Worship With Us
Join us for worship this Sunday, the third Sunday of Lent, at 9:55am. We continue our Lenten conversation about IDENTITY. As we make our way to Holy Week and Easter, we will look at Jesus’ identity… he had a solid sense of self… by listening to his ‘I AM’ statements. We will also pay attention to some of the people he meets along his way. What can we learn about ourselves and our identity by paying attention to Jesus and the people who are part of his mission and ministry? How can we become more aligned with Jesus’ words and ways? We hear him saying, “I am the vine” this Sunday and listen as he shares time at the well with the Samaritan woman. As always, we invite you to bring a friend, family member, neighbor or stranger with you!
We completely understand if you are concerned about being around a group of people these days and are not going to be at church this Sunday. We will broadcast (livestream) this Sunday’s 9:55am worship service on Facebook. We tested it this morning and it worked well.

Whether you have Facebook or not, click the link below on Sunday morning.

If you have trouble with the sound, you may want to try headphones.

We welcome feedback and constructive criticism.

If you would like to be part of a small team to help with this endeavor moving forward, please let us know.

If you aren’t anticipating being present for some time and don’t already send your offering in the mail or online, you may want to think about going through ‘bill pay’ with your bank. Many people use this service and are very pleased with it. We have done so for several years.
Speaker Series with Barry Luedloff: Understanding Music for Non-Musicians
Sunday, March 15 | 11:15am Heritage Room
Back again for another musical offering is Parkway’s Music Director. This time he delves into the strange world of “reading” music by presenting a brief introduction to understanding the written language of music for non-musicians… what those little lines and number and symbols and dots and squiggles really mean. 

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Many of these were written by PUCCers… Please keep submitting some to [email protected]
Cancelled: Town and Country Symphony Concert
Sunday, March 15

Baby Bundle Packs
Collection: March 15-29
An interactive project we are doing on Maundy Thursday is assembling Baby Bundle Packs for Missouri Festival of Sharing . To donate, all items must be new and must be newborn to 6-month sized items. Items needed: receiving blankets, sleepers, 3 pack of onesies, sweater or sweatshirt for warmth, disposable diapers. Thank you for helping with this worthwhile project!

Sustainability Seekers
Mon, Mar 16 | 1:00pm | Gathering Space
All are welcome to attend our monthly Sustainability Seeker Meeting which will be at 1 p.m. on Monday, March 16. Come once or always. Bring your passion for the future of our planet. Questions? Contact Polly Rutherford at 636-579-6375 or Polly Winkelmann at 314-503-4805.

Paper Shredding Event
Saturday, March 21 | 9:00am - 12:00pm 
Chesterfield Central Park West Pavilion
Bring your paper to get shredded on site. 5 box limit, $5 per extra box.

Parkway Going to MoVal!
Sat, Aug 22 | 10:00am - 5:00pm
Arrange to carpool from here or meet us at our Missouri Mid-South Conference’s Camp MoVal in Union, MO (about an hour from here) for a Vesper Service and then we’ll have fun boating, swimming, hiking and archery. This is a flexible schedule and you can do as little or as much as you want. Please let the Yakels know if you’re coming [email protected].

Easter Egg Candy
April 5 deadline
In addition to our community Easter egg hunt on April 4, Parkway’s children are looking forward to the annual church Easter egg hunt on Sunday, April 12 after the Easter Worship service. Donations of individually wrapped candy will be gratefully accepted in the Gathering Space until Palm Sunday, April 5. Thanks for supporting a beloved tradition. Questions? Contact Barb Kuhlmann at [email protected] .

Prayer List Updates
DR Josephine Grove - successfully defended her dissertation!
Lisa Mason - began radiation last week; no chemo needed!
Dick Wegner - hospitalized for leukemia, other concerns (McKenzie). 
Alan Nichols - chemo for cancer of spine; pain management (Pleis).
More Anti-LGBTQIA legislation being considered/debated in MO.
The Corona Virus.
US political landscape.

St Louis Assn UCC Covenant Partner
Week ending March 15 - Peace UCC , Webster Groves; peaceuccstl.org
Week ending March 22 - Faith UCC , Little Rock, AR; faithucclr.org

Christopher Haack’s Birthday Party has been postponed. New date is yet to be set.
[Warmest wishes and blessings on your special day, Christopher!]

A recent piece from our UCC… less than three minutes appropriate for the start of spring.

Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. ~Genesis 1:2

How excited was the gardener about spring? So excited he wet his plants.
Fellowship Treats
Please c onsider providing treats for Sunday morning Fellowship Time as old friends, new friends and first time visitors build and sustain relationships…
Sunday Morning Flowers
Beautify the sanctuary even more by signing up for flowers or plants some Sunday…
Holy Week to Easter
Our theme for Lent has been around Identity . Our prayer at the Lenten Candles since Ash Wednesday has been: Holy One, we are on this Lenten journey with Jesus because we want to watch him and listen to him—so that we might become more like him. Jesus has a solid sense of who he is. He tells us that he is the bread, door, vine, life, light, way, shepherd. He interacts with people in expected and unexpected ways—and they all learn and grow with the interaction. Send your Spirit to lead us, guide us and light the way to ourselves, one another, and the Holy. Amen.

Palm Sunday April 5 | 9:55am
We wave our palms and welcome Jesus into the City. Our Gospel Lesson, Matthew 21:1-11, tells the story of Jesus sending two of the disciples into the city to retrieve the donkey for him to ride on. What does Jesus ask us to do? How do we live how he suggests? Who are we because of him? Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth and the life.”
We will celebrate the sacrament of communion at our open table.

Monday Prayer April 6 | 8-10pm
Come by the Prayer Corner in the sanctuary anytime in the evening between 8-10pm to pray w/Kevin about your unique Holy Week intentions, cares, joys.

Tuesday Prayer April 7 | 7:00-9:00am
Another opportunity for morning people from 7-9am in the Prayer Corner.

Wednesday Labyrinth April 8 | 3:00pm
A labyrinth is a patterned path, most often circular in form, used as a walking meditation or spiritual practice. A labyrinth’s walkway is arranged in such a way that the participant moves back and forth across the circular form through a series of curves, ending at the labyrinths’ heart or center.
We will meet in the Gathering Space at church, talk a bit about labyrinths and then head over to the Mercy Center on Bopp Road to walk their outdoor labyrinth. We learn a lot about ourselves through the twists and turns we take.

Maundy Thursday April 9 | 10am
We participate in a simple service of prayers, scripture, brief conversation about Jesus saying “I am the Good Shepherd” and find nurture and encouragement in Psalm 23 and the sacrament of communion at our open table . How are we both sheep and shepherd in our lives? We will tidy the sanctuary pews for Easter weekend and enjoy a light breakfast following the service. RSVP Harold Cobb [email protected] 314965-4147.

Maundy Thursday April 9 | 6:00pm
We begin with a potluck supper enjoying conversation and food around the tables in the Fellowship Hall. Following a short vesper service, we experience Jesus’ mandate as it is written in the Gospels, “Do you love me? Feed my lambs; tend my sheep” through several interactive service opportunities. We are people of generosity and care. This evening is for all ages. More information is on the sign-up poster in the Gathering Space.

Good Friday noon in the Historic Sanctuary
Revisit the intensity of the day in a way that tries to calm and comfort us as we feel the embrace of the Holy even now. We sing, hear scripture and observe some silence. Who is Jesus on Good Friday? Who are we at times like this?

Good Friday 7:00pm |New Sanctuary
On Good Friday we continue to hear from some of the people who interacted with Jesus during his final days on earth. Plan to be part of this service of lessons and songs of reflections as we continue to think about Jesus’ identity and our own. This experience will really connect you with the thoughts and inner dialogue of some of those who were a part of this as it first unfolded.

36 Hour Prayer Vigil - in your home or wherever you are!
Hour after hour, a PUCCer will be in prayer as we watch and wait together these 36 hours from the close of the Good Friday Evening Service until the sun comes up on Easter morning in the cemetery. Jesus often goes off to a quiet place to focus, breathe and pray. It’s our time to reflect on all that is unfolding inside of us and all around us. Sign-ups online and in the Gathering Space begin at the end of March.

Easter Sunday Sunrise 6:00am | cemetery behind the Historic Sanctuary
We will begin in the dark—around the “New Fire.” We will remember the retreat into darkness that the disciples took…then, as the sun comes up, we will reorient ourselves and feel the warmth and grace slowly coming over us and rising in us. We share communion and recommit ourselves to being Christ-like in what we think, say and do.

Easter Sunday 9:55am in the New Sanctuary
We made it! Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! We rewind a bit and figure out how we ended up here. We will celebrate the resurrection and the Holy’s love and life that never end! Who are we now? What does the future look like as we go into it with a refreshed sense of who we are as Christians for this new day?

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