"This year was simply magic. 7 rings around the sun and I continue to be in love with PVD like the day it was born. I hope you got to take in the breathtaking works that were shared by truly remarkable performers. Porch View Dances really does take a community of wonderful people to build a community. I give gratitude to every single person who is in, behind, and beyond, for living this dream with me."
Karen Kaeja
PVD 2018! Photos by: Kim Simons, Karen Kaeja.
So much appreciation to the following for making this event what it is. It is a fact that we couldn't have done it without you!

Our Incredible Choreographers & Participants:

Porch 1 (Kathleen Rea)
Shay Erlich, Kyla Landon, Jenna Roy, Anastasia Watson, Lesley White;
Rehearsal Assistant: Spirit Synott

Porch 2 (Andrea Nann with Michelle Silagy)
Ben Clement, Laura Gallagher-Doucette, Morgan Joy, Krystal Nausbaum, Madeline Stratton, Denise Solleza (Sunday performance only)

Porch 3 (Karen & Allen Kaeja)
Jim & Owen Adams

Vignettes (Pulga Muchochoma)
Deltin Sejour & Yui Ugai

Our Volunteers:
Street Squad
Hub Squad
Bike Squad

Our Community Hosts:

Our Funders/Sponsors:
Bulmash-Siegel Fund

Our Partner:

Our Production Team:
Sharon DiGenova
Shanna Miller

Kaeja Staff:
Chelsey Fawcett
Beata Rasitsan

Publicity & Public Relations:
Ashley Belmer

Kim Simons

Aria Evans
Olya Glotka

And thank you to:
Our Board of Directors
Our individual donors
Our past & current PVD partners
Valerie McDonald
Lisa Goldberg & Gevi Marotz
Liz Haines
And of course,THANK YOU to all who came out and danced with us!!!
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