PVP Watch Newsletter – October, 2022



PVP Watch has scrutinized the four individuals running for the three contested seats on the Palos Verdes Estates (PVE) city council.

A questionnaire was drafted asking candidates pertinent questions regarding PVE; they were interviewed; a candidate forum was watched; candidate answers posted on the Palos Verdes Residents for Responsible Government website were reviewed; and comments listened to from residents regarding this race.
We then decided who PVP Watch believes will best lead PVE into the future.

These candidates are doing what others have chosen not to do…govern PVE. 
They will not be compensated while forsaking countless hours with family, friends, their professions and other things to enhance their lives.

Whether you vote for them or not…whether you agree with them or not…please respect them for seeking a task for which they can expect more criticism than praise.

All the candidates have some common ground. They are against the state usurping local control, especially laws like Senate Bill 9, which they feel will increase density, threaten fire safety and adversely effect the character of PVE.
They agree that fiscal challenges face the city, citing, amongst other things, the expiration of Measure E in 2027, which provides about 25% of PVE’s revenues.
They all realize the residents must be made aware of this and that the method of communicating to as many as possible is crucial since a new revenue stream will be necessary to maintain all the city’s amenities.
PVP Watch agrees that these are important issues that must be resolved by the new city council.

Desiree “Dez” Myers is retired from a 32-year career in the IT field, which included consulting with various Fortune 500 Companies.
She has served on the PVE city council’s pension and technology committees, the Malaga Cove Homeowners Association Board and the Neighborhood Watch Board.
Earlier this year she successfully led the PVE Land Preservation Act Initiative, which is now law in PVE.

Myers’ website explains her positions on the Palos Verdes Estates Police Department, the roundabout in Malaga Cove, the PVE Foundation and other things regarding the governance of PVE.

Her website is Dez4PVE.com.
Myers advised PVP Watch that she is running a grassroots campaign and not seeking endorsements.

Michael Kemps is a PVE city councilman running for a second four-year term. 

He is the owner of a technology business which he began in 1989. 

He is concerned about the threat state laws pose to PVE.
He will continue his fight for local control. Kemps feels state enforced density will expose PVE to greater fire dangers and impinge on the PVE lifestyle.
He emphasized that cities in Very High Fire Zone (VHFZ) rated areas should not be mandated to comply with these density laws. All four cities on the Peninsula are in VHFZs.
Improving collaboration and communication with residents is a Kemps priority.
Another is replacing Measure E, a major part of city funding.
A third is protecting the city’s character.
He is interested in exploring the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in fire prevention as Rancho Palos Verdes (RPV) is doing. If this will help PVE he supports partnering with RPV and other neighboring cities.
PVP Watch questions the propriety of a recent Kemps flier during this contentious race and urges all candidates to avoid hostile and disparaging remarks during the rest of the campaign.
PVP Watch does endorse Michael Kemps.
To learn more about Kemps visit his website Kemps4PVE.com.

Victoria Lozzi is a PVE councilwoman, and current mayor, running for a second four-year term.
She had a 35-year career in corporate banking and was elected city treasurer of PVE from 2017 to 2019.
Her foremost priorities are paying down PVE’s unfunded pension liability; improving city parklands and open spaces for fire risk reasons and beautification; and organizing PVE’s capital projects into a must-do and nice-to-have prioritization list.

She is determined to stem the state’s attack on local control, especially regarding increased density, to protect the character of the city and from the increased fire danger this portends.

She feels the city has made good progress during her term on the council, improving its long-term financial issues.

PVP Watch endorses Victoria Lozzi.
To learn more about Lozzi visit her website at www.victorialozzi2022.com.

David McGowan is a PVE councilman running for a second four-year term.
He is retired from the accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers and now provides expert testimony in courtrooms.
He has served on the PVE financial advisory committee and other civic and professional organizations.
He founded the Palos Verdes Estates Foundation.

McGowan feels during his first term the city council has made progress in establishing a long-term financial plan that deals with pension debt; infrastructure maintenance on the city hall complex, parklands and urban forest; and depleted reserves.
He says that he will continue to refine this plan to enhance the city’s financial position.
He and others are working to upgrade PVE’s antiquated accounting system.
Improved communication with residents is another priority to inform them of the challenges and risks facing PVE.
He is against increased density, which he feels will adversely affect the safety and character of the city.
PVP Watch endorses David McGowan.
To learn more about McGowan visit his website at mcgowan4pve.com.

Prior to voting PVP Watch urges residents in PVE to visit the candidates’ websites noted above.
Other helpful websites include the Palos Verdes Residents for Responsible Government one at www.pvrrg.org. This notes the candidates’ positions, their answers to 15 pertinent questions, their funding sources and more.
The Palos Verdes League of Women Voters website www.lwvpalosverdes.org has posted the PVE candidate forum they sponsored where the candidates can be seen and heard answering relevant questions.
These links and websites give you the voters a chance to see what the candidates are actually saying and are alternatives to the distorted ‘information’ in the echo chamber known as social media.


Again, PVP Watch endorses Victoria Lozzie, Michael Kemps, and David McGowan for PVE City Council.
PVP Watch comment: It appears to us that PVE is facing major capital and expense issues and that it is underfunded.
The incumbents and/or newly elected council members will have the responsibility of prioritizing needs vs. wants and communicating those needs to PVE residents so they understand and support requests for future funding.
After our interviews with the incumbents, we are confident that they care about PVE and will find ways to communicate with their residents and ways to resolve PVE’s challenges. That is why we are endorsing them.
But, PVP Watch will be watching and commenting.


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