Luncheon Meeting

February 21st

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Registration Closes February 16th, 10AM

We are very appreciative that Kari Lake was able to modify her schedule to speak at our meeting this month.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be changing our normal program schedule. You should plan on being at your table by 11:15. Our meeting will start promptly at 11:25 with the pledge and prayer.

Kari will come on stage at 11:30, and she needs to be out our door at 12:15 to catch a plane. She will take questions from the audience, and we will utilize our “cards on the table” protocol to allow her to respond to the most attendees. Please bring a pen to write out your questions. We will follow this process for both speakers.

Our second speaker is Abe Hamadeh, Senate candidate for US House In District 8. I believe his battle over the election irregularities is well publicized, and he will update us on both his lawsuit and his campaign.

Our meeting is going to be amazing so come prepared for an insightful meeting. 

Michal Joyner

1st Vice President, Programs


The daughter of a teacher and a nurse, Kari Lake grew up in Iowa alongside her eight siblings where she learned the value of a hard day’s work. Fascinated with people’s stories, Kari pursued a career in the news industry where she would become a symbol of truth in journalism when she rejected the agenda-driven press and walked away from the mainstream media after a highly successful 27 years.


In 2022, Kari ran for Governor of Arizona with the endorsement of President Donald J. Trump on a platform of putting Arizona First. Kari believes in secure borders, energy independence, safe streets, education not indoctrination, pushing back against the radical Biden agenda, and preserving the western heritage that makes Arizona special. Kari Lake is a voice for the silent majority and fights back against the relentless assault on our freedoms by the radical left. She believes Arizona can and should be the standard bearer for America First policies nationwide.

Abe Hamadeh is a former U.S. Army Reserve Captain & Intelligence Officer, Maricopa County prosecutor and an America first fighter. The son of immigrants, his family fled places like Syria and Venezuela. He knows all too well that if America falls, the flame of freedom may be extinguished forever.

Abe is running to represent Arizona’s 8th Congressional District where he grew up, having gone to Happy Valley School, Stetson Hills, and Terramar Academy. He is honored to be the voice of the district back in Washington.

President Trump is under attack, and he needs back up. Abe is unwavering and relentless in his pursuit to hold the government accountable to protect the America we love. A tenacious advocate for election integrity, he knows all too well how broken the system really is and he will continue his fight for election integrity through the courts. As Arizona’s Happy Warrior, Abe will stand with President Trump to take on the failed policies of Joe Biden and the radical left. He now has an opportunity to take the entrenched political class head on and change the system by supporting America first principles that will secure our southern border and stand up for everyday Arizonans getting crushed by the Biden economy.

As a veteran, Abe has protected Arizonans overseas by vetting terrorist threats and defended them at home by prosecuting criminals, upholding victims’ rights, and seeking justice. Abe believes that for too long our government has enriched the few at the expense of the many and he is determined to hold our government accountable.

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February 16th 10AM

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