Friday, February 11 - anytime that works for you
Watch some Olympics today and over the weekend…
Do some internet searches about the people and culture of countries you’ve only heard about. Help make the world smaller and more connected.
Saturday, February 12 - anytime that works for you
Another good opportunity for Black History Month
At the St Louis Jewish Coalition for Racial Equity Committee meeting last week, we heard from MO State Senator Brian Williams and former MO State Senator Jeff Smith on some of the latest bills related to Police Reform, Criminal Justice Reform, Voting Rights, Redistricting and Teaching Truth in History here in Missouri. It was jam-packed with great information. Be informed. Reach out to elected officials with gratitude and your thoughts, feelings, opinions.
Worship with us this Sunday
February 13 | 10:00AM

Worship In-Person in the Sanctuary or on Facebook Live… or later on YouTube.

Our scriptures are Psalm 1 and Luke 16:17-26 – the Beatitudes. Some people really appreciate these words from Jesus. Other people don’t appreciate that some people have been kept ‘down/away/out’ of things if poor, hungry, weak, meek, crying, hated…
Our songs include Mothering God, You Gave Me Birth; Blessed Are the Poor Among You; and Lord, I Want to Be A Christian.
It’s Super Bowl Sunday so our youth with have their annual cash collection (‘Souper Bowl’) as we think about a food related project for hungry people this summer.
This link lists bulletin posts, with the top one as the most recent.
Livestream worship on Sundays. Look under videos for previous livestreamed services.
All our worship service videos in one place!
All Mid~Week Meditations that have been recorded on YouTube.
Sunday School Live and via Zoom
Sunday School for children through 5th grade:

Meeting ID: 383 733 977
Password: 819680
Sunday School for Youth/Teens each week:

Meeting ID: 815 6130 3581
Password: 702228
Our Intertwine Interfaith Initiative (PUCC, Shaare Emeth and TASOM) is pleased to announce that we have been matched with an Afghan family of six – parents and four kids [two boys - 11 and 9; two girls - 7 and 3]. They will arrive here in St Louis THIS WEEKEND! We have just a few more items to gather for them. Please consider helping --
Questions? Please connect with Lisa Mason - [email protected] or
Paige Penico - [email protected]. Thank you!
New Book beginning Feb 15!
From PUCCer Cindy Levin.

Pre-order your signed copy now!
If God is Love, Don’t Be a Jerk
It’s not too late to participate! If God is Love Online! with John Pavlovitz.
This experience is designed to be flexible, so whether you’re participating on your own or with others you can move at a pace you’re comfortable with. See the two-minute intro from John here:
(login… username: [email protected]; password: JPav2022!)
On Demand Chapter Videos
Three pre-recorded videos are added to the If God is Love website each Sunday morning to the member area and each video will cover a chapter from the book. Bookmark the page and come back to view the new videos. Don’t feel compelled to watch three videos per week. You’ll have these videos on-demand and can watch them whenever you’d like after the six weeks. (Use same web address and login as above.)
Live Zoom Gatherings from our Heritage Room or your home
Beginning on Wednesday, January 19th, at 7pm CT, we met with John and others live on Zoom! For these sessions, fter John speaks, we’ll have an open Zoom conversation about anything that’s on your mind. You can ask questions about the book, expand an idea, share a story, and encourage one another. If you can’t make the live gatherings, don’t worry. They will also be recorded so you’ll be able to watch at your convenience.
We will debrief each Zoom as PUCCers after each session. If you’re not here in the Heritage Room, join us on our PUCC Zoom (unique from the JPav Zoom):
Here is the link for the weekly Zoom gatherings with John on Wednesday eves:
Zoom Gathering Schedule with John and others (all are at 7pm CT):
January 19; January 26; February 2; February 9; February 16;
February 23… and a final wrap up at 8pm CT on Saturday, February 26.
Join us in the Heritage Room (please enter back doors) or from your home.
Questions? Contact [email protected]; 314-872-9330
More about the book…
Imagine for a moment what the world might look like if we as people of faith,
morality, and conscience actually aspired to this mantra. What if we worked to create a world that was more loving and equitable than when we arrived?
What if we invited one another to share in wide-open, fearless, spiritual
communities truly marked by compassion and interdependence?
What if we daily challenged ourselves to live a faith that simply made us better
John Pavlovitz explores how we can embody this kinder kind of spirituality
where we humbly examine our belief system to understand how it might
compel us to act in less-than-loving ways toward others.
In If God Is Love, Don’t Be a Jerk, Pavlovitz examines the bedrock ideas of our religion: the existence of hell, the utility of prayer, the way we treat LGBTQ people, the value of anger, and other doctrines to help all of us take an honest look at how the beliefs we hold shape our relationships with God and our fellow humans―and to make sure that love has the last, loudest word.
Prayer List Updates
All the acts of kindness, justice and equity near and far.
Black History Month.
Ellie Svenson - healing in FL after a mild stroke last Tuesday. She will come home for additional treatment. She would be encouraged by your blessing -- [email protected]
John Nourse - recuperatjng from Tuesday’s knee surgery.
Gladys Sims and family - grieving/giving thanks for husband Russ…
Doug and Sally Dischinger - mourning and celebrating his sister Anne…
Angie Chostner and Family - grieving/giving thanks for her brother Phil...
Sally Boughman - continued issues with back pain.
Steve and Andrea Barnes - preparing for his surgery on elbows and wrists due to nerve damage from sarcoidosis.
Mark McKenzie - back in the hospital again for tests (Tom’s brother).
Judy White - upcoming cancer surgery (Sue McMillon).
Donna - healing (Dottie Dwyer’s sister in Cape Girardeau).
All impacted by Covid-19 - individuals, families, healthcare workers; If anyone needs help getting vax/booster or if anyone vaccinated would like to be on the Care Team, please reach out to [email protected]
The political pressure in the Ukraine.
St Louis Association UCC Covenant Partner
Week ending Feb 13 - Christ Church UCC, Maplewood;
Week of Feb 20 - Eden Seminary, Webster Groves;
A great two minutes for the time of Olympics, Super Bowl in Black History Month 
Who are Frosty's parents? Mom and Pop-Sicle!

