Dear Sea King Families, 

We are already heading into the month of February this week! Where did the month of January go? We are seeing a noticeable increase of students back on campus and a significant decline in COVID positive cases. Thank you for your continued patience and support as we work through this time!

Our office hours program is being extended through February 11th. Many of our teachers will continue to offer virtual office hours to support our students who need assistance in getting caught up after being absent from class. Please see the schedule below for more information from our participating teachers. I hope our students continue to take advantage of these opportunities to ask questions, get clarifications on assignments and engage in discussions with their teachers.

Additionally, for those of you with students in grades 9-11, please remind your students that they are required to remain on campus during lunch. Students in grades 9-11 are NOT permitted off campus at lunch, even if they do not have a 3rd or 6th period. If your students need to leave campus at lunch, they must be signed out of the attendance office by a parent. It is a safety and security issue for us to have students leaving campus without permission. Students who are off campus at lunch will be issued disciplinary consequences and parents will be contacted. Please remind your student of this school rule and assist us in keeping our students safe on campus at lunchtime.

If there is anything I can do to support your student and your family, please continue to reach out to me. I am proud to serve as the principal to our amazing PVHS students, teachers, staff, and families.


Dr. Trista Ramirez
PVHS Principal (Interim)
Next Week at a Glance

Monday January 31st
  • B- Day
  • School Site Council at 3pm on Zoom
  • Boys Soccer vs. Culver City
  • Girls Soccer @ Culver City
  • Girls Basketball @ Culver City
  • Boys Basketball @ Santa Monica

Tuesday February 1st
  • A-Day
  • Boys Golf Tryouts at 3pm at Los Verdes
  • Girls Water Polo vs. Redondo

Wednesday February 2nd
  • Late Start B-Day
  • Boys Golf Tryouts at 3pm at Los Verdes
  • Girls Soccer vs. Peninsula
  • Boys Soccer @ Peninsula
  • PVHS CCC College Essentials Toolkit #2: Unpack Your Future College Experience to Help Build Your College List. Click here to register

Thursday February 3rd
  • A-Day
  • Comedy Sportz @ 7pm in the MPR

Friday February 4th
  • B-Day
General Information
Tutoring Opportunities

PVPUSD is offering FREE virtual tutoring with a company called Air Tutors. 
Students may receive up to two hours in ELA and/or Math each week. Please use the link below to register your child. However, if your child already has an Air Tutors account from the summer program, Jumpstart, when registering, they will be redirected to the login page (and they can "sign in with Google").

Once you select the times that might work for the session, Air Tutors will group students by grade level and subject. After schedules have been set by Air Tutors, the sessions will appear on the Air Tutors calendar and you will receive a notification via email and or text. 

If you have any questions, please reach out directly to air tutors at or  800-211-1986 
Teacher Office Hours

Our teachers have begun to offer office hours to support students who are out of class and need assistance with catching up on their assignments. The office hours will be conducted virtually for a designated hour Monday - Thursday.

Please click HERE to view the schedule for our participating teachers' office hours.

These teachers will be notifying their students of their established schedule and meeting links in their Google classroom. This program is currently established to run through February 11, 2022. I hope our students will take advantage of this opportunity to receive additional support and assistance from our teachers.
PVHS COVID Positive Reporting Form

To streamline communication for COVID case reporting, we are asking families to fill out the form below if their students test positive for COVID. This will also be a way for us to respond much more efficiently and effectively to our students and families.

Please click the linked form below to notify us of your PVHS student's positive results.

A PVHS administrator will be in touch with the family regarding the next steps after completing the form.
PVPUSD COVID Testing Information

Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District continues to offer testing to PVPUSD STUDENTS and STAFF only. Regular Testing Hours from 12:00 p.m. with the last test at 4:45 p.m. No appointment is necessary, but students do need to register in advance. For further information regarding the district testing program, click HERE.
Counseling Office Updates

Scheduling for the 2022-2023 School Year

PVHS families will receive scheduling materials in the mail this week for your students to pick their classes for the 2022-2023 school year. Please review the enclosed information carefully. Included in this packet are: 
  1. Cover letter with instructions which includes the teacher's recommendations for next year's classes in English, Math, and Foreign Language
  2. Scheduling Worksheet
  3. Aeries Course Request Instructions (to be done on the Student's Aeries Portal)
  4. Four-Year Plan Worksheet

Please support your student(s) by reviewing these materials with them. The Aeries window will be open for students to enter their course requests until Sunday night, February 20th. Once students have completed inputting their course request, they must submit their Scheduling Worksheet and Four-Year Plan Worksheet to their counselor's box in the Counseling Office. Parent/guardian signature is required on both forms.

