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Photo above is last month when Charter Members and Club Officers posed with our new club Charter!
Photo courtesy of Donavon Zoffka.

We have a lot of exciting and fun upcoming events! We will be in the PV Days Parade on May 8th, at the YCCA Home Show registering voters on May 22nd, and registering voters again at the WOOFStock Pet Adoption Event on June 12th. CLICK ON MY NAME BELOW TO SEND ME AN EMAIL IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO VOLUNTEER for any of the upcoming events! We have a pick up truck for the parade so you can ride or walk. We will provide instructions on how to register voters....we just need helpers to share the shifts! The more the merrier!
We will also be serving as one of the host clubs for the AzFRW State Meeting June 24-26 being held at the Prescott Resort. Be sure you register up to attend! For Active members, up to our budgeted amount, the Club will reimburse a portion of your early bird registration fee. As hosting club, we'll be helping with the silent auction room, registration, selling raffle tickets and more as help is needed.

Last, but not least, take a few minutes to read thru the newsletter's HOW we keep you informed on coming events!

Hope to see you on May 4th, May 8th, May 22nd and more!

On May 4th in history, did you know?
1776 Tiny RHODE ISLAND declared its freedom from England two months before the Declaration of Independence was adopted.
1942 The Battle of the Coral Sea commenced as American and Japanese carriers launched their attacks at each other
1942 The United States began food rationing
1961 Thirteen civil rights activists dubbed "Freedom Riders" began a bus trip through the south.
2012 In Las Vegas, NV Google received the first self-driving vehicle testing license!
1st VP Liz Kennedy presents a Certificate of Appreciation to our April Speaker Nikki Rosson with MATForce.

A reminder that
are on a first come, first
served basis.

DEADLINE to reserve is Thursday, April 29th unless we are SOLD OUT prior to that date!

Garden Events Center
3250 E Gateway Blvd
(former Macayo site at the mall)
Doors open at 11am
Meeting begins 11:30am

MAY Menu Selections:
Roasted Pork Loin Stuffed with Ricotta Cheese, Spinach & Sundried Tomato.

Tuscan Chicken Breast with Artichokes, Spinach and a Sundried Tomato Cream Sauce

Both entrees come with Rice Pilaf and a Veggie Medley

Chef's Choice Vegetarian

All luncheons include salad, rolls, tea or coffee and a wonderful sweet treat to go!
Luncheon fee is $20
(Cash or Checks only, no CC!)

Please call 2nd VP Michael Greer. She will need your menu selection and names of any guests you may be inviting this month.
Prescott Valley
Chief of Police
Steve Roser

Prescott Valley Police Chief Steven Roser joined the Department in November, 2019. The Chief joined the City of Phoenix Police Department as a patrol officer in 1990 after serving 4 years in the United States Air Force. He worked his way through the ranks within the Phoenix Police Department in various assignments to include Investigations, Drug Enforcement Bureau, Professional Standards Bureau, Training Academy, and as the Acting Commander of the Crime Laboratory. Most recently, he served as Shift Commander for the Downtown Operation Bureau. 
He holds a Master’s Degree in Administration from Northern Arizona University, a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Grand Canyon University, and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy.
Chief Roser is a dedicated family man, spending his spare time with his wife of 30 years and three adult children. He passion since 2000 was coaching his children and others in youth soccer, football, lacrosse,

baseball and softball, teaching them leadership and how to become good citizens.
Though it has been a “major change” to move from a big city to a smaller community, Chief Roser is eager to use his experience to help lead Prescott Valley’s Police Department into the future.
“I envision that Prescott Valley will continue to grow. The community needs someone that is ready for growth and the experiences that come along with that. It is difficult for me to find anything negative about the Prescott Valley Police Department or the community of Prescott Valley."

ACTIVE Members
Yarka Fiumara
Sandra Irwin
Judith Campbell

Donna DeLaMarter
Suzanne Cook-Catlin
Amy Sarka
Steve Zipperman
Sharon Zipperman
Shirley Slattery
Katheryn Tuberty
Mayor Kell Palguta
Lori Martinez
Leo Bounds

Brenda Dickinson
Lauren Hawkins

Leo Bounds
Dale Brundige
Joseph Malloy
Katheryn Tuberty

Please take a moment to review the minutes from our April General Meeting. Thank you!
We distributed Club Directories to ACTIVE Members at the April Meeting. If you didn't attend in April, please be sure to see 2nd VP Michael to pick up your ACTIVE member directory.
Several Associate members indicated they would like to
purchase a directory and we will have them available for
Associates for $10. Again, see 2nd VP Michael at the May Meeting.

ACTIVE Members:
MacKABEN, Diane Change to new email:
IRWIN, Sandra 602-400-2735
4585 E Ramada Dr, Prescott 86301
CAMPBELL, Judith 760-822-4416
7373 E Alto Desierto, Prescott Valley 86315
ADD new ASSOCIATE Members:
SLATTERY, Shirley 626-201-4591
7476 E Jasmine Vine, Prescott Valley 86315
TUBERTY, Katheryn 707-365-6861
7660 E Tumble Weed, Prescott Valley 86315
PALGUTA, Mayor Kell 928-533-5979
BOUNDS, Leo 928-925-4630
2949 Horizon Hills Dr, Prescott 86305

We are up to 41 ACTIVE Members and 48 Associates!
We will be supporting the Prescott Valley Police Foundation. The Foundation provides items for our Police Department that are not budgeted for. Some examples have been rifle/shotgun racks for inside units (versus having them in vehicle trunks), flashlights, acquiring canine officers & needed canine supplies as well as various training opportunities. Gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible and we will have forms and envelopes at the meeting. The Foundation is also responsible for the "Thank the Blue" event!
CLUB separate email to follow, we need you to ballpark your hours spent volunteering for Republican candidates last year. We submit our hours to AzFRW who collects them statewide to help our State earn top honors at the NFRW Convention!!
Our PVRW Scholarship to a Bradshaw Mtn HS Senior was mentioned in the Prescott Valley Tribune. Scholarship Committee is looking forward to evaluating the applicants and the recipient will join us at our June 1st meeting.
3rd VP Romona reminds everyone that when ordering on Amazon Prime you may designate a local charity or school, a super easy way to make a difference in our community. She will have a "Games Night" Raffle Basket for our May meeting.

MAY 4 PVRW Luncheon Meeting with PVPD Chief Steve Roser

MAY 8 Prescott Valley Days Parade...we
will have our own entry!!

MAY 12 THANK the BLUE Event. Car parade open to all lines up at Findlay at 6pm. This is a non-partisan event to show community support for our home town law enforcement officers!

MAY 22 YCCA Home Show from 9-5.
We will register voters & recruit
club members along with fellow AzFRW
Region I club the Yavapai Co. RW.

JUNE 1 PVRW Luncheon Meeting

JUNE 12 WOOFStock Pet Adoption Event at Civic Center. We will be registering voters!
Just checked the AzFRW website and Summer State Meeting registration forms are not yet online but "coming soon" so keep checking their site for your registration form! (Click on the logo to go to their website)