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 Volume 12 No. 13
Pink Lady Slipper

As spring reves up in Pointe au Baril, our President, Tom Scoon, found these Pink Lady Slippers - a wildflower that comes out in spring for only about a week's time! Perhaps, with the warmer weather, many flowers and animals will show themselves - allowing us to see and appreciate the renewedness that Spring offers in PaB!

When so many folks are unable to come up to the cottage due to the COVID 19 restrictions, Trudy Irvine, PaBIA's Education Committee photographer, has been taking pictures for us so we can vicariously participate in the beauty of Pointe au Baril! There are pictures throughout this eBlast! Thanks Trudy!

For those non-Canadian citizens who are hoping to gain entry into Canada, it would appear (although not final) that the US and Canadian governments are pushing back the date for a decision as to when to open the border to July 21st. Please read this Globe and Mail article.
In this eBlast:
  • Ojibway Virtual Art Show
  • GBF - Problems with your Dock materials?
  • First Visitor to the Gift Shop!
  • The Maiden Voyage!
  • BAY NEWS - Shopping, Social Distancing, Size of a Group
  • GBBR - Growing a Garden Together
  • TOA Large Item Pickup Day Cancelled for June 20
  • Lake Michigan-Huron Water Levels June 8, 2020
  • Yearbook Update
Latest Updated Calendars for
July ( 5/30) and August (5/30)
Of Interest
red throated hummingbird
First Visitor to the Gift Shop

John Siddall, Ojibway GM, reported the first visitor to the new Ojibway gift shop - a ruby throated hummingbird that flew in through the open doors and buzzed around scouting for new wares before zooming out.

Several people have reported seeing many of these fierce fliers in the area. At first glance, the eastern shores of Georgian Bay may not seem a hospitable environment for such exotic looking little birds, but they are tougher than they look and uniquely suited in several ways.

Diet:  Although hummingbirds are known to feed on nectar, small insects are an important source of protein, vitamins and minerals, especially for young birds. Favorite flowers include red cardinal flowers and brightly coloured columbine and lilies. Males and females each aggressively defend their territories, attacking and chasing other hummingbirds away.

Flight: Unlike other birds, their wing connects to the body only at the shoulder joint, giving them superior maneuverability- they are the only bird able to fly backward as well as forward, and to be able to hover in mid-air. During hovering, their wings beat 55-75 times per second, and their muscles consume 10 times more oxygen than those of elite human athletes.
Courtship and Nesting:  Hummingbirds are solitary birds, and after an acrobatic courtship display, the male is on his way. Females then construct a small nest, usually in a deciduous tree or shrub, but sometimes in pine trees. The nest is made of tree leaf bud scales, with lichen on the exterior, bound with spider silk, and lined with plant fibers like milkweed down or cattail fluff, or animal hair. Females lay two white eggs about the size of large peas, and feed the chicks, which are about the size of honeybees when they hatch, about 1-3 times an hour. At 18-22 days, the young leave the nest and make their first flight.
Read more about the remarkable ruby throated hummingbird here .
Maiden Voyage Sharpe Canoe
Maiden Voyage of a 100 year old
Refurbished Canoe - June 2020

In the 2020 Yearbook, I hope you read the story, written by Dave Sharpe, about his unique experience of finding and subsequently refurbishing this 100 year old canoe that he found in his boat house after purchasing his property about 20 years ago! Here is Dave, with his son, Will, and grandson, Preston, age 4, on its maiden voyage! " She slips through the water like a knife, " says Dave.
TOA Logo
Current State:
“Not Business as Usual” –

May 21
Everyone is encouraged to limit shopping trips to once per week, to shop for essential items only and if possible, have one person shop for the household. Plan ahead and make a list of what you need to limit your number of trips into the store(s) to reduce wait times and lineups.

For new arrivals to the community, you are encouraged to please bring what you need and be prepared to self support upon your arrival. This will reduce your time spent waiting in line-ups, reducing your stress and other, and supporting continued social distancing.

