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 Volume 13 No. 11

We hope those of you who were able to get up to your cottage did so and enjoyed it! And with another weekend upon us, please Somehow this time marks the beginning of summer - or at least cottage season!

It is PaBIA's fondest hope that Ontario continues to get the upper hand on COVID and with the increases in vaccinations all across Canada, it will allow for a more normal summer for everyone. Ontario has just now, as of Wednesday, opened the ONTARIO provincial borders which up until now had been closed in order to curb this thing. More on the border reopening concerns in Erica Allen's letter below!

PLEASE note that the fire danger rating has been raised to EXTREME, meaning the Fire Danger is extremely dangerous, NO OPEN BURNING AT ALL, and FIREWORKS are PROHIBITED.
In this eBlast:

  • A Letter from our President - Canadian Border
  • Literally, on the Bay
  • New ToA Docks Closer to Transfer Station Installed
  • The Impact of Your Wake Has Consequences - Part 3
  • BAY NOTES - April 2021 Ward 3 Councillors
  • 'Calling all Kids in the Biosphere' - 9th Season
  • GBF - Families for Change 4.0 - new Summer 2021 Tasks
  • Private Law Passed to Require Encapsulating Polystyrene
  • GBA's Safe Quiet Water Survey
  • GBB Kids in the Biosphere Activity Book
  • GBB Septic System Health & You - June 23
  • GBLT Webinar: Photography After Dark - June 21
  • Lake Michigan-Huron Water Levels - June 2, 2021
  • Yearbook Update As of 5.25
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New Burgee with Tekton
Dear {First Name},

As summer rapidly approaches, we are all again thinking about our summer plans for the cottage. That said, varying challenges still exist in accessing our properties, whether traveling from the GTA, another Canadian province, or particularly the United States and beyond.

Last summer our American and International neighbors and members were greatly missed by those lucky enough to get to Pointe au Baril. Even though Canadians can go to the US, the Canadian border remains closed to Americans with no timetable yet for reopening.

As vaccinations increase and infection numbers fall, we know that this will end eventually. We look forward to the border being open again and to being reunited with our International cottager friends.

I, and members of the PaBIA's Board, understand there are many opinions on this issue and have discussed it on multiple occasions. We have listened to all and recognize that it is a highly sensitive subject that has generated heated debate and some tensions among our membership. While there are differences of opinion, they come from differing perspectives on health and safety, and not from an “us versus them” attitude.

After careful consideration, PaBIA has been encouraging the Georgian Bay Association (GBA), our collective Georgian Bay advocacy organization, to use its greater political weight and well-established contacts to argue for a reconsideration of the border policy for those who have been fully vaccinated and own properties. The other cottage associations represented by the GBA have done the same. Two letters have been submitted already to the highest levels of the Federal and Provincial governments, and a third letter was issued today.

On a similar note, FOCA, the Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Association who represents 250,000 cottagers in Ontario, has also teamed up with GBA and signed on to the cause. Read their letter as well!

Some of you have asked why PaBIA has not done more to lobby on this issue. There are two parts to the answer:
  • First, when PaBIA was created there was a conscious decision not to include lobbying in its mandate. It is a ratepayers association.
  • Nonetheless, it was also understood that cottage associations wanted to have a voice on issues that matter to Georgian Bay and so cottager associations, like PaBIA, banded together to create the GBA to advocate on our behalf. We think this arrangement has worked well especially; since when the GBA speaks, it does so for 19 cottage associations, not just one. Because of our size, PaBIA has two representatives on the GBA board. With the support of the PaBIA board, GBA has worked hard to advocate for a return of our American members “when it is SAFE to do so”.

The approach we have pushed is based on two principles: fairness and safety.
  • First, as property owners and taxpayers, Americans should be given access to their properties.
  • And second, all who are fully vaccinated and abide by the requisite quarantining procedures on arrival should be given entry to Canada as they pose no greater risk than a cottager returning from British Columbia or elsewhere.

