Worship With Us
Join us for worship this Sunday at 9:55am on YouTube -- or watch it later in the day or week. We will send you the link on Saturday. Our scriptures are about a dramatic and dysfunctional family -- Genesis 21:8-21(Hagar and Ishmael) and Genesis 22:1-14 (Abraham and Isaac) with a sermon entitled Being There. We will celebrate the sacrament of Baptism for Nate Goldstein, son of Dawn and David. We will share a Father’s Day Litany and some other things that will be meaningful and memorable – one of the things makes me cry and another keeps making me laugh. Tell someone else about this opportunity. 

You can find worship services of the last few months on our YouTube Channel (Kevin Cameron) and on Facebook (ParkwayUnitedChurchOfChrist) under videos.
Sunday School for children through 5 th grade:
Meeting ID: 383 733 977
Password: 819680

Sunday School for Youth/Teens each week:
Join with video:
Meeting ID: 815 6130 3581
Password: 702228
View the video annual report above and supplemental documents below.
TED Book Discussion: The Line Becomes a River
Tuesdays June 23 & July 14 7:00pm | via ZOOM
Intertwine Interfaith Spiritual Sustenance Session 3
Thu, Jun 25 | 6:00pm | via ZOOM

Learn the myths and facts about Abrahamic traditions.
Prayer List Updates
All the acts of kindness that are happening near and far!
The momentum toward justice and equity.
Nate Goldstein's Baptism this Sunday.
LGBTQIA+ Pride Month.
Jessica Connors graduated SIU-Edwardsville with high honors ~ special education degree… will teach 2 nd grade special ed in Edwardsville!
SPRING CARE TEAM – if you have a need or want to help someone else – let us know.
Marv Herpel & family as they grieve and give thanks for Georgia**
Memorial Service being planned for later due to COVID-19 concerns.
Marv Herpel - Brookdale West County ; 785 Henry Ave, #217;
Ballwin, MO 63021
John and Audrey Nourse - as he heals from successful back surgery.
Crown Center residents and staff grieving three residents this month.
The family of Abby McCarthy as they grieve and give thanks for her.

St Louis Assn UCC Covenant Partner
Week ending June 21 - Kirkwood UCC ; kirkwooducc.org
Week ending June 28 - Carondelet UCC
Lydia, 11 years old, going into 6 th grade.
She is the granddaughter of Polly and Jim Winklemann. 

"I made the white hand a little bit higher to represent white privilege and the black one a little lower to represent the disadvantages they have. The chains were to represent how slavery is over but traces of it are still in our society. And the cuts and bruises are to represent the struggle that they have to go through just to live a normal life."

Things kids have put in Father’s Day cards:

Good job, Dad. I turned out amazing!

I love you almost as much as I love the remote.

Happy Father’s Day from your favorite child.

Thanks for always saying YES when mom says NO.

Two and a half minutes – you’ll probably cry.
Shoulder Tap
And a much lighter one … you’ll be laughing by the end!

The Condor and the Eagle Documentary
Sunday, June 28 5:00 - 7:30pm
Register to view this award winning film online.
MAD Camp Goes to the Circus ONLINE
Monday, July 27-Thursday, July 31 via ZOOM
Signs! Signs! Everywhere there’s signs…
Our newly configured Church Council, consistent with our denomination’s and congregation’s commitment to social justice, racial justice and all things inclusive has set rainbow flags out in front of the church for Pride Month and have placed Black Lives Matter signs out there for this season as well. We have our pride flag and BLM sign on the Cause Wall year-round and wanted to let people on the outside know too.

Consider taking a photo by the flags and signs next time you happen by—or intentionally come by.

(Please pull in the driveway and turn right and park along there so you’re in a safe place.) You can get either sanctuary in the background of your picture. Of course we ask that you send us the picture too! 
Visit our social media for a mix of pix and to see what other PUCCers would like you to attend/experience/ponder/pray about with them.
Please post a picture of you/yours on our social media:
(314) 872 9330 [email protected]
2841 N Ballas Road,
St. Louis, MO 63131

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