Welcome to Update - April 2022
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Working towards a truly just,
healthy and peaceful world.
  • PWRDF increases relief funds to Ukraine
  • Will Postma reflects on global crises
  • April online events and Praying with PWRDF
  • PWRDF stands with survivors of sexual abuse
Voices of Hope can be shared in your parish as a bulletin insert, read as an announcement, or included in an e-blast. This month read about PWRDF's partner in Bangladesh helping farmers adapt to climate change.
Our world is hurting
Will Postma reflects on forgotten global crises

PWRDF is grateful for donations to support Ukraine where needs are so high. We are glad to be working with the ACT Alliance and partners around the world who can respond quickly and effectively, with food, with health care, with shelter, with post-trauma supports and other priority needs. Yet as we focus our prayers and donations on Ukraine, we must not forget other global crises that continue.
PWRDF increases aid to Ukrainians seeking refuge in Hungary and Moldova
PWRDF has allocated $50,000 to HelpAge Canada to support seniors in Ukraine trying to seek safety in Moldava. Help Age International has been working in Moldova since 2000 and is building up its humanitarian presence there now. The country of 2.6 million has already welcomed 250,000 refugees.
‘It’s something that we do because of our faith.’
ACT Alliance Communications Director Simon Chambers, formerly with PWRDF, describes the work happening in Ukraine, including the work supported by PWRDF with Hungarian Interchurch Aid. (Click the image to view.)
PWRDF stands with survivors of sexual abuse
By Will Postma

I and the staff of PWRDF are grieved by the conversations around sexual misconduct and breach of survivor confidentiality described on the website for #ACCtoo involving the Anglican Church of Canada. As an organization that strives to prevent gender-based violence and empower women and girls, PWRDF stands with the survivors and prays for their healing. PWRDF affirms that survivors of sexual abuse should be believed and that cases of sexual abuse should be investigated and handled in a respectful, confidential and fair manner that does not cause further harm or trauma. When this does not happen, appropriate action must be taken, and a prompt and sincere apology for the harm caused must be made.
PWRDF wants to hear from you!
Please share your fundraising success stories to inspire others and to spread the word about the good work you have done! Email Christine Hills and tell us about it. Many thanks to all of our donors.
PWRDF April online events
PWRDF Movie night! April 26, 7 p.m.
Mark your calendars! During National Volunteer Week, we are presenting a PWRDF Movie Night to celebrate all those who volunteer their time and talents for PWRDF. Further information to follow.
Praying with PWRDF in April
All are welcome to join our online parish. Hundreds have prayed with us from across Canada.
  • April 7: Join us as we mark the 2nd anniversary of Praying with PWRDF by turning this time over to volunteers and friends of PWRDF. Parishioners Valerie Smith, Pamela Oliver, Gregory Smith, Jocelyn Peeling and Thomas Lynch will reflect on the last two years of gathering together online.
  • April 21: Patricia Maruschak, PWRDF’s Director of Partnerships and Programs, will be the reflector.
PWRDF coming to a church near you – virtually

PWRDF has joined scores of virtual worship services at parishes across the country. Staff can deliver a prerecorded sermon, or join live worship on Zoom or other platforms. To learn more or to book a virtual guest speaker, contact Public Engagement Officer Christine Hills.
April 22 - Earth Day
Celebrate and honour our planet by using PWRDF's creation care resources. Our 2021-2022 Education Focus connects the challenges of food security to climate change. Each module ties a liturgical season to an agricultural season, starting with Rogation and the blessing of seeds.
April 24-30 - National Volunteer Week
The theme for 2022, "Volunteering Is Empathy In Action," affirms the relationship between volunteerism and empathy. This profoundly human connection is at the heart of healthier individuals and stronger communities. PWRDF salutes its countless volunteers from coast to coast to coast!
Nurturing Creation
It's not too late to subscribe to Nurturing Creation, our 2022 Lenten resource. Read, reflect and pray with Rev. Alecia Greenfield, Taddy Stringer and Karri Munn-Venn as they reflect on climate action and creation care.
Check out our podcast
A just generation is a series of conversations with allies, educators and folks working to bring about equity and justice. Listen to the podcast
Book your online
Mapping Exercise

PWRDF's Mapping the Ground We Stand On is now available as an online workshop. Click here to learn more, or to book your workshop, email Christine Hills.
Climate Action resources available
for order
PWRDF’s 2021 resources focus on UN Sustainable Development Goal #13, Climate Action. Our series of bulletin inserts highlight how PWRDF partners are taking climate action to improve food security, empower women, health, Indigenous communities, emergency response, refugees and displaced people and engaging youth.
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