Issue 213 | April 28, 2022
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Register here for the May 19 Presbytery meeting at Beckley Presbyterian Church. Advance registration, which includes lunch and childcare, ends May 10.
I find I have more questions than answers these days. That could be the result of greater maturity. (I wish.) It could be the increasing realization that the world has changed and continues to change. What I learned in seminary no longer seems as relevant. The basic Bible and theology courses, yes. They may be more relevant now than they were back then. The more practical courses – not that there were a lot of them – not so much. The things that I knew at the start of my ministry no longer seem to fit. The things I learned when I was cutting my teeth as a quadrant pastor no longer seem to work. Even what I felt confident about as I began my ministry out in Kansas and some of what I felt confident about as I began my second tour of duty in West Virginia I now question. Before, I knew what a church had to do in order to find a pastor; now, I’m not so sure. Before, I could almost guarantee what would work. Now, it seems more like a crap shot. Part of that, of course, depends on how picky you want to be.
The Presbytery, through its Nurture Committee, has $1,000 loans available for those seeking post-secondary education; there are also some grant monies in amounts that vary each year available. THE DEADLINE TO APPLY IS SATURDAY; this is both for new applications (including the return of reference letters) and renewal requests.
2022 PWV directories available
The Presbytery has printed the 2022 directory, and after mailing all the copies requested pre-release, we have 16 remaining. If you or your church would like one, please email or call 304-744-7634. Remember, the directory is also on our website; if you need the password to access it there, use the contact information above.
We invite you to print and include this newsletter in your bulletin or church newsletter, share it with members, and/or distribute it in your community. Click for the May newsletter in color or grayscale.
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Professional student loan coaching to be available for PCUSA employees beginning in May
The Presbyterian Mission Agency's Financial Aid for Service has partnered with PeopleJoy student loan consultants to help PCUSA employees learn about what might be available to them. PeopleJoy provides coaching, advising, and hands-on document preparation and submission for Federal student loan programs including Public Service Loan Forgiveness, Income-Driven Repayment Plans, Loan Consolidation, and Default Recovery. This service will be available for free to employees of PCUSA congregations, mid-councils, denominational agencies, and others. Informational webinars about what PeopleJoy offers will be available monthly, starting May 12. Register now for the first webinar – May 12 at 3 p.m. EST. Visit for more information.  
By Michael Givler, Synod of the Trinity
In 1883, Glen Elk Mission was created by the First Presbyterian Church of Charleston, WV, as an outreach church, a congregation that could work with the impoverished community and provide needed services for those less fortunate. More than 140 years later, the need is still present, and the work is still getting done. Bream Memorial Presbyterian Church is now the name of that mission church on the west side of Charleston. It has several outreach programs in place to serve the community, and its most recent includes everything from showers to vaccinations and wound care.
The Rev. Kristi Shay Moore began her ministry with the Edgewood Presbyterian Church in Lewisburg in August 2021. For Kristi, it felt like coming home again “to the arms of my mountain mama, West Virginia.”
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