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PaBIA's Vision: To Preserve This Unique Natural Habitat for Generations to Come
Volume 13 No. 18
Canada Day 2021
Canada Day Honouring
Canada Day Observance was a somber one this year as a moment of silence and program centered around the atrocities to the Indigenous children in Western Canada.
Vince Donna and Marilyn
Vince Pawis, Donna Longlade, Marilyn Capreol, members of the Pawis Family from SFN at the Canada Day celebration.
In Honour of our Indigenous Neighbours
written by John Fraser, Mohawk of Six Nations
Assembly First Nations-Logo.png
Bow your head in sadness, not shame.
You didn’t write the laws that made these places.
You didn’t run the churches that made these decisions.
Your (mine too) government did. Old dead prime ministers did.
Old dead popes, priests, preachers, and nuns did.
The country we live in was founded on exploitation, murder, genocide, and thievery. But EVERY country in the world is. You didn’t know about these children because the government didn’t want you to know. I’m a conservative-minded person but thank god for liberals.
Now you know about them.
You know about us.
You are beginning to understand what we have gone and are going through.
So stand up.
Celebrate Canada Day if you want.
But celebrate it because we have been found.
Celebrate it because our children are being recovered.
Celebrate it because you don’t want this country to repeat what they have done.
We have been here since Mother Earth bore the first brothers and sisters.
We will be here when Grandfather (Moon) puts Mother Earth to sleep.
We have always been here.
But now you finally see us.
Fire Low

Canada Day this year served as a somber reminder that we are in this together, that the atrocities done to one are an atrocity to all. The above captures it best. Such grace!

Erin O’Toole said in a statement Thursday that “Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples must be a central focus of the Canadian future as it is a great failure of our past. The road to reconciliation does not start by tearing Canada down, but by recommitting to building Canada and all its people up. We can celebrate the country that we are and the one we aspire to be.”

Focusing on this coming week, with the sailing races and the PaBIA Naturalist Talk returning - it is beginning to feel a bit more normal, however, some restrictions still apply so do check those out! Many of our partners are continuing to provide webinars and programs that, no matter where you are, you can participate!
In this eBlast:

  • NOTICE - PaBIA S-Turn Marker Light NOT Functioning - BEWARE NIGHT BOATING
  • PaBIA In-Person Boater Coaching - TODAY only for fully vaccinated people
  • GBF - TODAY's Lunchtime Webinar - Tackling Plastic Pollution July 7 @ noon
  • PaBIA's Sailing Race - July 10 @ 2 p.m. Middle Reach Course
  • PaBIA Community Picnic - July 12 at noon
  • PaBIA EdCom brings you “Learning with Oshkinigig” at the Ojibway July 14th
  • GBB Lessons from an Ontario Biosphere in Phragmites Management July 14th
  • PaBIA Naturalist Talk - July 18th @ 10 a.m. Reservations Limited
  • PaBIA Fishing Derby - Monday, July 19
  • GBF's Is Recycling Plastic Working? July 29th
  • WHPHC PS RIDE Fundraiser for Vital Signs Machines: July 1 - August 31
  • PaBIA Triathlon To Be Rescheduled
  • Ojibway Art Show Online - August 4-8
  • GYPSY MOTHS - Offering Partial Solution by Acting NOW - Make Homemade Traps w/Lures
  • Canada Day's Somber Celebration (above)
  • Snakes and (Tennis) Ladders by Trudy Irvine, Education Committee
  • PaBIA Regattas Cancelled
  • Marine Patrol On the Water by Chris and Tom, PaBIA MPs
  • Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary - Rescues Injured Birds or Animals
  • GBA eUpdate - Please consider subscribing if you haven't don't so.
  • BAY NOTES - Ward 3 Councillors May and June Council Mtgs: Earl Manners & Scott Sheard
  • Florence Church - Sunday Services & September Fundraiser - canceled
  • Georgian Bay Land Trust 30th Anniversary Merchandise
  • Lake Michigan-Huron Water Levels - July 6, 2021
  • Yearbook Update 2021 from July 7th
  • In Memoriam - LaRea Moody
Gypsy Moths
Offering Partial Solution for Gypsy Moth Infestation
IF You Act Now!

by Michael Phippen, PaBIA Environment Director

If you are suffering from an infestation of gypsy moths on your island or property, PaBIA is offering a partial solution that should help curtail the infestation next summer by offering an instructional YouTube for making traps and getting the 'bait' (lures, which consist of pheromone saturated elastics - packed with 10 in one envelope) to you at no cost to PaBIA members.

