Regular, balanced meals and snacks help your student to have a constant and steady blood sugar level. When your student’s blood sugar is balanced, this boosts their learning and stabilizes their mood. Often, students will gravitate towards sugary snacks or soda when they are feeling depleted and need a burst of energy. However, an hour after the boost from these sugary treats, their energy level is going to crash to an even lower level than it was before. As a result, students are less likely to be able to manage stress, think clearly and remain calm. Parents or caregivers can support their students by providing them with small and regular snacks that are a combination of carbohydrates and protein, so that they can keep their blood sugar steady. To learn more about how to support your student in balancing their mental health, check out the online Parent/Caregiver Education series on Supporting Your Student Struggling with Depression developed by your PUSD Social Workers. Brought to you by your PBIS School Social Workers.