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You Are A Most Special Gift From God!
On behalf of Prayer Watch International (PWI), we would like to wish you a blessed Christmas season and a most anointed and prosperous New Year!

The year 2018 was a most special year with many blessings and some challenges. But God has been faithful to all of His promises!

Phyllis and I are deeply grateful to all of you, our prayer and ministry partners, around the world. Without your prayers and faithful support, it would simply be impossible to fulfill the Vision of Prayer God has given to the body of Christ through PWI. May God bless you abundantly for your persistence in intercession, faithful ministry service, and generous financial support during 2018 and before. Your commitment and dedication to prayer and the ministry of prayer continues to make a significant and abiding impact around the world!

Lord, shower Your grace, peace, and unending riches over all of PWI's devoted prayer and mission partners worldwide in Jesus' Almighty and Everlasting Name!

Overwhelmed by God's Love, Grace and Generosity,
Pastor Bjørn and Phyllis Pedersen
Your Partners and Servants of Jesus Christ in  Prayer Watch International

A Blessing for God's Best in the New Year!

As the present year draws to an end and the New Year arrives, PWI would like to prayerfully wish you and your family a most joyful, healthy, blessed, and prosperous New Year! May it be a year of many and special 
divine favors!

In the New Year, you are encouraged to pray and claim an important promise from God's Word. It is found in Ephesians 3:20 (NIV):
Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask 
or imagine,  according to his power that is at work within us...

Just imagine, God is able to do "immeasurably more" than we ask, pray, or imagine! May He inspire you to imagine great things from God and great things for God in the coming year!
Remember that Jesus' resurrection power resides in you as His son or daughter. Call upon this Holy Spirit power to do great exploits for God in 2019!
May the Lord of the universe grant you and yours a most divinely favorable year in 2019! He is able to do much greater things than we can ask or imagine or pray to His glory and honor and praise!
Sun City Prayer Seminar in 2019


Prayer Watch International starts a sixteen week Prayer Seminar (Prayer School) at Bellevue Heights Church in Sun City, Arizona on Wednesday, January 16, 2019. The Prayer Seminar will conclude on Wednesday, April 10 - the week before Holy Week.
We are excited to do an extensive Prayer Seminar in our "own backyard," especially as PWI travels so often all over the world to conduct prayer events. Special thanks go to Pastors Tim Anderson and David Tomb for the invitation to do this Prayer Seminar at Bellevue Heights.
The theme of the seminar is FACE TO FACE WITH GOD and is based on the Prayer School Type IB prayer curriculum. It starts with prayer teaching for those with limited background in prayer. The second phase of the seminar focuses on believers with more experience in prayer and it is entitled, "Lord, Teach Us to Pray for Others." The third and final phase is entitled, "Power in Prayer" and is intending to help believers grow deeper in their prayerwalk with the Lord.
Keep please the Prayer Seminar in your prayers. Thank you!

If you would like more information on participating in the weekly Prayer School, please contact PWI at info@prayerwatch.net

Prayerforce - Kids' Praise and Prayer
The Kids' Praise and Prayer group in Idaho recently went Christmas caroling at a local senior living facility.  The intergenerational gathering was a blessing for all - including the young in age as well as the young at heart.  The kids also enjoyed giving away Christmas cards and crafts they had made to residents. The group will be returning to the senior living facility next month to join the residents in making crafts together.  The kids also look forward to singing with the residents again in the future and praying for their new friends.
 PWI Prayer Media Ministry

If you haven't already, please join in on the PWI Prayer Media Ministry:
  • Prayer Request Submission (our worldwide intercessory team prays for you)
  • PWI Website (www.prayerwatch.net)
  • PWI Facebook page
  • Stories of Faith videos (as can be viewed in the left-hand column above)
  • PWI Prayer Blogs (including Praying For Children, Grandchildren and Families, Developing Sensitivity To The Holy Spirit, and Revelation Overcomer)
  • Live streaming from PWI events
We welcome you to visit our website or Facebook page and use the blog as a prayer guide and to grow further in your prayer life.  Please feel free to share these resources with others.  You are encouraged to check out all of these PWI Prayer Media ministries  and to "like us" on Facebook.  Click here to follow us on Facebook.

The 10 Point Prayer Express 

(1) Praise the Lord for His love and faithfulness to PWI and His Vision of Prayer
(2) Give God the glory for a fruitful and breakthrough year in 2018!
(3) Pray for the PWI prayer ministries in Africa, Asia, Europe and America
(4) Pray for the upcoming Prayer Seminar starting January 16, 2019 - that it will be anointed by the Holy Spirit and well attended by intercessors from several churches in the larger Sun City and Phoenix, Arizona area
(5) Pray for the release of prayer and financial resources so the global prayer ministry of Prayer Watch International can expand and grow - inwardly in greater depth with the Lord and outwardly reaching more believers in new places around the world
(6) Continue to pray for the Vision of Prayer God gave the body of Christ through PWI - that the Bride of Jesus will be fully ready for the return of the Groom!
(7) Special prayers for Rev. Stephen and Shakila Jackayya in India with increasing persecution of Christians - God's protection and guidance of PWI - India, the team, and ministry
(8) Pray for Divine Wisdom for the PWI Board of Directors making decisions congruent to God's Will and Time: Pastor Steve Brown, Ginny Britt, Shelley Hedlund, Phyllis Pedersen and Rev. Bjørn Pedersen
(9) Pray for a world filled with God's Peace and Divine Good Will to all
(10) Maranatha - Come, Lord Jesus!
Left to Right:   Yolanda Venezuela,  Lola Reyna, Joan Kalfahs, and Pastor Miriam Perry at the PWI Phoenix Prayer Studio in Sun City, AZ. The team often uses the map on the wall as a prayer tool to pray for people around the world.

The PWI team meets  T hursday mornings to  pray.   Please feel free to submit prayer requests via the PWI website ( www.prayerwatch.net ) or Facebook and have our Phoenix-based team pray for you. Additionally, all prayer requests received are sent out to our International Prayer Intercessor Team.   Special thanks to Lola Reyna, who has faithfully served as the PWI Prayer Coordinator for many years.  We appreciate you Lola and your wonderful work!
Prayer and Financial Support of PWI Requested
The Apostle Paul in his letters often made this request, "Pray also for us...." PWI also makes the same request of you, "Pray also for PWI and its global prayer mission."  Thank you for your prayers!

Would you prayerfully consider a year-end or a beginning of the new year gift to the global prayer ministry of PWI? As you know, PWI has prayer missions in Africa, Asia, Europe, and America. These prayer missions and missionaries need our prayer and financial support. Prayer and prayer teaching are more needed today than ever. Special thanks to all of you who have been faithfully and generously supporting the international prayer ministry of PWI. Your gift is very much appreciated. God bless you abundantly!

If you would like to contribute to the ministry of PWI, a donation link is provided above in the left-hand column. 
Gratitude and Appreciation

Phyllis and I would like to thank all of you for your faithful and generous support of PWI through your prayers,  financial assistance, as team members, participants in various PWI prayer events around the world, and many words and actions of kindness and encouragement. It is greatly appreciated.
Phyllis and I and the worldwide family of Prayer Watch International wish you a life-changing New Year to God's glory and honor and praise! 

Overwhelmed by God's Love, Grace and Faithfulness,
Pastor Bjørn and Phyllis Pedersen
Servants of Jesus Christ in  Prayer Watch International