Pointe au Baril has a uniquely high American population, about 30% of our community. We should never forget that Americans were instrumental in the founding of our community, and our beloved Ojibway Hotel was built by an American. Each year we celebrate our joint Canadian and US heritage and friendships at the annual Entre Amis gala. We are reminded that, together, we created a vision for the very special cottage community that we all love today. 

Over the years, our American members have participated in every aspect of our community as friends, business and recreational community supporters, donors to important causes, and property taxpayers. Today many American cottage families transcend many generations. Although they may live in the US, being embedded in Pointe au Baril life is so deep that many consider Pointe au Baril to be their spiritual home, or simply “home”.

But each of you has the right to your own opinion. If you have strong views and would like to express them, you may wish to write or call either the Candian municipal, provincial, or federal representatives or US senators and/or Representatives.

In conclusion, I am saddened that the members of our Islander community are presently separated by the international border. But I am confident that the border restrictions will end, hopefully soon, and that our Pointe au Baril community will be reunited once more in the most beautiful cottage country on the planet.
Erica Allen
President Pointe au Baril Islanders' Association
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Literally, on the Bay
Book recommendations by Charlotte Stein,
owner of Parry Sound Books.

Assisted by Janet Irving, Education Committee

The PABIA Education Committee is excited to present a weekly series of book recommendations from Charlotte Stein, owner of Parry Sound Books. Under the title “Literally, on the Bay,” Charlotte will give brief descriptions of works of fiction, nonfiction, and books for young readers.

In her words: "There is nothing – absolutely nothing - like reading a book on a summer’s day on Georgian Bay! This summer I suggest some books that are literally set on the Bay – or feel so much so that I just had to include them.” For more information about these books, go to
A Town Called Solace.jpg
A Town Called Solace by Mary Lawson is loosely connected to her earlier novels, Crow LakeThe Other Side of the Bridge, and The Road Ends. Set in a small Northern Ontario town, a young man from the city and a local family in distress find themselves as neighbours adjusting to tragedy and turmoil. Beyond excellent!
Paddling and Hiking
Paddling and Hiking the Georgian Bay Coast by Kas Stone is the guide book for those wishing to explore Georgian Bay. For casual hikers and paddlers, and those who are truly trekking, this is the book needed to determine the best routes, from north to south and all points in between.

The Case of the Windy Lake.jpg
The Mighty Muskrats Mystery series by Michael Hutchinson, a citizen of the Misipawistik Cree Nation, feature four young cousins growing up on the Windy Lake First Nation. These kids find one adventure after another solving a mystery in each installment, perfect for pre-teens.
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Transfer Station Docks In Place

The new ToA garbage docks have been installed closer to the transfer station. And since the tractor service is not available, the ToA is in the process of locating and labeling the “buggies“ to assist us in getting the garbage to the transfer site from our boats (to differentiate the luggage 'buggies' already in use. 
Cartoon Wake
Remember, the Impact of Your Boat Wake Has Consequences?

Waves & Erosion
Natural causes of shoreline erosion include
  • wind-driven waves,
  • water levels,
  • ice,
  • slope of the bank, &
  • the absence of vegetation.
Human causes include
  • the removal of rocks, trees, shrubs, & other vegetation along the shoreline,
  • retaining walls, &
  • wave action from passing boats.
FOCA Wave entering shallow
The size of the watercourse affects the potential for erosion to occur. The greater the distance the waves are generated from shore, the more opportunity they have to dissipate before reaching shore.
Wave height is one of the most important factors in shoreline erosion. Observations made by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources have shown that:
  • a wave that is 12.5 cm (5 inches) high when it reaches the shore does not cause significant shoreline damage. Waves this high are created by boats operating at speeds under 10 km/h – a speed that is generally considered reasonable when operating close to shore
  • a wave that is 25 cm (10 inches) high is four times more destructive than a 12.5 cm wave
  • 62.5 cm (2 feet) high waves are 25 times more destructive
(Source: Shoreline Erosion caused by Boat Wake)
Runabouts & waterski boats produce a 25 cm (10 inches) high wave at the stern of the boat when at planing speed.
Wakeboard boats create a wake of half a metre (over 1 1/2 feet) or more.