We are extremely grateful to Dr. Rosie Chong, from the chemistry department at the University of Waterloo, for allowing us to participate in her program. 
Gypsy Moth Chart
Please note, however, there is a very short window of opportunity in which to accomplish this. The caterpillar stage will soon be over as the gypsy moths morph to the pupa stage, which lasts just a very short time.
When they emerge as adult moths, the non-flying females give off a pheromone, a chemical substance, which attracts the flying males. Males will fly upwind to the pheromone, and if you have a trap with a much higher concentration of pheromone than the female produces, the males will fly to your trap instead.  NOW (this week) is the best time to make and set your traps.
Please watch this “how-to” YouTube video to learn how to make your own (pheromone) traps from litre size plastic juice containers! Then pick up your supply of Lures at any of our three major marinas, Beacon, Desmasdons, Payne’s, or from the Ojibway Gift Shop. You must act quickly though, as the mating season of the gypsy moth is usually complete around the middle of July. 
Again please remember, this will not help us for this summer, but certainly will help in the control of the gypsy moths next season.
Map of S-Turn Location
MEMBER SAFETY – Maps & Markers
Notice to Boaters by Tom Lundy, Director of Member Safety

Please be advised that the Flashing Red Light at the south end of the S-Turn (north end of Rogers Island) is OUT OF SERVICE until further notice. Please plan any night driving accordingly.

Unfortunately, we inherited this antiquated equipment from the Coast Guard and replacement parts are not readily available. Jim Rogers and I are working with the Coast Guard in Parry Sound to determine next steps.

Please watch for updates in future eBlasts.
EDCom Logo
Snakes and (Tennis) Ladders
by Trudy Irvine, Member Education Committee

Tennis players at the Club were treated to the sight of an enormous Eastern Fox Snake sunning itself along the shoulder height horizontal bar of the Court 1 enclosure on Sunday morning. Obviously, an enthusiast of the game, the snake had its long body twined through a few of the vertical chain links, coolly watching the less than Wimbledon level tennis happening on Courts 1 and 2. All he/she needed was a little white hat.
Snake Locomotion
The sight of a creature with no arms or legs climbing many times its body length, propelling itself forward in a straight line with no visible effort, or even jumping several feet can be a little…disconcerting… but is certainly something to marvel at. Snakes get their agility from powerful, finely tuned muscles attached to their vertebrae (which number anywhere from 141 to 435, compared to our 33), and several kinds of specialized scales on their bodies. (For a video of fox snakes and to learn more about them, click on the picture of the fox snake below for facts about them and how to distinguish them from other varieties, including rattlesnakes!)

Snakes move using combinations of four different kinds of locomotion. For climbing or moving in tight spaces, they use a motion called concertina movement. They extend the front part of their body along the surface and use their specialized rectangular ventral/belly scales towards their tails to grip the surface and support the back part of their bodies. After extending their heads, they then alternate that “grip” of the ventral scales to the front of their bodies as they draw their tails along.
Serpentine movement is created with a series of muscular contractions creating horizontal waves from head to tail, where the sideways force propels the snake forward. We see snakes swimming in this fashion.
When a snake is stalking prey or moving about in a leisurely manner, it makes use of rectilinear movement - muscles draw the skin of the belly forward, causing the scales to bunch up. Other muscles then contract and force the rear edges of the bunched-up
scales to dig into the ground, allowing the snake to pull itself forward. Waves of contraction and relaxation travel down the snake’s body as it continues to move forward in a straight line with seemingly little effort.

Sidewinding movement is something we don’t see in Ontario snakes- where a sideways movement is initiated in the middle of the snake’s body- creating a wave that helps the snake travel like a skipping rope over smooth surfaces such as sand.

