Dear PVSD Families,

It is a pleasure to serve as superintendent in a community that values its schools. Here in Portola Valley School District, we have highly-qualified and dedicated teachers and staff, top-notch academic programs and wonderful parents who are engaged and supportive. Outstanding academic programs and quality school facilities go hand-in-hand. We are already updating our classrooms to support a 21st-century learning environment and now we need to continue to support our teachers and academic programs. 

As the Board looks ahead and makes decisions about protecting the quality of education in our schools, we value the community’s feedback and participation. Please read the enclosed information about the District’s budget and potential local parcel tax renewal measure. You can provide feedback by mailing the enclosed card or by completing the survey online here. Please respond within the next two weeks. We also invite you to attend our upcoming board meeting on November 20 when the Board will consider the parcel tax renewal measure.