*P lease Note: if you are a senior or an individual maintaining a required or imposed isolation, there is a grocery assistance program offered by the Rotary Club to help you.The program can do your in-store shopping and provide you with curb-side pickup thereby keeping you out of the store and limit exposure to the Public. Please see the link for further details, .

Please be patient, positive, and friendly to those working in stores. These staff members are doing their best to serve you in a timely and safe manner. Remember businesses have limited services such as curb-side pick-up, while they are preparing to serve you after Provincial restrictions are lifted. Stores have special procedures in place to limit the number of people in the stores at one time to ensure physical distancing is possible. Physical distancing measures are in place throughout the stores including one-way isles and changes to check out procedures. The wearing of personal protective equipment, such as masks, is not only recommended, but best practise.

While restaurants have been ordered closed to public access, they are still able to offer take-out or delivery services.
No Groups Greater than Five
Public events and social gatherings of more than five people are prohibited by the Province of Ontario. Get togethers with friends and family members who live outside of your household resulting in a group greater than five people is strictly prohibited.
Physical Distancing on the Water
Physical distancing rules still apply, even on the water. If you need to go out on the water, please take precautions to ensure you are being safe and continuing to distance from others, this means no beaching your boat next to someone else and no rafting up while on the water.
Please observe Province mandated social distancing protocols. Stay 2 metres away from other boats or people that are not part of your household.
Black Bear on Addoms Is.
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Find out why in GBF's
New Report:
Problems with Your Dock and Polystyrene Foam

The Georgian Bay Forever report , by  Lisa Erdle , is an overview of the published science on the environmental distribution and wildlife effects of polystyrene (PS)"foam" litter in the Great Lakes.  One source  of PS foam litter is from unencapsulated PS floating docks.

The report was commissioned by GBF to support findings last summer in 12 volunteer shoreline cleanups. The largest amount of litter picked up was PS foam, most visibly the foam from docks. ( 2019 Shoreline cleanup report ).

Two ways to help now:  Your household can join 2020 Shoreline cleanup and citizen science (data collection) efforts that help us target sources.  Click here for instructions  and you can check out your own dock materials.....
Georgian Bay at Rest
Upcoming Events
Ojibway Art Show Banner
Ojibway Club logo green trees
The 2020 Ojibway Art Show may look a little different this year, but  the show will go on ! It will be reimagined as an  ONLINE show , running  Friday July 31st - Sunday August 9th, 2020 . Our commitment to the local artist community remains strong, so we are working on putting together a great event with your favourite artists over 10 days mid-summer. Stay tuned for more information in the weeks ahead as we profile our artists and give you a sneak preview of the art that will be available for sale.  

Both our local artists and the Ojibway Club need your support this year more than ever!
TOA Logo
TOA Large Item Pick Up Day Cancelled for June 20th, 2020
The TOA has had to cancel the Large Item Pick-up scheduled for June 20th at Pointe au Baril due to COVID-19 concerns about the ability to ensure social distancing. In its place, Site 9 will accept large items on June 19 and 20th. Ratepayers will have to transport large items to Site 9 and also be responsible for unloading them at the designated area just as is now the case at all transfer stations. The Site 9 permit does not allow garbage pick-up on Sunday’s. The August large item pick-up in Pointe au Baril is still going forward. It is not business as usual and TOA staff appreciate your patience and understanding.
Lakes Michigan/Huron Water Levels June 8, 2020
To better read the charts, please  click  on the chart for the
Daily or Six Month Forecast Water level chart and the corresponding websites
Daily Water Level Key 2020
Yearbook Update
With each eBlast, we will provide you a list of names for those who provided updated information. The details of all the changes since the Yearbook's came out in April is provided in a printable format for you to print out and insert into your own Yearbook copy!

Barrett, Aaron ( change)
Barrett, Douglas & Reisman, Hatty ( change)
Barrett, Julia ( change)
Barrett, Kate ( change)
Barrett, Trish ( change)
Dodge, Marc (addition)
Evans, John ( change)
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