May 10, 2018        Issue 122
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Presbytery Staff

Ed Thompson
General Presbyter
Maureen Wright
Stated Clerk, Associate for
Congregational Support

Rocky Poole
Financial Administration/Treasurer

Barbara Chalfant
Associate Presbyter for Mission

Susan Sharp Campbell
Associate for Educational Ministry

Nellie Howard
Resource Center Director

Mark Miller
Bluestone Facilities Director

Sarah Specht
Bluestone Program Director

Amy Robinson
Office Administrator/Communications
Prayer List for Churches
Week 17 - April 29
Clifton Presbyterian Church, Maxwelton
Elk Hills Presbyterian, Charleston
Glenville Presbyterian Church

In Kenya:  Thageini (Thah-GAY'ee-nay) Presbyterian Church

Week 18 - May 6
Ruffner Memorial Pres., Charleston
South Park Presbyterian, Charleston

In Kenya:  Kagumo (Kah-GOOM'OH) Parish
Nurturing Faith Ideas
Nurturing Faith Ideas are weekly suggestions and activities from the Presbytery's Nurture Committee to link worship and home and to nurture faith development in the family. They are intended for all ages and family types. Add one to your bulletin each week or put them in your monthly newsletter. They could also be sent via email or added to a Facebook page. Ideas for the entire year can be found  here.

April 29
How often do you share the Word of God? The good word of Jesus? How many times in your life have you faced a moment where you had the opportunity to share the greatest gift the world has ever received? Did you? In Acts 8:26-40, Luke tells of the time Philip listened to the Spirit and by doing so was able to share the story of Jesus, even bringing the Ethiopian Eunuch to baptism. As you pray this week, consider asking God to give you the opportunity to share your faith. Be ready to do so when God does. 

May 6
In John 5, we read about Jesus' interaction with a man who had been disabled for 38 years. The man tells Jesus he had no one to care for him or help him in his life. Jesus immediately tends to the man and heals him. Jesus teaches us here by actions, not words. This week, act out Jesus' teaching in your life when you see someone in need.

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Ed Thompson
As of May 9, there were 2,131 people seeking a call within the PC (U.S.A.) and 557 positions listed with the Church Leadership Connection (CLC), the agency that helps churches seeking pastors and pastors looking for churches to find each other. The CLC has also been described as our denomination's version of

The Presbytery office will order 2018-2019 Planning Calendars, from PC(USA) at a reduced price of $10. Order by email or phone by May 17.
Mission emphasis at Presbytery meetings
The Leadership Team has introduced a new opportunity for churches to engage in mission at each Stated Presbytery Meeting. The host church will designate one of its missions and identify an item that each Presbytery Commissioner may bring to the meeting to help that mission. Those attending the May 17, 2018, Stated Meeting of Presbytery are encouraged to bring toilet paper to be donated to Common Grounds, an ecumenical food pantry that serves the people of Eastern Kanawha County.
May 31 at WV Wesleyan. Register by Friday!
This second annual conference features plenaries and workshops centered around helping those dealing with substance abuse in their life and/or community.
June 2 at Village Chapel, Charleston
Running 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on a Saturday, this Expanding Your Ministry Toolbox course is led by Ken McFayden of Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond. 
Final Listening to Our Churches, Strengthening Our Partnership event
6:30 p.m. May 23 at Gilbert Presbyterian Church
This Wednesday evening listening event also includes a Session Record Review and Treasurer Talk.
Recently, 17 members of First Presbyterian Church of Bluefield, participated in a   Heaven Sent Ministries Hunger Challenge , assembling nutrient-enriched food packages that are headed to South Sudan to help feed the remote areas of that nation.
Recent reports indicate that 
air-polluting smog is increasing. Here are some suggestions from WV's Division 
of Air Quality for decreasing our contribution to air pollution.
Oct. 8-10 in Mt. Pleasant, PA
Rev. Barbara Accord of Davis Memorial Presbyterian, Gassaway, is the moderator of this conference for folks from small churches. Any questions about the conference can be sent to her at 304-678-7558 or
This recently released book was edited by former PWV pastor Dean K. Thompson, as well as D. Cameron Murchison. Per the editors' overview, " Mentoring and being mentored are two indispensable means by which character is infused into the social order from generation to generation. The book serves as an encouraging panorama, 
a wide-ranging gallery of 14 compelling chapters and angles of vision into the gracious, expectant, and somewhat demanding mentor/mentee relationship." 
Missing a hat after Festival of Faith?
After the last newsletter, we received a note from First Presbyterian Church of Charleston that they have a gentleman's hat left at the Festival of Faith. It is a John Molloy hat from Ireland, made of Donegal tweed and pure wool. If this is your hat, please call Nancy McLaughlin at the church and describe it to her; the number is  304-343-8961, ext. 100.

We invite you to print and include this newsletter in your bulletins, give it to your congregation and distribute widely. We hope it is helpful for your congregation and community. There are three formats to choose from:  two-sided letter size,  color booklet and 
black-and-white booklet.
Get information on camp dates and scholarships, plus how to volunteer and 
some craft supplies needed. 
3rd Annual Davis Stuart Horse Show
June 9 at WV State Fairgrounds
Registration for this event near Lewisburg begins at 10 a.m., with the show starting at 11 a.m. It will be held rain or shine. Cost to participate is $10 per class, with 23 classes available.  Click here  for more information or call 304-647-5577.
August 25 at Summersville Presbyterian
Early Registration Deadline: August 9. Walk-ins welcome. Cost is $25 for early registration and $40 for walk-ins. For pastors, educators, youth ministers, Sunday school teachers, public school teachers, volunteers, high schoolers in leadership positions, and anyone interested in a day of fun. 

Pentecost offering
Click here for a Pentecost offering video and here for more Pentecost offering information and resources.

Mission trips
If your congregation is planning a mission trip or work trip this summer, please let the Presbytery office know. Often, there are individuals in small congregations who would love to join your team, and we would love to make the connection happen.

This is part of a series highlighting the West Virginia Presbytery's  Authorized Lay Preacher/Commissioned Ruling Elder Program . In September, we begin a new class of prerequisites for this program with Presby Prep.
January 2-13, 2019
Registration deadline approaching. Visit the Sea of Galilee, Nazareth, Jericho, the Dead Sea, Bethlehem, Jerusalem and more.
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