The next time you cross paths with a snake perhaps you can (after the initial surprise of such an encounter) admire their skills of legless locomotion. For a good video of a fox snake climbing a tree, visit the Georgian Bay Land Trust’s Facebook page or click on the picture to the right from the video.
Marine Patrol LOGO
PaBIA’s Marine Patrol - First Week On the Job

PaBIA’s Marine Patrol have completed their first week and it was one full of training and refreshing procedures for our returning Patrollers: Tom and Chris.

The first week training consisted of going over many of the first response and environment protocols that the patrollers follow:
  • The patrollers went over and checked the community’s fire pumps starting procedure with Randy Johnson
  • Person In Water (PIW) removal procedure’s with Randy Johnson and towing with CCG IRB Britt
  • Standard First Aid and AED refresher along with Guy Harris Parry Sound EMS
  • Rattlesnake Gestation Training with Georgian Bay Biosphere and one of their reps.
  • Phragmites removal and prevention with Georgian Bay Forever
  • GBLT Stewarding and conservation refresher with Brooks Greer
The two Patrollers are very excited with what's going on the Bay. As always, people have been very friendly this season to the Patrollers! Likewise, the Patrollers are very happy to answer or help with any of the PaBIA member's questions to the best of their ability. They are happy to be and wish everyone a safe summer.

Enjoy the photo of Patroller Chris during a practice rescue with CCG as he gets 'treated' for a spinal injury as part of the Patrollers training this past week with CCG IRB Britt. 
Marine Patrol July 2021
EdCom Logo w books
Literally, on the Bay

Book recommendations by Charlotte Stein, owner of Parry Sound Books

Edited by Janet Irving, Education Committee.

There is nothing – absolutely nothing - like reading a book on a summer’s day on Georgian Bay! This summer we suggest some books that are literally set on the Bay – or feel so much so that we just had to include them.
Summer Gone
Summer Gone 
by David Macfarlane 
is a novel that takes place over many years, describing three summers spent on Georgian Bay. He begins with a young man on a canoe trip from a Georgian Bay camp. The same young man returns to the Bay when he is a young husband paddling with his wife, and again some years later with his teenage son.
Georgian Bay
Georgian Bay – Discovering A Unique North American Ecosystem,
edited by Nick Eyles is essential to your cottage library. This is the definitive book on the history, the culture, the natural history and ecology of the Bay. Richly illustrated, with each chapter written by an expert in their field. 
are an essential cottage past time – and we have puzzles! Many featuring Group of Seven paintings and others with cottage and cabin images, and the beauty of the natural landscape we love.
PaBIA Logo
PaBIA Regattas Cancelled

It is with regret that the Board has determined that the 2021 Regattas cannot be held and still comply with the provincial guidelines...but we will return next year with all the fun to look forward to.
Ward 3 Councillors
May and June Council Meetings 2021

Please sign up for Earl and Scott's eBlasts so you can be fully informed and read about these issues in depth. In general, these topics were covered in their May/June 2021 Virtual Council Meeting.
Moments of Silence for the atrocities past and current
Border Status | US & Int'l Cottagers
  • The Canadian and US federal governments continue to extend the border closure agreement ...
  • Healthcare System
  • Delta Variant
Broadband Connectivity Update
  • May | Guiding Principles
  • June | PaB Smart Tower Announcement
Building Permits Increase Substantively | Committee of Adjustment
Environment |
  • Septic Health & Maintenance Information Packages
  • Unencapsulated Dock Foam 
  • Removing Microplastics from GB
Environment & Waste Management | Abandoned Docks
Good Neighbour | WPS Economic Development Cooperative Board
Neighbourhood News
Georgian Bay Land Trust
30th Anniversary Merchandise

This summer, the Georgian Bay Land Trust is celebrating 30 years of conserving nature on Georgian Bay!!

From the beginning, the Land Trust's purpose has been to help people protect the land they love in their own backyards, provide a lasting sanctuary for all the species in the biosphere, and to share this Bay with future generations. Over the past 30 years, Georgian Bay residents have conserved 7,513 wilderness acres spread across 62
protected properties, including 16 properties here in Pointe au Baril. The Land Trust community has grown to over 1,500 supporters, volunteers, and staff with a shared passion for Georgian Bay.

