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 Volume 11 No. 23
Bruce breaking ice
Good thing Bruce Tiffin has a thick meta-hulled boat!
Hard water conditions as he finished his Fall patrol.

The snow has fallen and ole man winter has risen his head early this year, with PaB getting its first real snowfall of the season within the past two weeks, with more promised on the way!!

Bruce Tiffin has just finished doing his fall off-season patrols without too much to report outside of a loose waverunner, paddle boat (see below) and weather related issues like an open window or door. If you haven't heard from Nancy Rogers, then please consider all to be well at your cottage!

We are excited that so many volunteers have joined the PaBIA team to work on PaBIA's events for next summer! Please thank them when you get a chance!

As well, PaBIA's Board has been listening to many of you and has decided to increase the number of membership categories to encompass the needs of many of our younger members! This way all adult individuals/families can feel they can support PaBIA by joining at our secondary and supporting membership levels, while keeping the Junior status unchanged. Yes, this does also mean a slight increase in dues for our Primary members for which PaBIA sincerely thanks you! Have a look inside this eBlast for a detailed review of the changes that will be coming in your 2020 PaBIA Membership renewal.

Finally, PaBIA wishes to say Happy Thanksgiving to all our American neighbours and wish for everyone a glorious holiday season (if we don't chat again until the New Year!)
In this eBlast:
  • New PaBIA Membership Categories and Dues Assessment
  • Thank you, Cath Fairlie!
  • New Marine Patrol Coordinator
  • New PaBIA Triathlon Chair
  • New PaBIA Junior Regatta Chair
  • WPSHC New Auto Pulse Resuscitator! 50/50 Raffle!
  • Bay Notes - Ward 3 Councillors Manners & Sheard
  • GBF 'Climate Change' Book Recommendation
  • Habitat for Humanity Update!
  • Michigan/Huron Lake Water Levels - Nov 24, 2019
  • MIchigan/Huron Historic Water Levels - 1919-2019
  • Found: Waverunner & Paddle Boat
  • Yearbook Update
PaBIA Icon
New PaBIA's Membership
Categories and Dues Assessment
For the past several years, a number of members have suggested to the PaBIA board we consider amending our fee structure to incorporate other categories to expand membership participation. Over this same period, despite our best efforts to manage costs, operating expenses have increased and now exceed revenues collected through our membership and yearbook advertising Not bad, considering PaBIA has not needed to take a fee increase since 2012! 
Accordingly, this fall the Board decided to take a hard look at our membership dues structure, the applicable costs of PaBIA services relevant to folks in their particular situations, and how best to increase revenues to make sure we were being responsible meeting our obligations moving forward.

The answer comes with a mix of a reasonable Primary Membership fee increase, combined with adjusted membership categories and fee structure, that will make it fairer and more attractive for a larger number of residents, who benefit from PaBIA services and programming, to join the Association.

Have a look at the changes , as follows. We will:
xxx Keep our two existing membership categories:
  • Primary (Full) Membership
  • Junior Membership category
xxx Add 2 NEW additional membership categories to better reflect xxx the needs of those who wish to support PaBIA, but for whom the xxx off-season cottage patrols are not a relevant service.
xxx Specifically:
  • Individuals or families who use the cottage of a current full member already paying for and receiving cottage off-season patrols 
  • Pointe au Baril permanent residents
  • Seasonal renters

xxx New Annual Dues and Age Breakdown beginning in 2020:
  • Primary Members: $200 (from $175) for our full members, their spouse/partner and kids under 18.
  • Junior Members: $40 (unchanged) 18 to 34 yrs. (whose family are Primary members)
  • Secondary Members: $165 (NEW) for individuals/families (45 yrs.+) living on the Primary member property, Pointe au Baril permanent residents and seasonal renters
  • Supporting Members: $130 (NEW) for individuals/families (35 – 44 yrs.) living on their Primary member property, Pointe au Baril permanent residents and seasonal renters.
Of note, each PaBIA membership ( with the exception of Junior category ) includes a $50 membership fee to the Georgian Bay Association (GBA).
This is an important inclusion and benefit to PaBIA membership, as the GBA is a highly active and successful not-for-profit advocacy organization that speaks for all Eastern and Northern Shore residents of Georgian Bay at all levels of government.

More than ever before, with growing threats to the environment and creeping over-development in our precious biosphere, we urgently need the strong representation of this umbrella organization. Did you know that PaBIA is the GBA’s largest and strongest of its 19 community organizations totaling more than 3000 families?

Please know that the PaBIA Board values every cent of our members’ dues and therefore budgets carefully to keep fees as low as humanly possible while delivering the critical safety, environmental, social and educational programming in our mandate. The volunteer efforts being made across the organization are incredible, and these energies continue to be critical in keeping costs down and deliverables high.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the
Pointe au Baril Islanders’ Association.
Thank you, Cath Fairlie!
Cath Fairlie
After several years as MP Coordinator, Cath Fairlie shared with PaBIA last summer her need to step aside after admirably leading our patrollers and revamping the entire technical side of the patrollers' job to bring them totally into the 21st century!