Who is Frosty's favorite Aunt? Aunt Artica!

What do you get when you cross Frosty with a baker? Frosty the Dough-man! (Thanks, Kathleen Tarr!)

My birth certificate says
I was born there 
even though I was not
but it was the closest place
with a post office in days
long before zip codes
a dull place that bragged about 
the functioning grain elevator
its only identifiable business
dirt roads flanked by a few houses
a dying village in the 1940s
but I am proud of that little town
because in its past, a certain house 
still a secret, was a stop
on the Underground Railroad

~Evelyn Buretta
Every Day Inclusion: Right Here, Right Now!
Consider attending some or all of this free conference on Tuesday, March 1 and Wednesday, March 2, 2022.
Registration is now open for the 2022 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Conference -- Every Day Inclusion: Right Here, Right Now!

“What can we do?” It is a common question in response to the social inequities that persist in our communities. The Webster University 2022 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Conference: Every Day Inclusion: Right Here, Right Now! will deliver immediate, practical, and impactful ways to practice everyday inclusion as individuals and institutions. We know that community exists wherever we come together under a common purpose or mission. We see the workplace, classroom, board room, and civic life—as community.

Webster University is an agent of change for our students, our community, and for society. The DEI Conference is a key piece of that change strategy, and we’ve curated it with sessions from compelling thought leaders, interactive workshops and practical exercises that distinguish our conference as a bold and engaging departure from ineffective, boilerplate DEI trainings.

The 2022 DEI Conference will be open to both in-person sessions on the Webster University Webster Groves campus and virtual attendance. The conference is FREE to all attendees, thanks to the generous support of our conference sponsors.

Learn more and register here -
Foods that Protect Brain Health: Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and improve your general wellbeing.
We realize that some of you are feeling more comfortable with virtual church right nowas Covid is unfortunately surging in St Louis and elsewhere.

Please take care of yourself – especially if you have pre-existing conditions and/or other risk factors. Let us help you get vaccinated and boosted if you have not done that yet – the very best defense against Covid.
Our Covid Team continues to meet and just decided to move the Sunday morning Speaker Series from the Heritage Room into the Sanctuary for the time being. Worshipers will be asked to stay in their pews if they want to participate. It will still be offered on Zoom as well.
Another critical defense is a mask. When wearing a mask – regardless of the type though surgical masks are the best – it is important that it is properly worn over the mouth and nose and closely fit to the face. We recently purchased some N95 masks. If you would like to wear one at church this Sunday (or for a medical appointment or other necessary outing this week), , please find one on the sign in table. 

Blessings to you here and matter who you are or where you are! 
We appreciate your submissions of jokes, quotes, photos, videos, weekly opportunities, Mid~Week Meditation ideas, scriptures that are important to you, hymn/song suggestions, poetry, etc. We would love to hear from you: [email protected]
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