Junior Guidance Lessons: February 2nd and 4th

Juniors will receive their Guidance Lesson in their English class from February 2-4. This presentation focuses on beginning preparations for plans after high school, college research, laying the groundwork on preparing for the application process, and what to do in the coming months. Counselors will meet with Junior students later in February to review their Four-Year Plan and Scheduling Worksheets.

Junior Parent Presentation: February 9th at 5:30 pm

Following the Junior Guidance Lessons 11th-grade students receive, the parent presentation mirrors much of this information. Parents will be provided with an introduction to beginning preparations on supporting their child with post-secondary planning, researching colleges, the application process, and what to expect in the coming months leading up to summer and your child's Senior year. 

Due to the current state of COVID, we will hold these meetings virtually via Webinar. Please see below to register:

AVID Presentations: February 9th

Counselors will visit all AVID 9-12 grade classrooms to visit with students and discuss their course planning and pathway for the next school year. Counselors will work with students on their scheduling worksheets and answer any questions students have.

Elective Fair: February 11th, 15th & 16th

On February 11 & 15, Live from 205 will air its first-ever Elective Fair showcasing many of the classes offered at PVHS. This is a great opportunity for students to tune in and listen to what teachers and students have to say about the different experiences in their classes. You will hear from the Sciences, Math, World Language, Art, Social Sciences, and many more departments. On February 16, many of these electives will host a table in Sea King Park at lunchtime for you to walk around and learn more about these classes and get questions answered. Take advantage of this opportunity as you think about what classes may interest you for next year!
Sophomore Guidance Lessons: February 14th -15th

Sophomores will receive their Guidance Lesson in their English class on February 14-15. This presentation focuses on beginning to think about post-secondary planning, the four-year plan, how to begin thinking about college, college and career goals, as well as discussing Junior year. Counselors will meet with Sophomore students and their parents/guardians during the month of March via Individual Meets to review the Sophomore Packet which includes the student's transcript, high school graduation requirements, college subject eligibility, four-year plan, schedule for Junior year, and more. The parent/guardian will have the opportunity to sign up for the individual appointment following their parent presentation. 

Sophomore Parent Presentation: February 16 at 8:30 & 5:30

Following the Sophomore Guidance Lessons 10th-grade students receive, the parent presentation mirrors much of this information. Parents will be provided will an introduction to post-secondary planning, the four-year plan, helping your student think about their college and career goals, supporting their child toward high school graduation and college entrance eligibility, and more. There are two essential components of the Sophomore Counseling Program: 

  1. Group Presentation: Provides general information pertinent to all students. There will be two group presentations offered, but please only attend one. Due to the current state of COVID, we will hold these meetings virtually via Webinar.
  2. Individual Meeting: Each student and their parent/guardian have the opportunity to sign up for a 15-minute counseling meeting with their counselor at the conclusion of the group presentation. Parents/guardians must attend one of the group presentations to access a link to schedule the individual meeting with their counselor. 

Please see below to register for one session only. Both sessions will cover the exact same information.

Wednesday, February 16 at 8:30 AM:

Wednesday, February 16 at 5:30 PM:

Palos Verdes Peninsula Science & Engineering Fair

The Palos Verdes Peninsula Science & Engineering Fair (PVPSEF) is looking for adult judges for the 2022 science fair which takes place February 10th at 375 Via Almar, Palos Verdes Estates 90274 (directly across from PEF who sponsors our fair).
The sign-up link for judges is below:
Please note that we are "planning" on hosting an in-person fair with the following measures in place to best keep our students and judges safe:

  1. Small cohorts of students allowed into the fair during assigned times (we are ideally planning on 20-25 students per cohort allowed into the very large hall space). We plan on breaking up our categories and assigning each category a block of time for interviews and review of the student boards and other materials.
  2. *Once we know how many students we have in each category, we will send the category time slots for the day for your planning purposes​​
  3. Projects/tables will be spaced more than 6 feet from each other, allowing for much more spacing and distance.
  4. The possibility, if needed, to shorten the interview time for each student and judge from 15 minutes to less than 12 minutes.
  5. Mandated masking when entering the hall.
  6. Awards will be live-streamed the evening of February 10 and not done in-person to keep people distanced.
  7. We will provide boxed breakfasts and boxed lunches for our in-person judges as well as provide many outdoor spaces to eat and to meet in category judge caucuses for scoring. Our new fair venue offers incredible views of the ocean and South Bay (as well as lots of free parking), so we know that you will enjoy being outside if you choose to exercise this option for scoring, meeting, and eating. 

Please contact Becky Egan ( with any questions regarding
PVPSEF 2022.