The beginning of a new school year promises a fruitful time of new and unlimited possibilities. As your new superintendent, I feel deeply honored and humbled to be granted this leadership opportunity in a community so highly motivated to support student success. I have over twenty years of experience as a teacher and administrator in public education. I love to spend time with my two grown daughters, husband, golden retriever, and new maltipoo puppy, enjoying nature and savoring the many wonders of the Bay Area. 

One of my immediate goals in PVSD is to build relationships and get to know our wonderful community, as parents and community members are key partners in our school district. I look forward to working with teachers, staff, community leaders and our Board to learn more and make plans for the future of our schools. I will be carefully listening, observing, inquiring and studying input from all the stakeholders in the community.

Our district’s summer plans included prudent stewardship of our schools’ physical environments, such as field restorations, dry-rot repairs, roofing improvements, asphalt repairs, fencing repairs, landscaping at Ormondale, and general prepping for construction.