during this time. The Prayer Corner–with a perpetual candle–has a current prayer list, prayer books, journal, kneeler and chairs.
Annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Worship Service
Tuesday, November 26 | 7:00pm | The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Frontenac Chapel. 10445 Clayton Rd. St. Louis, MO 63131
Join us for this unique worship experience!

Climate Strike
Fri, Nov 29 | 9:00am | East side of the Galleria
Are you moved to join the Climate Strike? Parkway UCC has a Caring for God’s Creation banner that you can haelp carry.
Contact Lynn Sableman:
[email protected] | 314-609-6918

Emma’s Senior Sermon
Monday, December 2 | 11:40am | Eden Theological Seminary
Come support Emma as she offers her Senior Sermon at Eden Theological Seminary. All are welcome.
Prayer List Updates
Wyatt Monroe Tallyn baptized last Sunday
parents Jameson & April; siblings Evelyn, Sterling and Harrison.
Pledges for our 2020 Mission and Ministry.
Bill Haack - great medical test results. 
Howard - walking on new prosthesis with only a cane (Svenson).
Dottie and John Dwyer - awaiting first grandchild right now…
Jeff Dwyer and Lea Kauling are becoming parents in Chicago.   
Rosanna & Kevin Hogarty will be first time grandparents mid-2020.
Ralf and Cindy Wessel - healing at home after his heart surgery.
Angie Downing’s father , Don - healing at home after heart surgery.
Mike and Peggy Mohl - as his multiple myeloma is causing pain and complications; stronger chemo will begin after Christmas.

St Louis Assn UCC Covenant Partner
Week ending November 17 - St Thomas UCC , Chesterfield;
Week ending November 24 - Trinity UCC, St. Louis; 

Why did the squirrel take apart the classic car?
To get to the nuts and bolts.

This fascinates me!
Follow the bouncing ball!
Transgender Day of Remembrance – November 20, 2019
Maren Tirabassi

God, we mourn today
your image broken —
shattered, violated, desecrated
in the deaths of
three hundred and thirty-one
beloved, blessed, beautiful
transgender children,
knit as yours before their birth
called forth like Lazarus,
born again like Nicodemus,
witness to all others
that you bless a new creation.
We remember and we weep
at the loss of their gifts,
and that their courage, hope,
and faithfulness to what you put
within their hearts,
is no longer among us.
We grieve as well death-dealing
in ongoing threats
to safety and well-being,
not only by individual bullies,
but by legitimated authorities,
that in this terrible year
have succeeded in stripping
human rights, hopes,
protection from verbal abuse
and physical assault,
equality in homes and jobs,
education, health insurance,
and asylum claims.
And we ask for your strength
to speak out, reach out,
pray out, march out,
and live out — your love
in the face of the violence
of words and definitions,
and the hatred that follows.

Fellowship Treats
Please c onsider providing treats for Sunday morning Fellowship Time as old friends, new friends and first time visitors build and sustain relationships…
Sunday Morning Flowers
Beautify the sanctuary even more by signing up for flowers or plants some Sunday…
(314) 872 9330 [email protected]
2841 N Ballas Road,
St. Louis, MO 63131
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