Cath, many thanks for all the time and effort you gave and the use of your skillset to put the Marine Patrol on firm 'ground' as they move forward into 2020!
New Marine Patrol Coordinator
PaBIA is also happy to announce that Bill Culp will take over as MP Coordinator this coming year. When asked to tell us a bit about himself, he shared, “ Water and boats have always been two of my favorites. I am happy to accept a position with the Islanders’ Association that includes both. As a child, we visited family in Maine every summer. Later I was a camp counselor on a lake in New Hampshire. My career in property and casualty insurance took me to Southern California - another great place to enjoy boating.

“My first visit to Pointe au Baril came in 1981 when I married Polly Adair and visited her family’s island. We’ve been there every summer since and have especially enjoyed helping with the regattas. Most recently, I served on the Maps and Markers Committee.

“With a background in risk management and a keen interest in the environment, I hope to guide the Marine Patrol in promoting safety and stewardship. Our two sons benefited greatly from similar summer jobs in Pointe au Baril, so I also want to be sure the experience is valuable for the candidates we accept.”
Welcome to
Myelle Schwarz-Frederickson
PaBIA's New Triathlon Chair

When Myelle was asked about what her reasons were for taking on the role of PaBIA's Triathlon Chair, Her response was: "I am so excited to be taking the lead for the 4th annual PaBIA Triathlon! 

" After working at the Ojibway Club for four consecutive summers from 2012-2015, I began to dedicate more time to working as a treeplanter in Northern Ontario. While spending the last several spring and summer seasons in the bush, I have been longing for those sunny Georgian Bay days! When Virginia reached out to me with the opportunity to take over PaBIA's Triathlon, I jumped at the chance. As someone who grew up spending summers with family and friends in Pointe Au Baril, I have been looking for a way to give back and reintroduce myself to the community after several summers away. I love to live a very active lifestyle and had already been planning on participating in the triathlon myself. Instead, I will now be bringing that same enthusiasm and drive to coordinating an amazing event for participants, volunteers and spectators alike! "
Savannah Richardson
PaBIA's New Junior Regatta Chair,
Savannah Richardson

" Hello PaBIA folks! My name is Savannah Richardson, and I have recently taken over as the PaBIA Jr Regatta lead. I currently work at the University of Waterloo in first-year experience and transition (in other works Orientation), and just wrapped up a role where I managed the special events, clubs, student-run services, and student experience advocacy for the student association. All of that to say, I love creating environments and experiences for community building, and fun. I wanted to get involved with PaBIA to give back to the community that has given me so much over the last 24 years. Stepping into the lead role for the Jr Regatta is something I am excited for as I get to bridge some of my favourite things; Pointe au Baril, schedules, event management, and fun. If you have any questions for me feel free to send me an email !"
Ongoing Projects
H4H green logo
H 4 H House Near Completion!
Our Habitat house is almost complete with only some finishing work by volunteers, contractors and our Habitat family to bring this incredible project to a close.

We have two requests:
First: Please consider a year-end and project-end donation to get our community effort over the finish line. We expect to have Myesha, Josh and the kids moved in by the end of January, 2020.
From Announcement to Near Completion
A second request is about you. Rachael Allen will be publishing the online PaB Habitat Story soon after the house is complete with your anecdotes and photos. Please send her your short story of an experience helping to make this community project a great success!
WPSHC's NEW Auto Pulse Resuscitation Machine -
A Result of Proceeds from '19 GB Walk, Run, & Pole Event
WPSHC ED - Compression Device.JPG
A few staff participants in the 2019 Georgian Bay Walk, Run, Pole gather with Dr. Fargher in one of the two ER Trauma Rooms to celebrate the acquisition of our new Auto Pulse Resuscitation System . Purchased through proceeds from the May event, this resuscitation system provides high-quality automated  CPR  to victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Over two years ago, we installed the system in our ambulances to great success. The proof is in our resuscitation rate. Parry Sound EMS resuscitation rate is 10% while the provincial average hovers between 3 and 5%.  Now, the same system is in our Emergency Department thanks to participants in our Georgian Bay Walk, Run, Pole funding the critical equipment. 
Does that leave you inspired to participate to support cardiac care in our annual Walk, Run, Pole next May 31st, 2020? Put the date on your calendar'll be here before you know it!
For All Those in Ontario...
Just in time for Stocking Stuffers!
If you are presently located in Ontario you are eligible to support WPSHC through the 50/50 raffle - held once a month with the more people participating, the bigger the pot! (How it works: Once a buyer who is physically in Ontario secures tickets [3 for $5, 10 for $10, 60 for $20, 100 for $50] they have that ticket until the draw at the end of the month …. We sell for the entire month …. Then there is a draw … our first draw is November 29 th  …. Half the pot goes to the winning ticket holder and the other half to us! Hence 50/50. So if the amount of tickets sold = $1,000 … the lucky winning ticket holder gets $500 and we get the rest. Then the draw begins anew in December …. With a draw date December 27 th .  The more buyers in the pot … the higher the winnings… proceeds will buy technologies or equipment for the Health Centre .)

