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Movie Night at PUCC

We are streaming the Oscar nominated movie, She Said, in the Heritage Room at 7:00pm tonight in the Heritage Room.

AWOL is going to see the play, Mousetrap, on March 12. RSVP needed by Sunday. Read the details here:

Worship with Us this Sunday

February 26, 2023

10:00am In-person and Facebook Live or replay on Facebook later

It’s the First Sunday of Lent. Our theme for the season is Jesus Met and Known... as we connect with people Jesus met on his journey and some of the people he knew because of growing up in a faith family/community that shared these stories. The scriptures this week are Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-7 (a story of Eve and Adam) and Matthew 4:1-11 (Jesus tempted in the wilderness - right after his baptism and before his ministry formally begins). We will light our Lenten Candles and chart a course for Lent.

Book Sunday Info

Book Sunday

This Sunday is also Book Sunday when we gift all of our children birth through 8th grade an age-appropriate book that will encourage them in faith and community. Follow the link on the left to see a preview of the books by PUCCers Liz & Zoe Lyons accompanied by a list with descriptions for every book offered.

Please participate in worship virtually via our livestream on Facebook if that is convenient for you and/or if you have tested positive for Covid in the last 5 days.

Masks should be worn and respected for in-person worship under the following conditions:

1) You have tested positive for COVID 6-10 days ago and you still have symptoms;

2) You are in a high-risk group and/or have underlying conditions;

3) You are more comfortable wearing a mask.

In order to protect individuals and the wider community, we strongly encourage up-to-date vaccinations and boosters against all communicable diseases.

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Graphic by Dexter Cameron

Sunday School

This winter our children are learning about some of the people who met Jesus. Most of these stories are found in the Gospel of John: Nicodemus, the Samaritan woman, the first disciples, a blind man, the little boy with fish and bread, and many more.

Youth are using a new curriculum called Feasting on the Word. This curriculum is lectionary based with activities and discussions around topics of interest to youth as they relate to scripture.

Contact Marsha Peek: [email protected]

Feeding the Hungry

Sun, Feb 26 | 11:15am

Presented by Eden Professor Clint McCann

Read Description

Chili Cook-off & Brownie Bake-off - a fundraiser for our Youth Summer Mission Trip – Sunday, March 5 after worship. See Amy Yakel: [email protected]

More Info (including a special birthday celebration)

We are looking for someone to organize a team to coordinate the Community Easter Egg Hunt this spring. Interested? Questions? [email protected]

The Intertwine Interfaith Coffee House Event, scheduled for 2/25 is cancelled.

A PUCC family is in need of a used washing machine for their apartment as their machine just took its last spin. If you – or someone you know – has a washing machine they are wanting to give away, please let [email protected] know. Thank you.

As shared at our Annual Congregational Budget Meeting earlier this month, here is a link to our Living in Christian Community piece that was adopted in January 2019. It helps us to build and sustain the kind of faith community that we aspire to be every season:

Parkway Adventurers Planning Brunch

Monday, March 13 | 9:00-11:00am

Sunny Street Cafe, Des Peres

Join us for planning interesting things to do and places to go with this friendly and inclusive group that is also deciding on a new name to call themselves replacing "Not Just for Men."

Read More

Beautify Easter Worship with a Fern

Sign Up in the Gathering Space!

Read More about the ONA Convocation
Volunteer for ONA Convocation
Details for March 1 Inquirers' Dessert Gathering

Beware of scams and phishing! Fraudulent emails pretending to be church staff have been around for quite some time. Fraudulent texts claiming to be Kevin have started to come to PUCCers’ phones recently. Be careful and do not respond to these or other suspicious messages - even if an email or text at first sounds like someone you know and trust. Reminder: be vigilant with your personal information!

Prayer List Updates

Wedding of Bethany & Enrique March 4 (Jackie Eiffert’s daughter);

Ricky will be a Professor of Latin American Studies at SLU.

Black History Month.

The Journey of Lent.

All the acts of kindness, justice and equity near and far.

Kuhlmann Family - Barb’s father died over the weekend; memorial service on Thursday, March 9 at 3pm at Chesterfield Presbyterian.

Peter LaSalle - in the hospital here in St Louis after illness while away.

Joseph Miller - making progress in a rehab center (son of Deb Carter).

Schulenburgs Kaylyn & David’s Milo William born 11-30 is in NICU.

He is making strides: moving steadily toward 5lbs

Cassie Rosenberger’s mother Martha - aggressive chemo starting soon.

Jan - experiencing dementia (great-grandma of Coree Mix).

All impacted by Covid-19.

The devastating earthquakes in Turkey & Syria

When we asked our Muslim friends from TASOM (Turkish American Society of Missouri) about relief agencies -- 

The continuing war in Ukraine.


As we think about the importance of ACTS OF SERVICE during Lent, check out this video which was shown at our Ash Wednesday Worship earlier this week. It’s a brief video about our PUCC commitment to an Afghan refugee family here in St Louis. It is entitled Three Faiths, One Family and was produced by HIAS*

HIAS - founded as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society - is a Jewish American nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian aid and assistance to refugees. It was originally established in 1881 to aid Jewish refugees. In 1975, the US State Department asked HIAS to aid in resettling 3,600 Vietnam refugees. Since that time, the organization continues to provide support for refugees of all nationalities from across the globe.


Did you hear that Chris is giving up negativity for lent?

We’ll see how long that lasts.


At the Ash Wednesday service last night, we talked about four things we can be more intentional about during Lent – service, prayer, self-reflection and study. Here is a gem about prayer as found in Kathy Burdette’s The Feminine Face of God: The Unfolding of the Sacred in Women



when it is all, finally,

too much,

I climb into my car,

roll the windows up,

and somewhere between

backing out the driveway

and rounding the first corner,

I let out a yell

that would topple Manhattan.

How do you pray?


Mental Health Support

988 (new nationwide 3-digit number similar to 911… call or text)

24/7 Crisis Hotline 800-273-8255 (TALK) | 800-SUICIDE: 800-784-2433

24/7 Missouri Department of Mental Health 800-811-4760

Text 741741 and someone will text right back…

Behavioral Health Network of Greater St Louis 314-449-6713

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We appreciate your submissions of jokes, quotes, photos, videos, weekly opportunities, Mid~Week Meditation ideas, scriptures that are important to you, hymn/song suggestions, poetry, etc. We would love to hear from you: [email protected]

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