Doodle, Goberian, and Pomsky Pup Alert
July 27th, 2017
During this busy, busy time, please contact XANADU with initial inquiries at, or for in-depth questions, current availability, payment completion, call me at 970 626-9747 or 970 708-8030. No texts or cell-messages, please...and I'm really buried in emails right now. I don't want to miss a message from you; phone calls are the best way to secure the pup you see and want in this Pup Alert Newsletter, and you are welcome to call.

This Pup Alert Newsletter features the following Hybrids / Multigenerational Puppies:
Available Litter Pick Female F1b medium DOODLE, $2500
Available GOBERIAN Puppies Guardian Female, $1000
         Pet Home Female $950
         Litter Pick Male $2500
         Pet Home Male w/ Brown Eyes $2000
Available mini-BERNEDOODLE Puppies Guardian Female, $1000
         Litter Pick Female $3500 & Litter Pick Male at $3500
Available POMSKIES Guardian Females, $1000
         Litter Pick Pups $2500
         Pet Home Blue-Eyed Pups, $2250
         Pet Home Brown-Eyed Pups, $1950
         and they are DARLING (of course! We breed for darling)

1. LITTER PICK FEMALE This little girl is a dark apricot and white. She is VERY people-oriented and good with children and other dogs. As an adult, she'll be about 43 pounds and be a no-shed girl (the last this season). Previous photos designate "Yellow-Collar" female, Litter Pick in this big litter. She rides well in a car, is good overnight, is snuggly, attentive, and easy to train. As the Litter Pick of a large litter, she is $2500. This puppy is AVAILABLE now and is 7 3/4 weeks old. She is at the XANADU HQ on the western slope (please call me for information: 970 626-9747 or 970 708-8030). Vet-checked, vaccinated, worm meds. and ready to go.

There are several GOBERIAN Puppies AVAILABLE and ready for new homes either this Saturday, July 29 or on Saturday, Aug. 5

ULURU'S LITTER WITH PUP CHARMING--Puppy pick-up in Glenwood Springs this weekend
2. AVAILABLE One black Female with white feet from Uluru's Litter. This is a busy and interactive girl, whose picture you can see in the attached video. Expect a good family dog. Please contact me about this girl; she's advertised at the regular Goberian price, but I do want her to go home when her siblings go to their new homes...Make me an offer I cannot refuse! (See Puppy Video).


Three puppies are AVAILABLE; puppy pick-up is scheduled for Aug. 5 in Longmont.

3. GUARDIAN FEMALE, AVA Our "best" beautiful tri-color Female with blue eyes. Every puppy in this litter is described as "sweet and sweet and sweet and cuddly and ... "Ava is only $1000 with a two-litter breeding agreement. A Guardian is our best puppy--for 1/3 the cost of a "best puppy." She (lucky girl!) will go to a "best home," and when she grows up, she will have two litters for XANADU, so her "best" characteristics will be the standard characteristics of our future litters. There is compensation for pup care to the Guardian human (although the biggest savings is up front), and of course, XANADU pays for all expenses related to breeding, birthing, new-pup veterinary care. This is a win-win-win situation. Win (for Guardian)--win (for puppy)--win (for XANADU) situation for the right person / family. If you are interested in our best puppy, please contact me at 970 626-9747 or 970 708-8030. (see Ava's photo below)

4. HANDSOME SAMPSON Tri-color Male with WONDERFUL COAT and one blue eye and one brown eye. Great personality, very pretty coat, bi-eyes--the blue that looks into the spiritual world, they say, and the brown that sees our physical world, they say (and he is pretty anyhow!) make this boy very special. $2500.

5. CUDDLY PORTER has tri-color points and brown eyes. The Guardian describes this sweet boy as "cuddly." Porter is a Pet Home Male and priced at $2000. Please note that most of us are drawn to our favorite "vanity" features in pups, whether blue or brown eyes, Husky markings or solid colors, etc., but all Pet Home pups are equally loved and cared for, are equally sweet, friendly, healthy, and GREAT as pets. People select "Litter Pick" male or female when they have strong feelings about (usually) colors and coat patterns.

