Power Lines E-Newsletter
Issue #142, November 2016
A pole carrying transmission & distribution lines was knocked out in Scappoose recently,  causing a widespread outage.
How We Restore Your Power

If the power goes out in our service area, our line crews get the call and jump to action. 

For major outages affecting large numbers of customers, crews start at our substations. "If a substation is down, our primary goal is to get that back up and running because it's going to get the most amount of people on," explains journeyman lineman Jake Feakin.

When the substations are energized, crews advance to main feeders, then distribution lines that go to every corner of our service area. Once these are safely repaired, crews work on service lines that go to individual houses. 

What You Should Do if the Power Goes Out

1. Call (503) 397-1844 to report your outage.

2. Turn on a front porch light to let our crews know when the power is back on.

3. Turn off electric furnaces, water heaters, and major appliances at the breaker. Unplug your electronic equipment.

4. After power is restored, turn items on gradually. We recommend turning items on at the breaker one at a time in 30-minute intervals.

Congratulations to our Go Bag giveaway winners

Thank you to all 1,147 participants in our communication survey.  The information collected will help us determine the most efficient and cost-effective ways to communicate with you, our customers.

Here are the winners of the Go Bag Emergency Survival Kits, generously donated by the Ford Leadership Foundation:
  • Ivan B., St. Helens
  • April H., Rainier
  • Anne H., Scappoose
  • Michelle L., Scappoose
  • Chris S., Columbia City
  • Melissa H., St. Helens
  • Lourinda A., Rainier
  • Gene G., Scappoose

Stay Away From Downed
Power Lines 

If you see a fallen power line, call (503) 397-1844 immediately.

Never touch a downed line. Assume all downed lines are energized and stay at least 200 feet away. The ground around a downed power line may be dangerous as well, so it is important to keep a safe distance. Do not go near a downed power line.

Learn more at www.crpud.net/downedlines

New Heat Pump Rebates Effective January 1st

Energy efficient heat pumps keep your home more comfortable and your bills low year-round. If you have ever considered installing a heat pump, contact our Energy Experts today at experts@crpud.org or (503) 366-5470.

Heat Pump Upgrade Type Rebate Amount
High-efficiency heat pumps replacing an electric furnace Up to $1,250*
High-efficiency heat pumps Up to $750*
Standard efficiency heat pumps Up to $550*
Duct sealing available for homes with electric heat $250
High-efficiency heat pumps must have an HSPF of 9.0 & SEER of 14.0 or higher. Standard pumps must have an HSPF less than 9.0 & SEER less than 14.0.
* Includes $250 if duct sealing is required.

Photo of dog with holiday lights
7 Tips for Smart Holiday Lighting 

1. Buy energy-efficient LED bulbs.


2. Discard decorations with damaged sockets, wires, or connectors.


3. Don't hang lights or extension cords with nails or staples.


4. Don't overload extension cords or run them through snow/water.


5. Make sure lighted decorations are UL approved.


6. Don't use electric lights on artificial trees with metal leaves.


7. Turn off all lights & electronic decorations before leaving or going to bed.

Notice for Life Support Customers

If someone in your home is on life support, is disabled, or has other special needs, it is urgent you plan ahead to prepare for storms, outages, or other emergencies. 

If a true emergency occurs, always call 9-1-1. Otherwise, report outages to (503) 397-1844 immediately and activate your personal support network. We cannot provide estimates for when outages will be restored. Learn more at www.crpud.net/prepare.