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PURIM AT TBC, MARCH 10-12, 2017!

Purim is one of the most fun and entertaining holidays on the calendar, and this year there are so many events planned that we'll spend an entire weekend celebrating!  Everyone in the congregation is welcome at each of these events. We hope that you'll join us and help us fill the space with joy and laughter!

Friday Night, 3/10: Viva Megillah!
7:00 pm Service, 7:30 pm Megillah Reading

Ahauserus may have ruled Shushan, but we all know that Elvis is the true king!  Join us on Friday for a short service featuring Shabbat standards set to familiar Elvis songs!  After we welcome Shabbat, we'll celebrate the holiday with our reading of the whole megillah (the book of Esther).    

PLEASE email 
Rabbi Bearman if you would like to sign up to share a section of the story.  We encourage all of our volunteer readers to bring a little creativity to their part of the story.  Accents, setting the story to music, reading as your favorite movie character, and more are all encouraged!

Saturday Morning, 3/11: 

10:00 am Book of Esther Torah Study and Brunch            

Whether you've never read the Book of Esther or are ready for a deep dive into the text, you'll enjoy our Purim Torah Study and Brunch.  And, if the prospect of reading about a Queen that saves the day isn't enough to entice you to come, the delicious food should be!

Sunday Morning, 3/12: 
9:40 am Purim Shpiel and Carnival 


Everyone is invited to this year's Purim Shpiel!  Even if you don't have kids in our Religious School, you'll enjoy seeing the music videos the students have created to make the Purim story come alive!  Last year's shpiel featured the music of The Lego Movie, Katie Perry, Pharrell, Hamilton, and more! 

Costumes are strongly encouraged!!  

A fun and fantastic Purim Carnival for our Religious School families will follow the shpiel!  

Whether you come to one of these events or all three, we hope that you have a wonderful Purim!