Let Us Worship Together
Join us for worship this Sunday at 10am (or watch it later) on YouTube.

We will send the exact link over the weekend.

We will take a look at our core values here at PUCC: Limitless Love (John 13:34-35), Courageous Action (Deuteronomy 31:6) and Spirited Inquiry (Matthew 7:7-11).

We will hear from Barry Luedloff, Greg Schmelig, Alan Stein, Christopher Grundy, Random Act and our faithful and much appreciated song leaders.

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Sunday School
Sunday School for children through 5th grade

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Sunday School for Youth/Teens each week:

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Speaker Series
Music's Written Language - Understanding Music fo Non-Musicians
Sun, Aug 23| 11:15am | via ZOOM

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Phone: 312 626 6799 US
Tuesday Evening Dialogue
If Beale Street Could Talk by James Baldwin

2nd & 4th Tuesdays continues August 25
7:00pm via ZOOM
Intertwine Interfaith Spiritual Sustenance Session 4
Thursday, August 27 | 6:30pm
We look forward to continuing to build community together!
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Prayer List Updates
A new and unique school year is beginning.
All the acts of kindness that are happening near and far!
The momentum toward justice and equity.
Family/friends of Tina Hubbard – grieving/giving thanks (Scharf).
Naomi and Joe Runtz - as she recuperates from knee replacement.
Healthcare workers, homeless and many others at risk right now.
Physical Distancing… if anyone needs groceries, medicine and/or other support, please reach out to [email protected]; 314-330-0629
People who are struggling with their mental health.
People who aren’t feeling safe at home but are remaining there.
Individuals in all levels of leadership as they make decisions today.
People of Beirut, Lebanon as they recover from violence and more.
People of Iowa and others as they move forward after recent storms.

St Louis Assn UCC Covenant Partner
Week ending August 23 - St. John’s UCC, Chesterfield; stjohnsuccchesterfield.org
Week ending August 30 - St. John’s UCC, St. Louis; sjuccstl.org

Share this 2-minute commercial and the accompanying discussion starters with a family member and friend…

Man, hats off to Procter & Gamble ("P&G") for this bold commercial. This is powerful. I can say I honestly relate to this on so many levels. Receiving "The Look" so many times, just feeling the prejudgment and bias thrown my way without even opening my mouth, regardless of how I'm dressed, being followed in department stores, being in a neighborhood that I "shouldn't" be in and so on.

If you wonder what it's like being in "my skin" just watch this commercial and acknowledge how it makes you feel. It'll give some insight into what it's like having to rise against biases, prejudgment, prejudices, and stereotypes (I'm aware that everyone deals with "cultural stereotypes"). This, I can say I've never felt a commercial so personally like this one.

Head over to us.pg.com/talkaboutbias/ for more on this and be educated even more.

~Loren Ferguson

A Pair of Back to School Jokes
Why did the boy eat his math homework?
Because the teacher told him it was a piece of cake.

Why did the girl eat her homework?
Because she didn't have a dog.

Parkway UCC
Purpose Statement
Parkway United Church of Christ strives to be an inclusive community embracing:
  • spiritual nourishment
  • open-minded inquiry
  • courageous action, and
  • interfaith partnerships
to fulfill God's calling to create a just world for all. 

Current Goals
based on our PUCC Purpose Statement

  1. Create and maintain a more inclusive community.
  2. Develop opportunities for spiritual nourishment and inquiry that meets a wide variety of needs.
  3. Take on courageous mission and community activities.
  4. Engage in interfaith partnerships to create a just world for all.
  5. Craft a leadership and organizational structure which is inclusive, sustainable, and flexible that aligns with our purpose. 

Erin Wathen crafted this Back-to-School Prayer for All
God of all the weird, wonderful world – make our students curious and creative, and fill them with awe. Yes even for math, we pray.

Thank you, God, for the village: thank you for the teachers, the neighbors, and the parents of their friends; thank you for the nurse, the counselor, and the music teacher who is still hanging in there with a salary that survived budget cuts. For now. Thank you for the strong network of love and care that surrounds our young ones; for the power of good influence; and for all the extra sets of caring eyes, out there in the world.

Send your Spirit, Lord: to the band room, the basketball court and the science lab; to the dance studio, the art class and debate practice; to the stage and the student council elections and wherever else these amazing little people discover the gifts and talents that you have given them. Give them courage to share those gifts with the world, even if that one mean kid calls them a nerd, or a jock, or some other word that we old people don’t know yet, but that no one wants to be, for sure.

About mean girls: may they not know them. May they not BE them.
Regarding buffoonish boys who do not know how to treat a lady or deal with anyone who is different: may they not be them. And may they not have to sit by them in homeroom.

Let there be no guns, God. We will ask you this one again, every day. And every day we will wonder if you are listening. And every day you will wonder the same about us. Let’s keep in touch.

Where there is overwhelming whiteness, or culture-deaf color-blindness–let them be askers of hard questions. Where there is glorification of war–both past and present–give them voices of compassion and peace. Where there is much dressing-up-like-Indians for Thanksgiving, let them wonder aloud if this is respectful to actual Native American communities, who may or may not be represented in the demographics of their school.
Bless those teachers, God. Shield them from helicopter parents, and kids who just can’t even. Restore their spirits from the demands of under-funding and over-standardized-testing. Fill them with the joy that led them to this calling, and may their espresso drinks be plentiful, strong, and topped with whipped cream.

May lunch be free of gross slimy stuff; and may lunch be free for all who need it to be.

Let there be freedom from rigid gender norms and impossible expectations of body type and wardrobe labels. Let this be the generation that, finally, could give a $h^t about who is gay and who has two moms and who used to be a boy but maybe isn’t any more. Let it just all be cool so that the bullies will get bored and just go read a book already. After which, probably, they will no longer be bullies because books tend to do that to people. Who knew.

And finally, may a paint-eating, rust-causing pestilence of biblical proportions descend upon the SUVs of all who text in the pick-up line and make left-turns into the parking lot. Protect our children from their wheels in the meantime, and let us not set bad examples by starting fights with other grown-ups on the first day of school.

It seems like there should be so much more, but it is only the first day, God. We’ll be back.


Note: We've updated Parkway UCC's
COVID-19 emergency contacts as follows:
1.    Pastor Kevin at 314-330-0629
2.    Kathy Ferrell at 314-560-1190
3.    Michael Ruzicka (314) 598-7899:
4.    Linda Tossing (314) 495-3063

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