We hear the wildlife is celebrating at the Outpost. January 10th was the deadline for the Ponte Vedra Corporation to file a notice of appeal - and they did not appeal! That means they will not continue trying to get a county administrator to quietly change the conservation designation of 80 acres of uplands at the Outpost to residential. They'll have to go to public hearings and face us - and our experts - if they still want to build 66 homes at the Outpost.

But there's more good news... Opinion Page editor Jim Sutton wrote a second scathing opinion piece , following up on the one he wrote a year ago about the "lunacy" of trying to put a Planned Unit Development on conservation land. We also appreciate his shout-out to Save Guana Now in which he commends our work and calls our organization "a force." We're a force because of you - our supporters - who have stood by this cause and will not go away.

The St. Augustine Record also provided terrific news coverage on the judge's ruling. The Ponte Vedra Recorder weighed in on the ruling as well, and pointed out that PVC fired its legal team immediately following the ruling.

We're hopeful that PVC will simply continue using the land in a low-impact way or take steps to protect it in perpetuity. North Florida Land Trust stands ready to seek and secure funding if PVC makes the land available for purchase. If PVC opts for public hearings, we will need as many people as possible to attend those hearings. We'll give you plenty of notice! Our attorney and our land use expert will represent us at those hearings. Speaking of experts (who cost money!)....

Our spring garage sale fundraiser has morphed into something even more fun...

Martha and John Denneen have very generously volunteered their beautiful house on Guana Lake (with its view of the Outpost) for our sale! If you recall, that's where we held our Gala in 2017. The many donated items will line their long driveway, and you're welcome to visit their backyard with its amazing views. There will be some delicious goodies to further lure you and your friends to come visit and shop for Save Guana Now!
Many of you have already donated or promised donations for our sale. Those donations have been carefully stored, and those who haven't yet donated have EVEN MORE time to collect items for us to sell.

Date to be announced soon. We're asking you to set donations aside OR, if you can't hold them, you can drop off by replying to this email.

100% of the proceeds will go to stopping development at the Outpost. Whether you've got just one item, an armful, a boxful or a trunk-full - we'll take it and we'll sell it! Toys, tools, kitchen items, collectibles, art, sporting goods, bikes, lamps, jewelry, electronics (working), china, handbags, hats, shoes, flower pots, holiday decorations, books, CDs, appliances, furniture that can fit in your car, vintage items, antiques... New or like-new clothes can be donated - preferably on hangers or folded and sorted by size and gender.

So much good news for supporters of Save Guana Now. We look forward to seeing you at our spring fundraiser. Dig out stuff you can donate, and please keep following our updates. The fight isn't over!

Nicole Crosby and Gary Coulliette
Co-founders, Save Guana Now