Issue 174 | August 13, 2020
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A few weeks ago, Mark Miller and I had the chance to play golf at the Old White course at the Greenbrier, thanks to the kindness of Susan Sharp Campbell. It was a great day although I did not play well. While I remember enjoying playing in the sand as a child, spending time hitting (or perhaps more accurately “trying to hit”) out of sand traps is not that much fun as an adult. One of the best parts of the day was the golf cart, which I know sounds strange; what I really enjoyed about it was the fact that at each hole, it gave you a particular snippet about that location or the course in general. ... That got me thinking about the history of golf, which also got me thinking about the church. Over the past 100 years, the translations of the Bible we use have changed. Men’s and women’s fashions have changed. Even our polity has changed, although I think you can argue that our core principles have stayed the same. However, the gospel has not changed even though how we proclaim the gospel keeps evolving.
Festival of Faith will be a VIRTUAL event this year, held on August 29. Rather than meeting in person with the uncertainty that goes with it in this time, we will be meeting by Zoom, which gives us the opportunity to see and interact with each other, whether by video or phone. Today's early registration deadline gives time to notify leaders of how many people to expect in their workshops and to cancel any workshops due to lack of interest. Final registration is August 26.
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Similar to Nurturing Faith Ideas, SHARING GOD’S LOVE is a list by Ina Armstrong of St. Albans First Presbyterian Church of ways to take purposeful action each week to share God's love with others. They are divided into months, so feel free to add them to your church news, bulletins, or email. They can be used on a weekly or a monthly basis. Share them with the young and old and everyone in between. Find enjoyment in putting these ideas into action, and let it become a habit for you. Perhaps you will find more ways we can all Share God’s Love, and as you do, please send them to After this week's introduction, Sharing God's Love will be in the same section of the newsletter as the Prayer List for churches and Nurturing Faith Ideas.
Music Director
Elk Hills Presbyterian Church, just north of Charleston is seeking a part-time Music Director, who will provide music appropriate for Sunday morning worship services (piano and/or organ) as well as seasonal services, and work closely with the choir and pastor in worship planning. For a position description or additional information, email
to Bill Hairston, pastor of the former Westminster Presbyterian Church in Charleston, and his family on the death of his mother-in-law Daisy Marianné Anderson Alston on June 25, one month away from her 106th birthday. Click here for her obituary. Send condolences to 11522 MacCorkle Avenue, Chesapeake WV 25315.
Performance Maks available for singers, speakers, actors
WVU Director of Choral Activities Kym Scott has created special masks for performers and teachers/ public speakers, designed to allow greater airflow within the mask and greater resonance to eliminate muffled sound. Tested by WVU's Center for Inhalation Toxicology, they not only capture droplets but also keep out up to 80% of aerosol particles.

The Performer's Mask (below top), available in adult and children's size, features an adjustable band that goes behind the head and neck. The Teaching Mask (bottom), a slightly smaller version only in adult size, uses adjustable elastic that goes over the ears. All masks will be solid black. If you or your choir are interested in purchasing either type, visit
For many congregations, it’s time to start thinking about Christian education with people of all ages this fall. In the midst of the COVID-19 virus, this will look very different from years past. Realizing this, Presbyterian Publishing Corporation/The Thoughtful Christian is providing free downloadable guides for PCUSA curricula for children and youth, including Growing in God’s Love: A Story Bible Curriculum. Learn more about all the guides in the title link and even more about Growing in God's Love at the link in the sentence above.
By George Lilley, Ruling Elder, Morgantown First Presbyterian
For Synod of the Trinity's Through My Eyes series
The 224th General Assembly’s theme was “From Lament to Hope” taken from Lamentations 5:20-21. Worship, prayers and Bible study echoed this scripture during the course of the proceedings. In a small-group discussion, I was asked what I lamented and hoped for. My lament was not being physically in the community in Baltimore and my hope was for a successful digital Assembly. Once convened, I learned I was among the 24 oldest Commissioners aged 76 and above. The powerful Assembly opening highlighted our indigenous, first people from north, south, east and west. New co-moderators were elected by an overwhelming majority on the first ballot; one, a black male teaching elder and the other, an indigenous female ruling elder, synod executive...
Enslow Park Presbyterian in Huntington has on its YouTube channel a free organ and piano concert by Marshall University Assistant Professor of Piano Dr. Johan Botes, a versatile, world-class musician from South Africa. Pieces in the concert include Listz' Liebestraum and Bach's Toccato, Adagio and Fuge in C major. For more information, contact Pastor John Yeager at or 304-360-1198.
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