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 Volume 13 No. 3
3.9.21 PaB

Thanks, Bruce Tiffin for this marvelous pic from just beyond the red marker west of the lighthouse! Yesterday it was 7o C and sunny! Apparently, the packing ice had the red marker totally pushed under the ice, so that it wasn't even visible!

Though there is no news yet about the opening of the border to those other than Canadians, The next update is expected by March keep your fingers crossed that there is some good news! Get vaccinated!
In this eBlast:

  • Helen Bryce Honoured: Guardian of the Bay
  • PaBIA Membership Dues Deadline MONDAY
  • PaBIA Winter Cottage Patrol Completed
  • PaBIA Photo Contest Category WINNER - Brendan O’Neill!
  • PaBIA's Marine Patrol 2021
  • Check out PaBIA's Updated 2021 Calendar
  • BAY NOTES - January
  • GBLT - Landmark Speaker Series
  • Georgian Bay Biosphere Webinar Series
  • Lake Michigan-Huron Water Levels - March 8, 2021
  • In Memoriam - Ada Morris
Of Interest
Helen Bryce - GBA's Guardian of the Bay
Helen Bryce
Our own Helen Bryce has been honoured by the Georgian Bay Association (GBA) for her volunteer commitment to Georgian Bay.

David Sweetnam, executive director of Georgian Bay Forever, says, “Helen is a FORCE, As a director and committees volunteer for many years, she was the perfect person to head our new Education Committee. We know we can count on her skills to educate people on climate change, the autonomous underwater vehicle, and microplastic pollution, through our Families For Change programs, as well as our in-person and online H2O events with the GBA.

"There are a few people who make you wonder – how in the world do they do it all?

"Helen is that rare person. A champion for her community, she has served extensively on the Ojibway Board, Ojibway Historical Preservation Society, and as a coordinator for the Ojibway art show; all this to ensure the viability of the Ojibway Club as a unique gathering place for generations to come. She has served on committees for the Pointe au Baril Islanders’ Association, where she currently serves as the education director." Read the article.
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Final Reminder
Membership Dues Due
by March 15th
Please remember that March 15th - next Monday - is the deadline for your membership dues to be into Nancy so that you can be included in the Yearbook membership listing. If you are an American with mail issues in your state, you can email Nancy your wishes - membership dues/donations - and she will make sure you are in the Yearbook!
Of course, there are 3 ways to pay:
  • through the website with credit card 
  • by e-transfer from a Canadian bank account to Nancy Rogers
  • by cheque payable to PaBIA, mailed to PaBIA C/o Nancy Rogers, Unit 1 - 38 Elora Drive, Hamilton ON L9C 7K3
Questions? Check with Nancy!
Clare Island east
Winter Cottage Patrol 2021

The winter cottage patrol conducted by Bruce Tiffin, our Off-Season Cottage Patroller, has been completed with NO new reports of any damage...great for all of us!!!

This means that if you have not heard from Nancy Rogers about any damage to your cottage, all is well at your cottage!

Thanks, Bruce, for all your efforts!!!
Photo Contest Winner - Cottage Life Category
Cottage Fun
Ice Cream Run
by Brendan O’Neill
In this photo, Beatrix Auld and Pony O’Neill were challenged with sailing from the Ojibway Back Dock to the Ojibway Front Dock to get …
you guessed it, ice cream! 
Marine Patrol LOGO
Marine Patrol 2021

Bill Culp, MP Coordinator, is delighted to confirm that both Tom Wunderlich and Chris Lusty, our MPs from 2020, are returning to safeguard our waterways and watch over our environment as PaBIA's Marine Patrollers this summer. Welcome back!
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Ward 3 Councillors

Here are the topics in the BAY NEWS that you may wish to read in-depth...which can be done by emailing Scott or Earl to request to be put on their direct mailing list.
Please sign up for Earl and Scott's eBlasts so you can be fully informed and read about these issues in depth. In general these topics were covered in their January 2021 Virtual Council Meeting.

Scott Aitcheson MP | Joins Council Meeting
Our virtual January Council Meeting served as an extension of our political outreach to key stakeholders in the success of TOA and to elicit cooperation between all levels of Government.

MP Aitcheson acknowledged the difficult challenges to northern rural and urban communities and expressed his support for the TOA Broadband Project and the West Parry Sound Wellness Centre Project; both key infrastructure projects to WPS District. He also indicated that he would encourage Federal Infrastructure funding for both projects. Mr. Aitcheson further recognized the challenge of affordable housing development and provided a practical suggestion to contact the Town of Huntsville to discuss their municipal solutions that created affordable housing while accessing both Federal and Provincial funding.