Read more about the first three decades of the Georgian Bay Land Trust here

AND you can be a part of the 30th anniversary celebration with new summer clothing! Choose from hoodies, hats, t-shirts, and more, or cuddle up in your very own Georgian Bay blanket. 

Shop the full line of items through our online store!
If you order by July 16th, they will be ready for
pickup the following week in Pointe au Baril.
Florence Church
Florence Universal Church

Unfortunately, because of COVID, the Sunday services, as well as the annual fundraiser of the church rummage sale, will be not be held in 2021.

This cancelation means they are unable to accept donated goods save them for next year when everyone hopes things will be back to normal!
What to Do with an Injured Bird or Animal?
by Helen Bryce, Director of Education
EDCom Logo
Have you ever spotted or rescued an injured, sick or abandoned bird or animal at the cottage and wondered what to do? You will be interested to know that Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary may be able to help.

Many of you may not be familiar with it but Aspen Valley has been around for 34 years, is located nearby in Rosseau and is dedicated to rescuing such animals. (It works within established rules and regulations of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and they are regularly inspected by the animal welfare services section of the Ontario Ministry of the Solicitor General.)
Aspen Valley Sanctuary
Aspen Valley has a sanctuary encompassing 460 acres of natural habitat and is available to local residents and communities in the Parry Sound and Muskoka districts. If you have any questions related to an animal in distress, an orphaned or injured animal or even one that is considered a nuisance, you may contact Aspen Valley at (705) 644-4122 for wildlife advice and hopefully a solution to the problem or concern. Aspen Valley returns animals to their natural environment after rehabilitation. If animals require permanent care, they provide them with an environment that meets their biological and behavioural needs on their 460-acre property. To read Aspen Valley’s Mandate and Mission or simply to explore their educational information!
GBA eUpdate for July

PaBIA is so fortunate to be a part of the Georgian Bay Association - a group of dedicated people who work tirelessly on PaBIA's behalf. The best way to stay current with what is going on around all of Georgian Bay, not just PaB, is to subscribe to their eUpdates.

These eUpdates, the latest one is here, are full of really fascinating and informative articles and concerns that might affect PaB sooner rather than later...and the GBA is already on top of them to help prevent problems from coming north. The more we know about what is happening south of us will help to forestall problems from creping up the coastline. Subscribe today!
July 2021
PaBIA Icon
In-Person Boater Coaching
with Randy Johnson, Royal Squadron Trainer
TODAY at 1:30 p.m. Ojibway Back Docks

For anyone who is fully vaccinated and wishing some in-person boater coaching (how to dock that boat in the wind), Randy will meet you at the back Ojibway docks. Bring your own boat and learn from the Pro!
Effects of Wearing Plastic pic.jpg
Wednesday, July 7th @ 12 - 1 pm

TODAY Wednesday, July 7th - The Effects of Wearing Plastic. The 2020 Preferred Fiber and Materials Market Report reveals that global fiber production has doubled in the last 20 years. It reached a record amount of 111 million metric tons of fiber produced in 2019. Globally dominating the fiber industry are synthetic polyester, spun polyester fibers that are essentially plastic.

In this first webinar, we will explore synthetic, natural, and semi-synthetic fibers and their impacts on environmental and human health. We will also speak about the Divert and Capture project headed by GBF to capture fibres in your washing machine, and some tips you can do to reduce fiber pollution.

More information below for the final two lunchtime webinars.
Sailing Aug 16
PaBIA Sailing Race -
Saturday, July 10 @ 2 p.m.

Everyone is encouraged that, as of June 30th, we are moving into Step 2 of the Provincial Reopening Plan. What that means for sailing is that our race season can begin this Saturday, July 3! For now, we will use the Middle Reach course just east of Ojibway Bay. The race starts at 2 p.m. 

Unfortunately, we will not yet be having rendezvous after the races, but, don’t worry, we will keep track of the results and have a comprehensive review of the races when we are allowed to safely hold larger gatherings. Feel free to arrange small outdoor gatherings on your own to celebrate the first race.

