Issue 175 | August 28, 2020
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The staff of the Presbytery of West Virginia plans to produce videos of four complete worship services and make them available to the pastors and churches of our presbytery, or really anyone who might want to use them. We’re aiming to do one a month for the next four months with the goal of having the first one done by September 9. One of the things we’ve been hearing from many of our pastors is that they are tired. This makes sense to me.

When I was serving a church, I loved Christmas and Easter, as well as the seasons of Advent and Lent that led up to them. Those were special times with special worship services, as well special programs that typically had better attendance and better offerings than we saw the rest of the year. I loved them, but they made me tired. I regularly took vacation the week after Christmas and the week after Easter. I frequently got a cold after Christmas, and most years, I ended up taking a nap after dinner on Easter Sunday. That wasn’t intentional. I just feel asleep. Having an Easter sunrise service. which got me up far earlier and meant much less sleep than I usually got, probably had something to do with it too.
JOB OPENING: Music Director
Elk Hills Presbyterian Church, just north of Charleston is seeking a part-time Music Director, who will provide music appropriate for Sunday morning worship services (piano and/or organ) as well as seasonal services, and work closely with the choir and pastor in worship planning. For a position description or additional information, email
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