Progressive Voter Alliance Central New Mexico
Wednesday, August 28th Meeting Reminder


We look forward to seeing you this Wednesday August 28th, at the Harwood Art Center at 1114 7th St NW (SE corner of Mountain Rd and 7th). 


The meeting will start promptly at 6:30 PM. Signs will lead you to the room.



August's featured speaker

Phil Baca of LULAC


Residents of Albuquerque's former City Council Districts 2 & 3 filed a lawsuit in January of 2013 to challenge an overtly partisan 2012 redistricting decision made by the Albuquerque City Council that diluted the voices of ethnic minority voters across the city. Despite a 47.2% Hispanic population city-wide, the decision reduced the Council's majority-minority seats down to two of nine districts. In the process many communities of interest were divided and the city's historic Downtown neighborhoods and North Valley were combined into one district (with far more than its fair share of urban infrastructure deficiencies). General Counsel from the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) are helping to represent the Albuquerque plaintiffs and have been successful in reversing various other discriminatory redistricting decisions, including LULAC v. Perry (Governor of Texas) in the United States Supreme Court. For more information, visit the ABQ Fair Redistricting website at


Every month, Progressive Voters Alliance of Central New Mexico asks all who have agreed to participate in our Unified Actions to join in a concerted effort on one simple, issue-oriented action.  This month, you may be an ally of someone who cares more about the issue at hand than you do.  Next month, that person will be your ally on an issue you care about.  By standing together, we multiply our impact on all of our issues.



This months Unified Action
VOTE EARLY in the Albuquerque city election. Early In-Person voting begins Tuesday, September 3, at the Office of the City Clerk, 600 2nd St NW and Albuquerque Records Center, 604 Menaul Blvd NW.


On September 18, additional Early Voting sites open around the city. 


Photo ID is required.  


It's important to let our progressive candidates know you (and we) are out there.  Even if our candidates don't get a majority in the first round, if no one else does either, we have a chance at a victory in a run-off if enough of us turn out.  SO VOTE EARLY.


For a complete list of voting centers and instructions for the new Voter ID Law go to the following link: 


Please join us and bring members of your advocacy groups to talk about your causes and what you need in the way of help.  Remember, everyone gets an equal two minutes to speak.


Progressive Voter Alliance of Central New Mexico

 Coordinating Committee