Friday, February 25 at 10am on Zoom
Mining for Memories
A great opportunity to look back at your life and build relationships now. We share a word that might spark a memory - eg. stairs, library, water, train, eyeglasses, button.
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Saturday, February 26 - anytime that works for you
A Dozen Poems
Just a couple more days of Black History Month. Check out some of the contributions Black poets have made, and continue to make, to the richness of American poetry. Here are twelve contemporary Black poets from across the country. They were asked to choose one poem that should be read this month and to reflect very briefly about their choice.
Worship with us this Sunday
February 27 | 10:00AM

Worship In-Person in the Sanctuary or on Facebook Live… or later on YouTube.

Join us in the sanctuary or virtually. It’s Transfiguration Sunday – the week prior to the beginning of Lent. Our scriptures are Exodus 34:29-35 and Luke 9:28-36 as we remember some of the disciples being present as Jesus is aglow with brilliance and dazzling light and is visited by Moses and Elijah!
Our songs include When Morning Gilds the Skies; We Are Standing on Holy Ground; and Word of God in Human Language.
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Missouri Courtroom Evidence and the Search for the Truth – Reliable, Fair, and Common Sense or a Veil of Hyper Technical Nonsense and Obstruction?
by Richard Scherrer
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No Cure for Being Human (And Other Truths I Need to Hear) by Kate Bowler
1st & 3rd Tuesdays
From PUCCer Cindy Levin.

Pre-order your signed copy now!
Ash Wednesday Worship
Wednesday, March 2 | 7:00pm | Historic Sanctuary
Worship with us this Wednesday as we begin our Lenten Journey to Holy Week and Easter. We will have ashes (last year’s palms) you may want placed on your forehead or on the back of your hand. We will hear Jesus’ words about being more faithful as recorded in Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21. Our theme for Lent is : Jesus does. How about you? We will also light our Lenten candles. Each time we worship during Lent, we will extinguish one candle as we get closer to the darkness of Good Friday. We will light all the candles again on Easter morning—as nothing can extinguish God’s light or love! 

Pick Up Your Copy this Sunday
In this new Lenten devotional, popular progressive Christian author John Pavlovitz once again takes us on a transformative spiritual journey.

Like the human experience, the spiritual journey is not a level path. It is about the falling and the rising. We allow our hopes to rise when we are in the middle of the struggle. We wait for the sun to rise, knowing that joy comes in the morning. We rise to our feet after falling to our knees in desperate prayer. We rise when we are knocked from our feet, persistent in this. We rise to meet the coming day, knowing we are held by a Love that will have the last word.
RISE is a 40-day journey of elevated hopes and ascending spirits. Each entry includes scripture, a reflection, and a prayer.
Pick up your complimentary copy from the round table in the Gathering Space this Sunday.
If you aren’t here Sunday, please let us know that you would like us to send one to you.

Prayer List Updates
All the acts of kindness, justice and equity near and far.
Black History Month.
Intertwine Interfaith Welcome Circle - Afghan family is here.
Ellie Svenson - healing in STL after a mild stroke earlier this month.         
John Nourse - recuperating from recent knee replacement surgery.
Sally Boughman - continued issues with back pain.
Steve and Andrea Barnes - preparing for his surgery on elbows and wrists due to nerve damage from sarcoidosis.
Val Weber - 101st Birthday recently; strength and patience as she recuperates from a mild stroke (Jim Winkelmann's mother).
Rogers Family - as Mike's mother Twila heals after a recent fall.
Becky - esophageal cancer (Barb Kuhlmann's sister).
Mark McKenzie - healing after heart surgery (Tom’s brother).
Judy White - upcoming cancer surgery (Sue McMillon).
Donna - healing (Dottie Dwyer’s sister in Cape Girardeau).
Kevin Ceballos - sudden death of husband, Darryl Luffman (Schmelig).
David McCoy - mourning his daughter (Lucia McKenzie).
All impacted by Covid-19 - individuals, families, healthcare workers; If anyone needs help getting vax/booster or if anyone vaccinated would like to be on the Care Team, please reach out to [email protected]
The conflict in Ukraine.
Natural disasters and deaths in Petropolis, Brazil.
St Louis Association UCC Covenant Partner
Week ending Feb 27  - Eden UCC, Affton;
Week ending Mar 3 - Epiphany UCC, St Louis;
We researched and previewed a great number of brief videos about the people and history of Ukraine but couldn’t quite find the one that felt right to share. You may want to do our own search. So we decided to share a video of a book that we have shared with PUCC youth on a Book Sunday several years ago from Todd Parr 
Love Thy Neighbor
Thy Immigrant Neighbor
Thy Black Neighbor
Thy Atheist Neighbor
Thy Muslim Neighbor
Thy Depressed Neighbor
Thy Asian Neighbor
Thy LGBTQIA Neighbor
Thy Disabled Neighbor
Thy Indigenous Neighbor
Thy Jewish Neighbor
Thy Political Neighbor
Thy Elderly Neighbor
Thy Homeless Neighbor
Thy Latino Neighbor
Thy Addicted Neighbor
Thy Millennial Neighbor
Even though it’s not happening this month, here are some jokes about Leap Day:

What do athletes wear on Leap Day? Jumpsuits.

Where do most people eat on Leap Day? IHOP.

What kind of music do you listen to on Leap Day? Hip Hop.

What do kids play on Leap Day? Hop-scotch

What do you tell a hitchhiker on Leap Day? Hop In.

