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February 2, 2021
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Board Approves Plan for Students to Return to School
Last Thursday, the PUSD Board of Trustees approved a motion to begin return to school plans after two weeks of Alameda County being in the Red Tier in a phased approach (including SDC classes).

First Phase (Week 2 of being in the Red Tier): All students in preschool through grade 2 will return in an AM/PM hybrid model, once Alameda County has been in the Red Tier for two weeks

Second Phase (Week 3 of being in the Red Tier): The next week, all students in grades 3-5 will return, also in an AM/PM hybrid model

Third Phase (Week 4 of being in the Red Tier): Secondary students will begin returning to campus the following week. Specific details for secondary return will be discussed at the February 11th Board meeting.

2nd Annual State of the School District
On Wednesday, Jan. 27, PPIE and PUSD hosted the second annual State of the School District!

Superintendent David Haglund gave his annual State of the District Address, Mayor Karla Brown spoke to City-District collaboration and support to our community and PPIE Executive Director Steve McCoy Thompson closed out the event by honoring our business partners with PPIE Pillars of Pleasanton Awards.

View a recording of the event here.
2020 Annual Report
PUSD has released its 2020 Annual Report!

The report includes the year's successes, highlights by the numbers, and more.

Read the Annual Report here!
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Parenting Tips from your School Social Worker Team
Helping Your Student Develop Resilience
A decade ago, faculty at Stanford and Harvard created the term “failure deprived” to describe teens who didn’t get the chance to deal with obstacles while they were growing up. As a result, many of these teens grow into young adults who have a great deal of difficulty coping with everyday struggles. Failure deprivation has been linked to the current mental health crisis we are seeing, because a lack of resilience is being developed in many of our students. Some ways that parents or caregivers can interfere with their child building resilience are: doing things for a student that they can do for themselves, focusing on your student more than your spouse or partner, sharing too much info about your own life with your student, or becoming too invested in their achievements. It is challenging to discern when to step in and when to let students navigate a tough situation independently, and this can often lead to anxiety for parents or caregivers. However, parents or caregivers can trust that by enduring challenging circumstances, their student will develop the grit to manage disappointments, pain and hardship. Parents or caregivers can support their students by helping them to identify how their failures and hardships have been a learning experience and what strength they can draw from it. Brought to you by your PBIS School Social Workers.
Celebrating our pUSd Community
Watch the Latest Progress from Measure I1: Lydiksen Elementary Rebuild
Get the latest birds eye view of the Measure I1 Lydiksen Elementary Rebuild - Phase 1 of this Measure I1 project is now complete!
Community Resources
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Community Service Opportunities for PUSD Students

PUSD students looking for community service opportunities can find links to organizations where they can make a difference at
Pleasanton Unified
School District
4665 Bernal Ave., Pleasanton, CA 94566
Phone: 925-462-5500