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 Volume 13 No. 9

This is your last opportunity to support the 14th Annual West Parry Sound Health Centre's Walk, Run & Pole, and PaB's Team, to support the local cardiac equipment at the hospital that serves our community so wonderfully! Please, if you have already donated thank you! If you wish to donate and support our team and the improvements to the Health Centre, consider doing so now in the WPSHC's section below.

Keep it up Ontario - your COVID numbers are coming down almost as fast as they went up! May that trend continue!
Ontario COVID 5.10
And our partners on the Bay have added terrific new programs via Zoom for your educational experience later this month and next! Enjoy!
In this eBlast:

  • PaBIA Looking for Donors for Regatta Plaques
  • Did You Know the Impact of Your Wake?
  • Off-Season Cottage Patrol Update
  • In Case of Fire, We Must Act Quickly
  • PaBIA's AGM Rescheduled to September 21
  • GBB Native Plant Sale
  • WPSHC Walk, Run, Pole Fundraiser May 14th
  • GBB Problem Plants Webinar May 26th
  • GBLT Photography After Dark - June 2021
  • Lake Michigan-Huron Water Levels - May 10, 2021
  • Found: Small Light Blue Laser Haul
  • ToA Large Item Disposal Dates 2021
  • Yearbook Update 2021 #2!
Of Interest
PaBIA Regatta Plaques Need New Donors
PaBIA Icon
Over the years, various families or individuals have been eager to sponsor some of the Junior Regatta races by lending their name to the Plaques being awarded to the recipients of these awards. Due to attrition, there are presently 3 plaques that are looking for new sponsors:
  • Marathon Swim
  • Juvenile Mixed Diving
  • Juvenile Girls High Points
Should any family or individual wish to honor their parents, children, and/or grandchildren, this would be a wonderful opportunity! The donation is approximately $75 annually. Please contact Nancy Rogers should you have an interest!
Cartoon Wake
Did You Know the Impact of YOUR Wake Has Consequences?

The larger the wake, the greater the potential for undesirable side effects

  • Loons, & other birds that nest along the shore, choose locations that are protected from waves generated by the prevailing winds. However, boat wake, which can come from any direction, can & does drown the nests & the young,

  • Inexperienced swimmers & young children are not usually in the water when wind-driven waves are high. However, they can be toppled by the size & energy of the boat wake.

  • Boat wake & prop wash can churn up sediments in shallow water which releases dormant nutrients that promote weed growth & algal blooms.

  • Boat wake can cause erosion.

  • Boat wake can cause docks & moored boats to rock severely & pull mooring hardware.
Thanks to the Pike Lake Community Association
PaBIA Logo
Notice: PaBIA's AGM Rescheduled to Tuesday, September 21

At PaBIA's recent May Board meeting, it was decided to move the AGM from early August to September 21st to be both proactive and realistic about gathering in groups. We also recognize that by holding the meeting virtually, as we did last year, more people could participate from wherever they were - no matter what the summer season brings!
Off-Season Cottage Patrol Update

To date, Bruce Tiffin has completed most of his rounds...with 6 reports including the lost laser shown below. Everyone with issues thus far has been notified.
In Case of Fire, We Need to Act Fast
Once there is a fire on your property, it’s too late to start figuring out who can help. Knowing who is in your vicinity and has a working Firepump can help you and your neighbours plan for a fire emergency before it happens. 

Watch this 6 min video - it might save your life!
May 2021
Life in the Biosphere Webinar Series

The Georgian Bay Biosphere is pleased to launch the Life in the Biosphere Webinar Series! Along with our partners, we'll explore many different aspects of living in a UNESCO biosphere, from cultural teachings to gardening to invasive species and more!
Problem Plants: Invasive Phragmites & Japanese Knotweed (Webinar)
Wednesday, May 26 @
10:00 am - 11:00 am EST
Join us for the first of this two-part series on invasive species. We’ll look in detail at how to identify, prevent the spread of, and manage Phragmites and Japanese Knotweed.

Septic System Health & You
Wednesday, June 23 @ 10:00 am EST   

Lessons from an Ontario Biosphere in Phragmites Management
Wednesday, July 14 @ 10:00 am EST  

Webinars will continue to be scheduled throughout the year. Mark your calendars and bookmark this event for the following event!
NEW! Kids in the Biosphere Activity Book
Now in its third edition, the Kids in the Biosphere Four Seasons Activity Booklet will have the young, and young at heart, exploring the natural world in the Biosphere.

This entertaining book is packed with several new activities, fascinating facts, and meaningful ways to help the environment.

Often described as “appropriate for all ages” the booklet is a must have for anyone living, playing, or exploring eastern Georgian Bay.

Order Deadline: Friday, May 28

The Georgian Bay Biosphere is offering the 5th annual Native Plant Fundraiser! Over 40 species of native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers are available. These plants are highlighted in the May 6th Webinar (above)
GBB Native Plant  Fundraiser
Walk Run Pole
$1,011,402 Raised in Support of
Local Cardiac Care Since 2008!!
WPSHC Fundraiser logo 2021
As we honour the new provincial 'stay home orders', it's important to continue exercising to keep body, mind and soul together.

Please join us in keeping fit together, but apart. Our 14th annual Georgian Bay Walk, Run, Pole is posed to connect us all. We have created an easy to navigate website. We encourage you to sign up then track your kilometres daily through May. We want you moving for a healthier you! You can be part of something bigger than yourself when you join our fitbit community at PSWalk! Or track with Strava. Or simply manually log your daily activity. Our site combines everyone's steps to make one grand journey! If Public Health guidelines allow, we will end the month of May in style! Join us on our traditional 5K route along the sparkling waters of Georgian Bay on Sunday, May 30th. Gather pledges for local cardiac care for West Parry Sound Health Centre!
June 2021
LANDMARK Speaker Series
Our virtual LANDMARK Speaker Series returns for 2021 with monthly presentations from 10:00 - 11:00 AM on conservation and Georgian Bay topics. Mark your calendars with the dates below, and register to attend each session here
Photography After Dark with Ariel Estulin -
June 17, 2021

With the rapid advance of digital camera technology, today’s cameras are capable of producing images that were not possible even just a few years ago. This talk is designed to show you how to get started with taking photos of the night sky in Georgian Bay.
Topics covered:
  • gear requirements
  • planning your shoot
  • camera settings
  • calculating exposure, finding focus and getting sharp images
  • shooting star trails
TOA Logo
ToA Large Item Pick Up Days 2021

Saturdays, June 26th and August 7th

Due to Covid-19, social distancing needs to be respected and no assistance can be provided. Please make sure you bring helpers with you if you have exceptionally heavy or large items to drop off. Further information such as what can/cannot be dropped off is posted on the Township website.
Lost and Found
Boat found A470
Might this be your boat? Bruce Tiffin found this on his spring offseason patrols behind The Bellevue (A470)
Lakes Michigan/Huron Water Levels May 10, 2021 To better read the charts, please click on the chart for the Daily or Six Month Forecast Water level chart and the corresponding websites
Water Level Legend 2021
Yearbook Update May 11!
With each eBlast, we will provide you a list of names for those members who have provided updated contact information. The details of all the changes since the 2021 yearbook came out in late April are provided in THIS printable format for you to print out and insert into your own Yearbook!
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