What does a lawyer do on Leap Day? Jump to conclusions.
February 16, 2022
Rabbi Andrea Goldstein, Congregation Shaare Emeth
(314) 569-0010; [email protected]
Ali Durhan, TASOM
(773) 629-9460; [email protected]
Kevin Cameron, Pastor – Parkway United Church of Christ
(314) 330-0629; [email protected]
Jewish, Muslim, and Christian friends unite to welcome Afghan family to St. Louis
St. Louis, MO – The Jewish, Muslim, and Christian faiths share many similarities, including a strong commitment to welcome refugees and help those in distress. With a strong foundation of the Abrahamic religions’ common values, Congregation Shaare Emeth, Parkway United Church of Christ, and Turkish American Society of Missouri (TASOM) have joined together to form the Intertwine Interfaith Welcome Circle (IIWC). The purpose and privilege of IIWC is to sponsor an Afghan family in their move to St. Louis.
Nearly 70,000 Afghanis have arrived in the United States, seeking safety in the face of the Taliban regime’s 2021 return to power. These new Americans have been temporarily housed on U.S. military bases. Nine U.S. resettlement agencies, including the International Institute in St. Louis, have been working diligently to settle the Afghanis throughout the United States, however, historic low arrivals during the previous administration led to significantly limited resources for resettlement.
Consequently, the US Department of State issued a call to action to expand the capacity to welcome these families and help them begin their new lives as Americans through the establishment of sponsor circles.
Hearing the call, IIWC was launched as an emergency initiative through the Welcome Circle program with HIAS (formerly known as Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) which has settled more than 4.5 million refugees since being founded in 1881. Through the three faith communities, family, and friends, IIWC raised more than $28,000 to cover essential needs such as housing, clothing, food, and utilities for the family’s first six months in St. Louis. IIWC has also relied on the broader generosity of the faith groups and the community for donations of furniture and other household goods to create a welcoming, comfortable home for the family.
The IIWC founders and core teams are made up of representatives from each faith organization. The core team will have direct contact with the Afghani family, enrolling the kids in school, helping the parents learn the fundamentals of food shopping, transportation, language skills, banking and more, while also introducing the family to the many cultural and entertainment options in St Louis. Resource identification, career assistance, and assimilation to the St. Louis community will be ongoing efforts to help the family become self-sufficient.
IIWC is excited to announce that a family of six, including four children aged three to 11, arrived in St. Louis on Valentine’s Day! At least two other sponsor circles are actively engaged in bringing Afghans to the St. Louis area.
IIWC was born out of the Intertwine Interfaith Initiative which was created in the spring of 2018 to bring people together to celebrate the commonalities and differences of various faiths. The goal of the initiative is to build friendship, understanding, and appreciation as we all strive to serve God and share our gifts with humanity. Since its founding, Intertwine Interfaith Initiative has shared holidays from each faith, facilitated a discussion series, hosted live and virtual cooking classes, and organized community service opportunities.
Congregation Shaare Emeth’s mission is to be a compassionate and inclusive community that makes Judaism relevant, meaningful, and joyful. Members and guests of all ages experience a strong sense of community, are intellectually and spiritually engaged, and are committed to the values of tzedakah (justice) and acts of gemilut chasadim (acts of compassion and kindness). Congregation Shaare Emeth believes that all people are created b’tzelem Elohim, in the image of God. In that vein, the Congregation is dedicated to work together to fulfill the Jewish mandate of tikkun olam, repairing our world, by alleviating poverty and hunger, fighting injustice, caring for human beings in times of need, protecting the environment, and bringing peace.
Turkish American Society of Missouri (TASOM) is a non-profit organization founded and supported by the individuals who are inspired by the ideals and the principles of the Hizmet Movement in 2007 in St. Louis. Its goal is to assume the role of liaison between the Turkish community and other communities living in St. Louis area and Missouri at large. The association works to strengthen the intercultural community and ensure a positive experience for those who are willing to participate in cross-cultural activities. At the heart of all our programs, TASOM strives to create a positive social environment in which to build and strengthen the quality of life in Missouri. The ultimate goal of TASOM’s activities is to build stronger and safer communities through communication and interaction. TASOM also seeks to enrich the experience of the entire community by providing opportunities to engage and educate the community related to diversity. Fostering diversity, inclusion, and respect for all the community is one of the goals of TASOM.
Parkway United Church of Christ celebrates an extravagant welcome for all, "no matter who you are or where you are on life's journey.” The congregation is guided by limitless love, courageous action, and spirited inquiry, while advocating for justice for all and extending hospitality as a sign of God's inclusive love. The denomination is proud to work with — not against — people of other faiths. The United Church of Christ is a mainline denomination with more than 1.1 million members in 5,100 congregations.
Every Day Inclusion: Right Here, Right Now!
Consider attending some or all of this free conference on Tuesday, March 1 and Wednesday, March 2, 2022.
Registration is now open for the 2022 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Conference -- Every Day Inclusion: Right Here, Right Now!

“What can we do?” It is a common question in response to the social inequities that persist in our communities. The Webster University 2022 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Conference: Every Day Inclusion: Right Here, Right Now! will deliver immediate, practical, and impactful ways to practice everyday inclusion as individuals and institutions. We know that community exists wherever we come together under a common purpose or mission. We see the workplace, classroom, board room, and civic life—as community.

Webster University is an agent of change for our students, our community, and for society. The DEI Conference is a key piece of that change strategy, and we’ve curated it with sessions from compelling thought leaders, interactive workshops and practical exercises that distinguish our conference as a bold and engaging departure from ineffective, boilerplate DEI trainings.

The 2022 DEI Conference will be open to both in-person sessions on the Webster University Webster Groves campus and virtual attendance. The conference is FREE to all attendees, thanks to the generous support of our conference sponsors.

Learn more and register here -
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