Issue 214 | May 12, 2022
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This year, the General Assembly will meet starting Saturday, June 18 and continue through Saturday, July 9. Commissioners aren’t expected to hang out in Louisville or be glued to a Zoom screen for that whole time, though. Committee meetings will be held in person from June 20-July 2, but only 4-5 committees will actually be meeting at any one time. The first group of 5 committees will come to Louisville for the first plenary sessions on June 18 and will be joined that day by Zoom by other commissioners serving on other committees. That’s an odd arrangement, but it’s going to be necessary. They’ve determined that there will be enough commissioners there in person to constitute a quorum for the meeting so that it will be legally possible to vote to change the Standing Rules to allow for the General Assembly to conduct its business online.
“Please tell me this is not a call to be a pastor.” That is what Jay Nunley said to his pastor and mentor, Jim Musgrave, one day in 2016. (...) Jim smiled and said, “Yes, that is a call to ministry.” Jay was not at all sure that was what he wanted to hear. “What do I do?” he asked. Jim answered simply, “Become a pastor.” Jay fought this for a while but soon found himself preaching at the Gilbert Presbyterian Church a few times a month. He also enrolled in the Presby Prep program offered by the Presbytery. He finished the first two years and became an Authorized Lay Preacher (ALP). He continued to work full time in radio while he preaching on a regular basis at Gilbert. In 2021, Jay finished the third year of Presby Prep and was commissioned in August as a pastor. In September, he officially became the Commissioned Pastor (CP) for Gilbert and also for First in Logan.
Clear Creek marks 125th anniversary
Clear Creek Presbyterian Church will be celebrating 125 years of service in the Clear Creek community the weekend of June 4-5. There will be fellowship, food, music, and memories from noon to 6 p.m. on Saturday, followed by Sunday worship, beginning at 11:15 a.m. June 5. The church is located at 4100 Clear Fork Rd., Clear Creek, Raleigh County. For more information, contact Gwen Stover at 304-877-2542.
Caring for Creation Together, A West Virginia Interfaith Conference on Climate Change
10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, June 4 at Charleston First Presbyterian
The Citizens Climate Lobby West Virginia hosts this free event. Featured speakers include Presbyterian ministers Robin Blakeman (Executive Director, Energy Efficient WV) and Bill Myers (Pastor, Charleston First), Rev. Jeff Allen (Executive Director, WV Council of Churches), Delegate Evan Hansen, and CCLWV founder Jim Probst. Register here.
James Calvin Cooper III
An Elder Emeritus at Thomas First Presbyterian Church, Jim served on various Presbytery committees until he was no longer able to do so. He passed away at age 91 on April 28 at Ridge Christian Home, near Warrenton, VA. Click for his obituary.
Carolyn Arbuckle
A memorial service for Carolyn Arbuckle, longtime Hunger Action Enabler for the Presbytery and a ruling elder at Clifton Presbyterian Church, will be held at Sunnyside Retirement Community in Harrisonburg, VA, at 4 p.m. Saturday, May 21. It will be livestreamed here.
2022 PWV directories available
The Presbytery has printed the 2022 directory, and we have 12 remaining. If you or your church would like one, please email or call 304-744-7634. Remember, the directory is also on our website; if you need the password to access it there, use the contact information above.
We invite you to print and include this newsletter in your bulletin or church newsletter, share it with members, and/or distribute it in your community. Click for the May newsletter in color or grayscale.
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