The first 10 participants each month to sign up for our 2020 Georgian Bay Walk, Run, Pole Raffle will receive FREE EARBAGS. Limited Number of EARBAGS. Think Spring. Live Winter and sign up now at WPSHC's website !

Those outside Ontario are always welcome to donate through the more traditional means - so go to their website to check out your options.
Of Interest
Looking for a Special Gift for the Concerned about Climate Change Person in your Life?
Here is a book recommendation on climate change and what to do about it!

But perhaps a bit of background to give you context - Georgian Bay Forever (GBF) has a book club. GBF has challenged its volunteer committee members to submit book recommendations on issues that impact Georgian Bay.

Here is a submission by previous GBF Chair and PaBIA member, Anne Randell. It is a summary review of Just Cool It! The Climate Crisis and What We Can Do. A Post-Paris Agreement Game Plan by David Suzuki and Ian Hanington. 

Anne highly recommends this book and hopes that you will consider adding it to your reading list. Click on the book for a complete review summary.
TOA Logo
Bay Notes - October 2019
Ward 3
 By Councillors Earl Manners and Scott Sheard 
Pointe au Baril, Skerryvore, Frederic Inlet, Shawanaga Bay & Lighthouse Neighbourhoods

The following is a list of topics within  Scott  and Earl's report. To receive this comprehensive report, please email either  Scott  or  Earl  and ask to be added to their eBlasts.

The October Meetings of the Township of the Archipelago took place on October 24-25, 2019. Covered in these meetings were:

Council Updates
  • Municipal Property Assessment Corporation
  • Pre-Authorized Payment Plan for Tax Payments
  • Ontario Energy Board Proposal to Eliminate Seasonal Rate Class
  • TOA Modernization Initiatives
  • GBA Delegation to TOA and the Issue of Amalgamation
  • GBBR and TOA Partnership Agreement 2018 -2021
  • Manitou Update
  • Site Alteration Bylaw
  • Phrag Meeting with Ministry of Transportation and MPP, Norm Miller

Community Briefs
  • Pointe au Baril
  • Ojibway Recreation Grant
  • South Shore Road
  • Skerryvore
Do You Own a Washing Machine at Your Cottage? IF so, you can help!
GBF Logo
Last summer, we heard that GBF was gathering information and informing us about microplastic pollution , especially in the form of microfibers. One source of microfiber pollution in our bay and other water bodies comes from machine-washing your clothing.
GBF has often talked about how wastewater treatment plants capture a lot of the microfibers, but unfortunately millions of microfibers get through and continue to pollute our waterways. GBF has promoted several ways individuals can mitigate this pollution source, the most effective being to use a washing machine filter.

GBF used the Wexco Filtrol 160 which is available for sale online from the US.
FOUND: Wave Runner near Skerryvore
Wave Runner dbl
Our Off Season Cottage Patroller, Bruce Tiffin, reported to Nancy Rogers that it would appear as thought this wave runner has floated off (and made its way to map section O13 on our map - just east of O’Connor rocks - north entrance to Moonlight Bay, Skerryvore area) in high winds.  Bruce tells us that it still has a small concrete block attached to its rope. We aren't sure that it belongs to any of our members, but wanted everyone to know in hopes that it is recognized by one of us so as to alert its rightful owner!! 
Wave Runner location
Paddle Boat
Paddle Boat

Bruce also took pictures of this paddle boat, found just east of the Range Light snuggled up against the shore.

Please contact your contractor if you believe it is yours or contact Nancy Rogers should you believe it might be a neighbour's.
Lakes Michigan/Huron Water Levels - Nov 26, 2019
To better read the charts, please click on the chart for the
Daily Water level chart and the website for the Water Levels
water level legend 2019
All of these charts have been taken from the US Army Corps of Engineers - Great Lakes Information on Water Levels...
Historic Michigan-Huron Water Level 1919-2019
HIstoric Water levels 1919-2019
This above chart is measuring the water levels in feet
Historic water levels in metres
This chart immediately above is measuring the water levels in metres.
All of these charts have been taken from the US Army Corps of Engineers - Great Lakes Information on Water Levels...
Yearbook Updates
Each week, we will provide you a list of names for those who have provided updated information. The details of all the changes since the Yearbook's came out in April is  provided in a printable format   for you to print out and insert into your own Yearbook copy!

David & Glyn Austin and Katie Austin (address change)
Advocating for the Island Community,

Your PaBIA Directors
Pointe au Baril Islanders' Association 

PaBIA reserves all rights regarding decisions on communications to its members
in accordance with the PaBIA Policy on Communications
Fire Rating

Please click on the logos below for further information on
  • PaBIA Bulletin Bd
  • Hydro Outage App,
  • Coast Guard Environment Canada and
  • Order Fire Extinguishers
  • Weather for PaB.
If you have trouble with the Bulletin Board, please contact Dave to add it to you.

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Updated June 10, 2019  
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