The large waves produced by wakeboard boats don’t always have the distance needed to dissipate before reaching shore on many of our lakes in eastern Ontario. Hence, they can create a greater negative impact than other boats.
However, all boaters need to be aware of the size of wake they create.
Thanks to the Pike Lake Community Association
Private Member Law Passed to Require Encapsulated Polystyrene in Docks, Platforms or Buoys
Dock Foam law pic
Your investment is making a difference in cleaning up dock foam litter.

Georgian Bay Forever would like to offer our congratulations to MPP Miller for the successful passing into law of his Ontario Private Member's Bill 228 - Keeping Polystyrene Out of Ontario's Lakes and Rivers Act. The bill received Royal assent on May 20, 2021.

The bill "requires persons who sell, offer to sell or construct floating docks, floating platforms or buoys to ensure that any expanded or extruded polystyrene in the dock, platform or buoy is fully encapsulated".

We can now go beyond imagining that this one source of pollution will be stopped.

Next generations won't have to pick this litter up off shorelines in order to restore their beauty and make shorelines and aquatic habitats safer for wildlife.

It's not going to end all the litter - but it makes a difference! Ninety percent of all lake life is born, raised, and fed in the area where land and water meet.
From Georgian Bay Forever
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Families For Change 4.0 – New Summer Tasks! 

Wanted – new families and
welcome back families that have previously participated! 
If you and your family are concerned about climate change, pollution, and preserving wetlands, Georgian Bay Forever (GBF) has a program for you. It’s called Families For Change (F4C).  
How does it work? 
 It’s entirely up to your family. GBF’s F4C program can take as much time as you and your family have to devote to it. Your family can choose from 16 tasks in 3 different categories, or you can simply focus on one or two. 
The categories include
  1. Decreasing Greenhouse Gas Emissions 
  2. Reducing Waste and Litter in the Environment, and 
  3. Preserving wetlands by tackling and getting educated about invasive species
Please join families making a difference in reducing our collective impacts on the future of the environment. 
To get started, click on these list of tasks.
F4C 4.0
GBA Logo New
Safe Quiet Lakes Survey
The GBA would like to encourage all PaBIA members to take a few minutes to fill out this survey to share your opinions with municipalities, the OPP, and GBA. It helps GBA with its advocacy strategy!\xIt’s quick and anonymous, taking less than 15 minutes to complete.
Ward 3 Councillors

Please sign up for Earl and Scott's eBlasts so you can be fully informed and read about these issues in depth. In general, these topics were covered in their APRIL 2021 Virtual Council Meeting.

Here are the topics in the BAY NEWS that you may wish to read in-depth...which can be done by emailing Scott or Earl to request to be put on their direct mailing list.

April 2021
  • Spring ToA Newsletter
  •  SFN| Seven Grandfather Teachings
  • April 2021 Council Meeting
  • Budget 2021| Fiscally Responsible & Strategically Focused
  • Strategic Planning | Update
  • Environment | Phrag Busting Road Management Action
  • Environment | Motorboat Decibel Levels
  • Border Opening | US & Int'l Cottagers
  • SFN IPCA | Spring 2021 Newsletter
  • Broadband Update | Municipal Agent of Change
  • WPS SMART Tower | Energy Savings
June 2021
Life in the Biosphere Webinar Series

The Georgian Bay Biosphere is pleased to launch the Life in the Biosphere Webinar Series! Along with our partners, we'll explore many different aspects of living in a UNESCO biosphere, from cultural teachings to gardening to invasive species and more!
GBB Septic Webinar
Septic System Health & You
Wednesday, June 23 @ 10:00 am EST  