CONFETTI'S BERNEDOODLE X LITTER WITH BERNEDUDE, BALLAD; puppies are currently available. Just about 8-weeks old. Puppy pick-up is at XANADU HQ on the western slope. Please call me at 970 626-9747 or 970 708-8030. This is a wonderful and surprising litter of puppies. The Litter Pick Male picked up a "merle" gene from his ancestry--and look what happened with the Bernese Mountain Dog patterning! Oh, my! Gene Stew!

6. AVAILABLE GUARDIAN FEMALE Very friendly, cuddly female with traditional Bernese Mountain Dog markings. As a Guardian female, Glory Be! will have two litters for XANADU...and pass along her loving personality and her markings and low-to-no-shed qualities, too. Glory Be! is $1000 with a breeding agreement.

7. AVAILABLE LITTER PICK MALE Magnificent colors--the whole rainbow (well, no violet/purples) and multi-colored eyes as well. This is a very sweet boy, loving, easily trained, very low-to-no-shed. He is $3500.

8. AVAILABLE LITTER PICK FEMALE Gorgeous tri-colors with eyebrows, too! Less rust color. Looks very much like her daddy, Ballad. You'll notice that I didn't describe her, "Calm." This little one is a sweet girl, talkative, playful, and she will get into anything that looks lends itself to exploration. Given that all little pups are terrorists, some are calmer terrorists and some busier. This girl is attentive and wants to share her adventures. She will snuggle down beside you on the couch in the evenings, and she will--like ALL Bernese Mountain Dogs--want to patrol your property and share any oddities she may find. She is $3500.

Glory Be! (Guardian Female)
Litter Pick Male
Litter Pick Female
Pomskies are a good cross; these will be very hardy pups and also very sweet companions to you. I'm surprised by Sprite's litter, which is here at XANADU. These are cuddly, QUIET puppies that go right to bed at night and sleep all night long! Very impressive!
A. SIERRA'S LITTER by ASHOKA, Puppy Pick-Up on the eastern slope on Sunday.
B. SPRITE'S LITTER by WOLF Puppy Pick-Up at the XANADU HQ on the western slope.

There are two Female puppies AVAILABLE in Sierra's Litter; puppy pick-up is on the eastern slope on SUNDAY, July 30 (or by special arrangement today through Sun.).

9. AVAILABLE FEMALE GUARDIAN The Guardian for this litter calls this little female, "Curly Sue." Her coat isn't exactly curly, but it is wavy; very pretty girl. Curly Sue has both brown and blue eyes and is cream-colored and fluffy. $1000 with two-litter breeding agreement. Please call me at 970 626-9747 or 970 708-8030.

10. AVAILABLE FEMALE PET HOME This female, "Zia," is the Guardian's favorite: Snuggly, sweet, people-oriented...white also (cream) and with two blue eyes. This pup does not have such a heavy coat. She is $2250.

AVAILABLE Puppies in SPRITE'S LITTER by WOLF include the following; pups can be seen at XANADU of the Rockies HQ on the western slope. Please call.

11. AVAILABLE GUARDIAN FEMALE PUPPY Unique litter! All exceptionally sweet and good! This Guardian Female was chosen because she is a tri-color. She's playful, quiet, wonderful, of course. Snuggly. Brown-eyed. And she's $1000 with a two-litter breeding agreement.

12. AVAILABLE LITTER PICK FEMALE Ho-Boy! White and fluffy. Very sweet and snuggly. Looks like you should just put her in your Gucci handbag and take her anywhere. Absolutely a wonderful little girl. As a Litter Pick, she is $2500.

13. LITTER PICK MALE pup. VERY cute and good little pup. Black face and black and white body. Sweet, playful boy w/ brown eyes.

Curly Sue
Guardian Female (Sprite)
Litter Pick Female
Litter Pick Male
ALL XANADU Pups are guaranteed for temperament, genetic soundness, and excellent health. We've got your puppy--or we'll find him / her in the twinkle of our sires' eyes. And your call is welcome at XANADU.

Thank you for your interest in a XANADU puppy,
Sheron and the Puppy Pack

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Xanadu Dogs, LLC

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