April 12, 2018        Issue 120
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Presbytery Staff

Ed Thompson
General Presbyter
Maureen Wright
Stated Clerk, Associate for
Congregational Support

Rocky Poole
Financial Administration/Treasurer

Barbara Chalfant
Associate Presbyter for Mission

Susan Sharp Campbell
Associate for Educational Ministry

Nellie Howard
Resource Center Director

Mark Miller
Bluestone Facilities Director

Sarah Specht
Bluestone Program Director

Amy Robinson
Office Administrator/Communications
Prayer List for Churches
Week 15 - April 15
First Presbyterian, South Charleston
Westminster Presbyterian, Charleston
In Kenya: Gathaith (Gah-thah-EE'thee) Presbyterian Church

Week 16 - April 22
Community Presbyterian, Arthurdale
Beverly Presbyterian Church
Buffalo Presbyterian Church
In Kenya: Gititu (GAY'tee-toe) Presbyterian Church
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with Session Record Review & Treasurer Talks

Saturday at Highlawn, Huntington

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April 20-21 at Teays Valley Presbyterian Church

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April 27-29

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Due April 30

May 4-6; register by Friday to save $5

May 31 at WV Wesleyan, Buckhannon


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Nurturing Faith Ideas
Nurturing Faith Ideas are weekly suggestions and activities from the Presbytery's Nurture Committee to link worship and home and to nurture faith development in the family. They are intended for all ages and family types. Add one to your bulletin each week or put them in your monthly newsletter. They could also be sent via email or added to a Facebook page. Ideas for the entire year can be found  here.

April 15
In Luke 24: 36b-48, Jesus appeared in the midst of the disciples and greeted them saying, "Peace be with you," to which the disciples responded with terror and doubt. How often do we respond with our own feelings of terror and doubt when we hear Jesus calling to us? Take some time this week to list the doubts, fears and shortcomings that prevent you from doing what you know to be right. 

April 22
In  1 John 3:16-24, John writes of love, specifically the love of Jesus and how it models the love we are called to have for our neighbors, and asks, "How does God's love abide in anyone who has the world's goods and sees a brother or sister in need and refuses to help?" He then calls us to love in "truth and action" not in "word or speech." This week, when you consider telling someone you will pray for them, pray with them on the spot. When you recognize a need, fulfill it in the moment (when feasible). Do for the one what you wish you could do for the many.
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