In this free webinar, we're joined by Danielle Ward from Adams Brothers Construction as she shares information on greywater pits, composting toilets, septic inspections, and more! Learn how important and simple it can be to keep your septic in tip-top shape. Short-term care can mean long-term savings and peace of mind! Click here to register! This webinar is offered in partnership with the Township of the Archipelago.
Lessons from an Ontario Biosphere in Phragmites Management
Wednesday, July 14 @ 10:00 am EST  

Webinars will continue to be scheduled throughout the year. Mark your calendars and bookmark this event for the following event!
Biosphere Kids Activity book
NEW! Kids in the Biosphere Activity Book
Now in its third edition, the Kids in the Biosphere Four Seasons Activity Booklet will have the young, and young at heart, exploring the natural world in the Biosphere.

This entertaining book is packed with several new activities, fascinating facts, and meaningful ways to help the environment.

Often described as “appropriate for all ages” the booklet is a must have for anyone living, playing, or exploring eastern Georgian Bay.

Calling all Kids
in the Biosphere!

Who’s ready for a summer of outdoor exploration?

The Georgian Bay Biosphere will be offering the 9th season of Kids in the Biosphere in partnership with the Township of the Archipelago. This free program provides participating families with activities to keep you outside and learning about nature all summer long. Kids in the Biosphere began in 2013 and has reached over 500 families!

What’s new with Kids in the Biosphere in 2021?

Once again, Biosphere staff have altered the delivery of Activity Kits to stay in line with physical distancing. We will be mailing Activity Kits through Canada Post to families who sign-up online.
This year’s Activity Kit contains the NEW Kids in the Biosphere Activity Booklet! Redesigned for the young and young at heart, this booklet has over 70 pages of awesome activities, fascinating facts, and meaningful ways to help the environment.
Ready to join us this summer? Here is how:
  1. Sign up to receive your family’s Activity Kit; a reusable bag containing outdoor games, crafts, and a nature notebook.
  2. Biosphere staff will mail your Activity Kit to the address you provide.
  3. Throughout the summer, check out online Photo Album of everyone’s findings and the Kids Nature News for weekly info on nature’s happenings and answers to your questions.
  4. Complete activities and keep track on your Summer Scorecard included in the Activity Kit (optional).
  5. Optional: At the end of the summer, or when you've completed as many activities as possible, email us a picture of your Scorecard. You will be entered to win one of three GRAND PRIZES! 
  6. We’re looking forward to a summer of distant and safe adventures with you! As the Biosphere office remains closed, Activity Kits are only available through the mail. The sign-up form will remain active throughout the summer to reach as many families as possible. For more information, contact Delaina.
LANDMARK Speaker Series
Our virtual LANDMARK Speaker Series returns for 2021 with monthly presentations from 10:00 - 11:00 AM on conservation and Georgian Bay topics. Mark your calendars with the dates below, and register to attend each session here
Photography After Dark with Ariel Estulin -
June 17, 2021

With the rapid advance of digital camera technology, today’s cameras are capable of producing images that were not possible even just a few years ago. This talk is designed to show you how to get started with taking photos of the night sky in Georgian Bay.
Topics covered:
  • gear requirements
  • planning your shoot
  • camera settings
  • calculating exposure, finding focus, and getting sharp images
  • shooting star trails
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ToA Large Item Pick Up Days 2021

Saturdays, June 26th and August 7th

Due to Covid-19, social distancing needs to be respected and no assistance can be provided. Please make sure you bring helpers with you if you have exceptionally heavy or large items to drop off. Further information such as what can/cannot be dropped off is posted on the Township website.
Lakes Michigan/Huron Water Levels June 2, 2021
To better read the charts, please click on the chart for the Daily or Six Month Forecast Water level chart and the corresponding websites
Water Level Legend 2021
Yearbook Update - May 25!
With each eBlast, we will provide you a list of names for those members who have provided updated contact information. The details of all the changes since the 2021 yearbook came out in late April are provided in THIS printable format for you to print out and insert into your own Yearbook!
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