A Humongous Blown Opportunity for Hawaii Republicans to Get Noticed While Doing the Right Thing

Aloha, Republicans:

Next weekend marks two months since our state convention on Kauai.  During the months leading up to that convention, we were told that 'two strong women' were vying to be the leader of our state party:  Andria Tupola and Shirlene Ostrov.

Today, Hawaii Democrats proved how incredibly weak Ostrov and Tupola turned out to be.  No, these are not the leaders that Republicans need to reverse our downward slide.

As you know by now, today Hawaii Democrats announced that the state legislature will be called into special session during the week of Aug. 28 through Sept. 1 so they can "hash out a deal to rescue Honolulu's cash-strapped rail project" by raising BILLIONS in new taxes to pay their political cabal's supporters.

Both Ostrov and Tupola frittered away the past two months --
one as state chair, the other as GOP minority leader -- knowing full well that the Democrats would be coming for our wallets with a special session.  Both made the same decision:  To follow the explicit instructions of Pat Saiki and Miriam Hellreich to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to leverage the Hawaii GOP organization and membership to fight back against the threat of higher taxes.   Instead of leading the fight, these  RINO's who hijacked our party gave the order to stand down and let taxpayers get screwed.

As HIRA exclusively reported, the leaders of our party chose to ignore our cherished history as the anti-tax party, ignore the clear votes of GOP delegates cast in clear opposition to tax increases and the rail project, and ignore the basic political necessity of using tax fighting opportunities to increase our party's profile with voters so they understand  the choice they have.

My friends, we have been sold out by phony Republicans.  And this tragic loss of an opportunity to sell our values and solutions to the people of Hawaii serves to reinforce why HIRA could not in good conscience advise you to support either of them for state chair two months ago.  HIRA recognizes RINO values and weakness and incompetence and closet Democrat infiltrators from a mile away.

These supposedly 'strong women' are just the latest puppets for Saiki and Hellreich to manipulate and speak through.  We should have been organizing statewide protests for the past two months.  Instead, we've given Democrats permission to raise taxes, with Saiki and Hellreich explicitly backing RINO Bob McDermott's enthusiastic embrace of higher taxes as the official position of the Hawaii Republican Party.

Even more tragically for potential Republican voters, donors, volunteers and candidates is the Saiki/Hellreich policy which prohibits your Hawaii GOP from even speaking out and/or organizing for battle over the issues which matter to all Republicans.  To those in denial, you can continue pretending to believe that Ostrov chose Saiki to be her running mate and vice chair for the next two years.  Nope, Saiki chose Ostrov to be the next facade puppet in line following Fritz Rohlfing and David Chang.  The reality of the past two months reveals how the next 16 months between now and Election Day 2018 will be a slow-motion trainwreck at the hands of Team Ostrov and Team Tupola.

Believe your ears.  The Hawaii GOP is silent.  Believe your eyes.  The Hawaii GOP is motionless.  HIRA warned over and over that this would happen.  We must get rid of the RINO's who've hijacked our party with the help of Hellreich's RINO accomplices at the Oahu League of "Republican" Women.

There's no question that two long months have been completely squandered instead of exploited to advance a GOP agenda.  Today, as expected, Democrats launched their newest assault on taxpayer wallets.  Our party knew this attack was coming.  Our party leaders did nothing.  Shirlene Ostrov and Andria Tupola just did Democrats a HUGE favor.  Of course, the actual credit for selling Republicans down the river really goes to GOP vice chair Pat Saiki and longtime GOP committeewoman Miriam Hellreich.  They are the architects of our party's doom.  They have kept Republicans on the sidelines and they always will.

You can make a difference in taking back our party.  Join HIRA today.  We are the Republican Wing of the Republican Party.  And we are the ones who disagree with each and every one of the failed policies of Hawaii Democrats.  With your help, we can fix our party, win elections and then fix our state.  Thanks for your support!


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