Please see the Sailing eBlast that will come out later this week with a bit more information and a review of the starting sequence for the race to help you prepare. And if you wish to be added to the Sailing eBlast, please contact Margie Wheler!
PaBIA Picnics Ad
PaBIA Community Picnics Monday, July 12th is a GO!!!!

Brad is ready to go on Monday for the Community Picnic - departing the Ojibway Docks at 12 noon. Because reservations are limited, one MUST email Brad and let him know you intend on participating - either by motorboat or by sailboat...and how many people are in your group. The max is 25 reservations are NECESSARY! Contact Brad with any questions...
Oshkinigig canoe
PaBIA EdCom brings you
“Learning with Oshkinigig”
Wednesday, July 14th, Rain date July 15th.

Location on Ojibway Island to be Confirmed by Email
Oshkinigig is a birch bark canoe (wiigwaas jiimaan) handcrafted in Parry Sound in 2019 by the Georgian Bay Anishinaabek Youth (GBAY), with support from the Georgian Bay Biosphere.
The Learning with Oshkinigig event will combine Indigenous science and western science within an environmental context. In a small group setting, participants will have the opportunity to visit and experience the story of Oshkinigig: from harvesting materials to construction, cultural significance, and future opportunities. Groups will experience local stories and knowledge of Anishinaabe culture and practices. Learning with Oshkinigig is one of a kind!

This event will be led by the Georgian Bay Biosphere (GBB) and GBAY, an Indigenous youth-led initiative that works to support Indigenous youth along the rivers and eastern shore of Mnidoo Gamii (Georgian Bay).
Participation in this cross-cultural learning opportunity is
BY REGISTRATION ONLY as explained below. 
Please contact Helen by clicking on her name with:
  • your preferred time slot and
  • the number of attendees.
Pick one 30-minute time slot from these options:
  • 10:00 a.m., (full)
  • 10:30 a.m., (full)
  • 11:00 a.m.,
  • 11:30 a.m.,
  • 12:00 p.m., or
  • 12:30 p. m. 
The event ends at 1:00 pm with each time slot is restricted to 10 people.
 This event is offered in partnership with the Township of the Archipelago.
Donations to GBB will be welcome at the time of the event.
Learn more about Oshikinigig, GBAY, and the Biosphere at
Naturalist logo
Flocking Together in the Biosphere
Naturalist Speaker for July 18, 10:00 am

At the Ojibway Club tent (behind the club) - Reservations Limited
Join Tianna Burke, Conservation Biologist for the Georgian Bay Biosphere, to learn about birds in our area. From fascinating facts about birds you may see every day, to discovering local birds you may have never seen before, we will take a look at some of the species that call our Biosphere home. Learn tips on how to identify birds that are new to you and how to benefit birds at your home and cottage. Bring photos of some local birds that you have seen. Depending on time and ability, we may move outside after the presentation to see what birds we can find. (click on Pine Warbler picture to hear it's song!)
Tiana Burke Naturalist speaker
Due to Covid restrictions, this event is limited to 25 attendees. 
Please register your interest in attending here. In the event of rain, it will be canceled.

About the presenter: Tianna holds a Bachelor of Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo and a Master’s of Science from Trent University where she studied the lives of Bank Swallows, an aerial insectivore. She is an avid bird watcher, bird bander, and participates in over 5 avian-related citizen science programs.
PaB Fishing Derby
PaBIA Fishing Derby is a GO for Monday, July 19th

The Fishing Derby is ready for you! Everyone will depart the Ojibway Docks at 3 pm...but again, it is important to register with Brad with the numbers in your party and intentions for dinner.
GBF logo protecting your water
GBF Webinar on Plastics
Join GBF's Lunchtime Webinar on Tackling Plastic Pollution

Georgian Bay Forever’s Tackling Plastic Pollution Webinar Series is a collection of one hour webinars aimed at raising awareness about the abundance of plastic litter entering our local and global waterways. Each webinar will end with descriptions of programs GBF has put in place to combat each issue and ways and alternatives you can implement in your life to reduce plastic waste.
GBF is inviting you to its lunch-time Tackling Plastic Pollution webinar series. The series includes 3 one-hour webinars focused on:
  • raising awareness about the abundance of plastic litter entering our local and global waterways and
  • providing ways for all of us to help reduce its build-up in the environment.

