November 10, 2016        Issue #88

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Presbytery Staff

Ed Thompson
General Presbyter
Maureen Wright
Stated Clerk, Associate for Congregational Support

Rocky Poole
Financial Administration/Treasurer

Barbara Chalfant
Associate Presbyter for Mission

Susan Sharp Campbell
Associate for Educational Ministry

Nellie Howard
Resource Center Director

Mark Miller
Bluestone Camp Director

Office Administrator/Communications

Prayer List For Churches

Week 46 - November 13
Bream Memorial Presbyterian Church, Charleston
Church of the Covenant, Grafton
First Presbyterian Church, Dunbar

Church in Kenya: Githakwa
Pronun: Git-AHkwah

Week 47 - November 27
First Presbyterian Church, Hinton
Kuhn Memorial Presbyterian Church, Barboursville

Church in Kenya: Kagio-ini
Pronun: Kahg-ee-oh-EEnay

Week 48 - December 4
Pickens Presbyterian Church
Riverlawn Presbyterian Church, St. Albans
The Staff of the Presbytery of WV

Church in Kenya: Muthuaini
Pronun: Moh-THO-uh-EEnay

Week 49 - December 11
Summerlee Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church, Nitro
First Presbyterian Church, Williamstown

Church in Kenya: Philip Nganatha Memorial
Pronun: GAHNah-thah

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blogA Word from our General Presbyter
--Ed Thompson
Some of the candidates I voted for in last Tuesday's election won. Some of the candidates I voted for lost. It's been that way in every election I've participated in since I turned 18 and gained the right to vote.  I imagine you've had the same experience. In fact I can't imagine anyone being so lucky or being so politically savvy that all the candidates they've ever voted for have won.
                Regardless of how we feel about the results of any particular race, 

workWork for the Presbytery

Candidates must have good interpersonal, organizational, communication and writing skills and the ability to handle multiple tasks with attention to detail.  Candidates must be proficient in Microsoft Office, social media and other internet based applications, possess knowledge of basic web design and have the ability to learn new technology and software.  Submit cover letter and resume to  by November 18, 2016.
AnnChristmas Joy Offering Works for Ann..and You!

Ann gave her whole heart to her work as an educator for the church.  She worked for the church from 1947 to 1999 when she retir ed for the third time, finally to live in one of our Presbyterian Retirement Homes.  After a long illness in 2005, her limited financial resources were gone.  But the support of the Christmas Joy offering kept her safe and in her same retirement home until her death this year.  Thank you for supporting the Christmas Joy offering and making the last y
ears of my beloved mentor's life comfortable and safe.  Blessings!  Barbara Chalfant

To learn more about the Christmas Joy Offering please read more here:  
 CentsabilityCents-ability Offering:  What you are doing to alleviate hunger in WV....

Is your congregation participating in the Cents-ability offering?  Then here is a taste of the fruitful work you are doing...  Read more here....
adventWhat will you be 
Studying for Advent?


harlessFall Newsletter:
          Click for the news.
prayerAnswered Prayer:

We are delighted to celebrate with Marcia and Jim Leitch as Jim comes home from rehab on Thursday November 10th to continue to recuperate.  What good news!
introducingIn troducing New  Resources!  

expandingExpanding Your Ministry Toolbox 
"Expanding Your Ministry Toolbox" is a series of 2017 courses for all congregational leadership.  The courses (Communication, Self-Care, Stewardship, Creative Worship in Advent, and Family Systems) will be led by those with knowledge and passion in their respective fields. Each event will be on  Friday  evening and all day  Saturday  in the Charleston area.  Click here for complete information and a registration form. Also available on the Home webpage.
bluestoneBluestone Announcements:
  • Friends of Bluestone, Inc. will be overhauling the digital format of THE BEECH TREE over the next couple of months using Constant Contact. In the process they hope to build a dedicated contact list.  Would you like to be included? Please click on the button below.  Thank you.
itemsCan Your Church Use These
Choir Robes, Silver Communion Set, Hymnals, Bibles, and more: Montgomery Presbyterian Church will be closing at the end of this year. I f you are interested, pl ease contact Sandy Singleton at (corrected)
Sanctuary Set of Today's English Bibles: Available from the Presbytery Office. Call 304-766-7634 if interested. Thank you.
synodSynod Bulletin Inserts Available
The Synod of the Trinity website ( ) has many feature stories and numerous resources available. One way to let your congregation know about this information is through a new Synod bulletin insert ( clickhere ). Please feel free to use this in the coming weeks and look for a new insert in future newsletter emails. Don't hesitate to drop the Synod an email  to let them know if you used the insert and how they can make it better:
Challenging the Church - the Rise of the "Nones" 
with Rodger Nishioka on November 12
at Bream Memorial Church,  317 Washington Street West, Charleston
As of 2015, the Pew Forum on Religion and the Public Life reports that the fastest growing religious group in the US is the "Nones," those who when asked their affiliation reply, "none." 
Please join us on Saturday, November 12, as Rodger Nishioka (read his biography on the registration form for this event-see link below) will lead a conversation on:
   1) whose these "nones" are and why they see little need for the Church
   2) best practices that a number of congregations are doing to reach out to these persons and what they congregations are learning
   3) strategies for congregational leaders to apply to their ministry
The cost per person is $25 before Thursday, October 27, and $30 after that or at the door.  For those registering prior to October 27, box lunches will be available for an additional $12 which must be paid at the time of registration.  For more information, call Susan Sharp Campbell,  304-645-4568. 
sevenways 7 Ways to Get Your Congregation Connected
Jesus was a great storyteller. He showed us that sharing a tale or a parable could stir hearts, win people over, inspire the lukewarm, and build up God's realm on earth.  Continue reading here.
chaplainsO n-call Chaplains Needed
CAMC is looking for on-call chaplains to cover mostly night shifts. They are looking for people with a Masters degree and a unit of CPE, but are willing to have a conversation with people who don't yet meet those requirements. Anyone who wants more information is welcome to contact:   Chaplain Julie Hitsman, MDiv,  CAMC Women and Children's Hospital,  304-388-2612,   or Rev. Ravi Isaiah
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