Our parking lot has not been fun lately, we know that finding parking has been a challenge.

The good news, is that the parking lot work is coming to an end!
The bad news, is that it's going to get a little worse, before it gets better.

Oberstar will begin working on curb repairs today Wednesday (9/12).

The parking lot will be CLOSED:
  • Thursday (9/13) - Asphalt removed from entire lot
  • Monday (9/17) - Wednesday (9/20) - Paving will occur in this window, we do not know exactly when the lot will be closed during these days. Join us in anticipating the worst!

Free parking is available on the upper floor of the Bluff Street Parking garage.

~The parking lot WILL be available on Friday evening for our after hours music event with Si Kahn.~

We apologize for this inconvenience.

Andrea Ingmire
Library Director