GBF’s environmental students will be speaking about 
  • how plastic woven into our clothing ends up in our water,
  • how recycling in its current state is not enough, and
  • the effects to our water environment of not doing more to curb plastic.

Each webinar will end with
  • alternatives you can implement in your life and
  • descriptions of programs GBF has put in place to combat each issue. 
Is recycling working.jpg
Is Recycling Plastic Working? Thursday, July 29th  at  12 pm     

Since mass-production began in the early  1900s, the use of plastic has spread to different fields from medicine to electronic manufacturers to restaurant chains. In Canada, domestic demand for plastic is about 4,667 kilotonnes annually, while on a national basis only about 9%     of plastic thrown out ends up getting recycled. This can’t go on.   What can be done about it?  In 2018, the Canadian government joined the Ocean Plastics Charter that is working with businesses,    international organizations, and other countries to ensure plastics are designed for reuse and recycling. How can we get there? This second installment will focus on the types of recyclable plastics, on the different recycling processes, the status of recycling with a focus to Ontario, and what is needed to be done to drastically change how much plastic goes to harder-to-find landfills and litters the environment. We will also be going over strategies you can use to support initiatives around more sustainable approaches to plastic production, use, and management.       

The lunch-time webinars are:
Is Recycling Plastic Working? Thursday, July 29th @ 12 - 1 pm
Plastic Waters: Thursday, August 26th @ 12 - 1 pm
Phrag Webinar
Lessons from an Ontario Biosphere in Phragmites Management
Wednesday, July 14 @ 10:00 am EST

In this exciting webinar, we’re joined by Heather Braun from Environment and Climate Change Canada as she shares her work on the management of Phragmites and the recovery of native species in the Long Point region of Ontario. Phragmites is an invasive aquatic plant that spreads very quickly and has damaged Ontario’s shoreline ecosystems for decades. Learn how to spot phragmites and what you can do to control the spread. Register here for this webinar!
Ride to help buy 12 new Vital Signs Machines at our hospital. For $3,500 each, the machines are essential equipment for front-line staff. Vital Signs Machines provide a quick measurement of blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen levels in a patient’s blood. Your ride gets us closer to buying the 12 urgently needed!
in Honour of co-founder, John Offutt

July 1 – August 30th, 202

This year’s fundraiser is in John’s honour. 
August 2021
PaBIA's Triathalon Rescheduled for Saturday, August 14th
PaBIA Triathlon Map
With the hope that our American and International members can join us in August, PaBIA's Triathlon will now take place on Saturday, August 14th! Consisting of a swim from the Ojibway back swim beach out and around the lollipop and back, then a run on the Walking Trails and a final kayak/canoe around the Ojibway Island, we are hoping you'll consider participating. At the very least, put it on your calendar NOW and plan to be in PaB that weekend! Details to follow in the weeks to come!

Depending on participation, staggered start times may be required. Questions? Contact Myelle
Ojibway Art Show 2021
Lakes Michigan/Huron Water Levels July 6, 2021 To better read the charts, please click on the chart for the Daily or Six Month Forecast Water level chart and the corresponding websites
Water Level Legend 2021
PaBIA Cover 2021
Yearbook Update! (as of July 5th)

With each eBlast, we will provide you a list of names for those members who have provided updated contact information. The details of all the changes since the 2021 yearbook came out in late April are provided in THIS printable format for you to print out and insert into your own Yearbook!
Grant, Laurie - address change
McCrodan, Andy - email change

In Memoriam

LaRea Moody, past PaBIA member, B811 ‘Mary’s Isle’, wife of the late Bill Moody, mother of Doug (Joan), Rusty (Linda), Scott (Ellen) and Diana, grandmother of Alison (Lance Jordan), Bryce and Jeffrey, July 4, 2021.
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