Please consider signing up for an hour of our 36-Hour Easter Prayer Vigil this weekend. We have ten spots remaining – a couple in the evening, three late at night, two early morning and three in the wee hours. Thank you!
Worship with us this Week!
Several worship opportunities available for you as we go deeper into Holy Week. Please see separate emails for each service coming later today, tomorrow and over the weekend – so they are easily found when you need them.

[All bulletin links are on the same webpage with the most recent at the top. Therefore, you will see Easter 10am, then Easter Sunrise, then Good Friday 7pm, etc. See bulletin link below.]
April 1 -     
Maundy Thursday 7pm pre-recorded from the Sanctuary.
We looked at Exodus 12… Passover guidance on celebrating. Our Gospel stories were all about Jesus sharing intimate time with the disciples – holiday meal, washing feet, the first communion, going out to the garden to pray … and then things take a sharp turn. Prepare your simple communion meal for home.
April 2          
Good Friday Noon pre-recorded from the Historic Sanctuary.
We will share a mix of scripture, poetry, organ and silence to mark this dreadful day of crucifixion.
April 2          
Good Friday 7pm pre-recorded from the Sanctuary.
Open your senses to experience what some young people have to say about beauty from brokenness. This is a difficult night. We will sit with the darkness a bit, see the light coming and make some plans to become more light.
36-Hour Easter Prayer Vigil
Please consider signing up to pray for one hour of the 36 hours between Good Friday evening through the Easter Sunrise service. We can give you some ideas for your hour if you’d like.
April 4          
Easter Sunrise 6:30am In-person and on Facebook Live in Elm Lawn Cemetery behind the Historic Sanctuary.
We commit ourselves to being open and available to the miracles of Easter morning and to the possibilities that are unfolding. He is risen! We rise!
[A number of you recently vaccinated PUCCers have asked if you can come to the outdoor Easter Sunrise Service on Easter. Our Covid Team has decided this will be our first in-person worship experience as we begin a measured and intentional transition period – with masks and physical distancing of course. We will have chairs set up for you.] Questions? Contact [email protected]; 314-872-9330]
April 4 - Youth Easter Breakfast
Sunday, April 4 | 8:30 – 10:00am | Back Parking Lot Parkway UCC
Calling all Youth! Let's meet in the back parking lot for Easter morning breakfast. Masks and physical distancing will be in order.
You can stay and watch worship on the big screen in the Gathering Space – it’s a pre-recorded service. It's been so long since we’ve been able to get together, I cannot wait! Hope to see you Sunday, April 4—Easter Sunday—at 8:30 for food and fellowship! Questions? Let me know…. [email protected]

April 4          
Easter 10am pre-recorded from the Sanctuary.
Listen to varied expressions of the Easter story. How did that huge stone get rolled away from the tomb? Do we have the strength and spirit to do things like that? We will take another look at what Jesus has accomplished with his hands as we live into being Easter People modeled after his words and ways.

Livestream worship on designated Sundays. Look under videos for previous livestreamed services.
All our worship service videos in one place!
All Mid~Week Meditations that have been recorded on YouTube.
Order of worship, announcements, prayer list, birthdays and anniversaries.
Sunday School
Sunday School for children through 5th grade:

Meeting ID: 383 733 977
Password: 819680
Sunday School for Youth/Teens each week:

Meeting ID: 815 6130 3581
Password: 702228
Tuesday Afternoon Dialogue
1st & 3rd Tuesdays | 2:00pm
via Zoom

3rd and final session of Trevor Noah's Born a Crime: Stories of a South African Childhood on April 6.
Tuesday Afternoon Dialogue New Book 4/13
2nd & 4th Tuesdays
6:45pm social time
7:00pm discussion
via Zoom

Join us for The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett.
Intertwine Interfaith Cooking Class
Saturday, April 10 | 7:00pm
Prayer List Updates
Nathaniel Goldstein and family celebrating his first birthday this week!
Skyler Brussee and Justin Dario – newlyweds!
David and Mariale - celebrating their wedding this weekend!
Joan Biest - healing after recent elbow surgery.
Janet Prendergast - healing from surgery this week (Larson).
Charlotte Smith and family as they grieve and give thanks for her sister-in-law, Julia.
Madison Schmelig and Jon Golner - as they grieve the sudden and unexpected death of his mother.
Healthcare workers, homeless and many others at risk right now.
Physical Distancing… if anyone needs groceries, medicine and/or other support OR if anyone newly vaccinated would like to be part of the Care Team, please reach out to [email protected]; 314-330-0629.
Healing in Orange, CA; Boulder, CO and Atlanta, GA.

St Louis Assn UCC Covenant Partner
Week ending April 4 - First Congregational UCC, St. Louis;
Week ending April 11 - First Congregational UCC, Webster Groves;

An Easter Greeting from John Dorhauer, General Minister and President of our United Church of Christ
The Romans intended the cross to be a symbol of the consequences of defying the power of the empire. But the early Christians turned the symbolism of the cross on its head. Through Jesus’ crucifixion, an alternative empire was being established on earth, in direct contradiction to the empire of Rome. Through the crucifixion, God’s realm of peace, justice, equality, and charity was coming into being – not just in heaven, but on earth. A few hundred years after Jesus’ death, the Roman Empire collapsed. But the cross remained, adorning the tops of Christian churches throughout Rome’s former territory. ~James Burklo
Where does the Easter Bunny get his eggs?
From an eggplant.

What kind of bean doesn't grow in a garden?
A jelly bean.

Did you hear about the bunny who sat on a bumblebee?
It's a tender tail!

Faith Action Climate Week with Free Film Screening: A moral call for climate change action

Ten days in April during Earth Month when IPL congregations focus on how we can all take action to protect our climate. 
Virtual zoom symposium sponsored by Peace UCC and Eden Seminary.
This event is free but register at the website provided within the flyer so you will receive a link.

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