MP Aitcheson referenced the new U.S. Administration and the potential impact the change in government might have on the COVID-19 response, economic activity, and climate change. In response to Councillor Sheard’s question about the timing and conditions for border reopening, MP Aitchison acknowledged that any reopening is dependent on COVID-19 data, the number of vaccinations, the impact of COVID-19 variants, and public attitudes...

Rural Ontario Municipal Association (ROMA) Conference
Your Ward 3 Councillors represented the TOA at the ROMA virtual Conference on January 25-26, 2021. The Agenda included presentations from Premier Doug Ford, the Official Opposition NDP Leader, Andrea Horwath, and representatives of the Liberal and Green Parties. A Ministers’ Forum was scheduled on each day of the Conference for questions from municipal politicians...
  • Bill 228 | Ban Unencapsulated Dock Foam
  • Healthcare Funding | West Parry Sound District
  • Why This is Important?

Planning & Development
Site Alteration Bylaw Review
Land Use Study
Site Alteration By-law
During the last few years, concerns have been raised at Council regarding inappropriate physical alteration of properties. Last year, a grievous alteration of island property, occurred in the southern part of the Township spurring municipal, provincial, and federal authorities to act. However, our municipal by-laws are not rigorous enough in the eyes of many in our community. The ability to steward our natural environment, and to accommodate responsible and sustainable development is fundamental to the Township...

Land Supply Study
From its inception, the Township’s Official Plan employs a municipal strategy to limit land development and it is clearly opposite to the aspirations of most municipalities. The only settlement area recognized by the Township is the Pointe au Baril Station...

Environment | GBF Deputation
GBF provided Council with a comprehensive update on four programs of interest to the TOA and residents:
  1. Mitigating microplastics in water streams;
  2. Community shoreline clean-up initiatives including dock foam legislation;
  3. Seabin use to collect water-borne pollution; and
  4. Phragmites Remediation.
Lint Filters for Washers
Shoreline Clean-up
Prag Bustin...

Pointe au Baril
Facilities Upgrades
Township Staff has focused on facility upgrades to our community assets. They include:
  • New vinyl flooring is being laid at the Township Dock/Wharf lighthouse building;
  • Vinyl tile floor covering will be resistant to moisture and solve previous peeling issue;
  • Freshening the Community Centre includes stripping and waxing floors, redecorating walls, and repairing drywall;
  • New propane furnace is now operational.
LANDMARK Speaker Series
Our virtual LANDMARK Speaker Series returns for 2021 with monthly presentations from 10:00 - 11:00 AM on conservation and Georgian Bay topics. Mark your calendars with the dates below, and register to attend each session here

  • March 20th: Migratory Bird Research with Stuart Mackenzie
  • April 17th: Fish of Blackstone Lake with Andy Metelka
  • May 8th: Shipwreck Tales of Georgian Bay with Cris Kohl & Joan Forsberg

Register here to attend. All ages are welcome!
P.S. Did you miss any of last year's LANDMARK talks, or would you like to share them with others? Recordings of all past presentations are available to watch anytime on our website or YouTube channel
Life in the Biosphere Webinar Series

The Georgian Bay Biosphere is pleased to launch the Life in the Biosphere Webinar Series! Along with our partners, we'll explore many different aspects of living in a UNESCO biosphere, from cultural teachings to gardening to invasive species and more!

Take part in the annual Native Plant Sale...: Native Plant FundRaiser

Webinars will continue to be scheduled throughout the year. Mark your calendars and bookmark these events here for the following events.
  • Gypsy Moth & Emerald Ash Borer: Understanding Local Forest Pests
Wednesday March 24, 2021 10:00 AM EST    (Webinar)
  • Getting Your Garden Started
Thursday April 8, 2021 10:00 AM EST    (Webinar)
  • Learning About Miiskiikenh – Turtles
Tuesday April 27, 2021 10:00 AM EST    (Webinar)
  • Best for the Biosphere: Gardening with Native Plants
Thursday May 6th, 2021 10:00 AM EST    (Webinar)
Lakes Michigan/Huron Water Levels March 8, 2021

To better read the charts, please click on the chart for the
Daily or Six Month Forecast Water level chart and the corresponding websites
Water Level Legend 2021
Yearbook Update
With each eBlast, we will provide you a list of names for those who provided updated information. The details of all the changes since the Yearbook's came out in April is provided in a printable format for you to print out and insert into your own Yearbook copy! The next Update will be compiled once the new Yearbook is out in May!
In Memoriam

Ada Morris, past PaBIA member, A248 ‘Site Unseen’, wife of the late John Macdonald and the late Hugh Morris, mother of James (Maureen O’Neill), Bob (Heather Morris), Philip (Robin), Janis (Chris Lobb), grandmother of Madi, David and John Macdonald.
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