Author Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez
PUTA: An Erotic Novel (it's here!)



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by Alisa Valdes
Kindle Edition ~ Release Date: 2012-07-12
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A poignant, beautifully written erotic novel from the bestselling author of The Dirty Girls Social Club, PUTA describes the life of one woman, Carmen Noa, through the sexual encounters she had from the age of 16 to 41. By turns sexy, sensual and devastating, this book shows that sex, for modern women, can be much more meaningful, dangerous and, at times, healing than most pop culture portrayals of it, informing every aspect of our lives.


The first two chapters can be read online on amazon for free. 


If you liked my novel THE DIRTY GIRLS SOCIAL CLUB, you will LOVE this new book PUTA! 


Please let me know what you think, and as always thank you for your support and for spreading the word about my work to all your amigas y comadres.


Miss Alisa



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