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 Volume 12 No. 10

Sounds like our summer season will be upon us - albeit for now only for Canadian seasonal residents (and the hope that the border will open up eventually)! Given the new directives from Doug Ford sent out last Friday, we must now give our marinas the time needed to rev up their operations. Please be patient with them - doing several months work in a few short weeks is asking a great deal of anyone!

A shout out to our ToA Councillors who have been working on your behalf to provide us water access to our cottages. They felt strongly and let their voices be heard that it was important in our township to have one set of rules for cottagers not two. Thank you Scott and Earl!

This eBlast is long and full of explanations for how things will be different for the foreseeable future as well as opportunities for learning and new adventures...but we are up for the challenge...and grateful that no matter what, one thing doesn't change - our rocks and pine trees and channels await us!

I always love suggestions for new ways to use this eBlast. Thanks, Ken, for requesting that we put a "View the Webpage in a new Browser" across the top of the page! So now for those who would like to view the eblast on your computer in a new browser, please click on the link just below the red line above!
In this eBlast:
  • BREAKING NEWS - Ontario Seasonal Residents' Access
  • PaBIA Cottage Off Season Patrol for Spring - Dock damage
  • PaBIA Yearbooks are Here!
  • PaBIA Marker Installation
  • PaBIA Summer Plans
  • Let's Be Sensitive
  • TOA Response to COVID19 - Not Business as Usual
  • WPSHC VIRTUAL Walk, Run & Pole Fundraiser
  • TOA May Large Item Pickup Day CANCELLED
  • GBF Water Level Webinar in May 26, 2020
  • GBLT Georgian Bay Disappearing Lighthouses - May 30
  • GBBR Growing Together - How We Can Help
  • GBLT Victoria Day GBF Microfibre Webinar June 12
  • Florence Church Rummage Sale 2020 CANCELLED
  • Lake Michigan-Huron Water Levels May 11, 2020
  • Lost and Found - Canoe on A 43-1 in Shawanaga Bay and Dock in Matthews Bay
  • Yearbook Update May 11th
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Breaking News on Marinas Opening for Ontario Seasonal Customers Only!!!!

Late on Friday, May 8 th , the Ontario government made a significant change to the  essential services provisions  put out earlier in the day to allow marinas to not only prepare for but also to open for seasonal resident customers only.  Many people worked behind the scenes to make this change happen including our ToA Reeve ( ToA Letter ) and Councillors, Mayors of the surrounding areas, MPP Norm Miller, Marina owners and their industry association and the GBA to advocate for this change. After a May 7 th meeting between the mayors and Premier Ford, Ford later undertook to make the change.

It is important to note that the primary purpose confirmed by the Ontario government for allowing this marina opening is to give property owners an opportunity to get access to their cottages to deal with any winter damage.
Seasonal residents should observe these guidelines:
Social distancing
It will be particularly important for all customers to respect the specific rules in place at their marinas to ensure the safety of their staff and yours. Please check with your marina and review the guidelines issued by Boating Ontario yesterday:  Social Distancing Best Practices – Marina Members & Guests This is not the time to load up your boat with large numbers of friends, particularly on the Victoria Day long weekend. We must all do all we can to limit the spread of COVID-19 by practicing social distancing on our boats and at our cottages.
Supplies and Services
At this time, it is recommended that anyone heading to their seasonal residence purchase all their supplies near their home, in order to minimize interaction with local residents near their cottage. Please be respectful to those providing local services and ensure that any services required can be done without compromising the safety of your contractor’s staff or yourself.
Medical Issues
If you are unwell, please stay at your principal residence. If you become ill and require medical attention while at your cottage please head back to your home if you can, and it is safe to do so, to avoid adding any stress to the usually limited medical resources available near your cottage.
First Nations Territory Access
If you need to access a First Nation territory or marina to get to your cottage, please respect the restrictions they may have in place. Each First Nation will autonomously be deciding when to lift restrictions. It is therefore important to check with them in advance and, if necessary, delay your trip to the cottage, or find an alternative means of access.
Travel Restrictions
Provincial guidance on limiting or avoiding travel within the Province remains in place. No legislation is in place, and the Ontario government has confirmed that they will not put travel bans in place but are relying on the goodwill of all Ontario residents to respect all the rules and guidelines around preventing the spread of COVID-19 and exercise common sense.
US Residents
At this time the border is closed to any travel from the US to Canada given the high incidence of COVID-19, particularly in Michigan and New York states. GBA will monitor these restrictions and report any changes, but would advise that, at this time, the government has confirmed that they have no plans to reopen the border.

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“Not Business as Usual” – Township Info
All municipal boat launches/access points within the Township of The Archipelago will be reopened as of May 15th, 2020.
Please note that these boat launches are being opened to enable individuals to access their place of residence or property and are not for the purpose of recreational boating.
Please observe government mandated social distancing protocols. Stay 2 metres away from other boats or people that are not part of your household.

It is not business as usual in Ontario and the West Parry Sound area is no exception as we are also impacted by COVID-19.  Here you will find information about current local service interruptions, limitations and restrictions that are in place for permanent and seasonal residents. For comprehensive information about COVID-19 and Provincial restrictions visit .
Pointe au Baril Station Ramps and Docks OPEN
The ramp and docks at the Pointe au Baril Station will be open on Thursday this week (Friday at the latest). 
Spring Off-Season Cottage Patrol
dock damage combined pics
Thus far, as Bruce Tiffin does his spring off season patrol, Bruce has filed 35 reports to Nancy, who, is turn, has contacted the property owners. Almost all damage was due to the high winds and water levels.
Dock Damage Trio
Red Marker
Go Safely On the Water!

Despite the official relaxed on-water restrictions,  our PaBIA Navigation Markers may not all yet be in place!
With the go-ahead from the Provincial Govt for seasonal residents to be allowed to access both the road and water access cottages, permission has been granted for the next phase of reopening to include the installation of the markers.
Navigational Restrictions
That being said, with the very short time window that Desmasdon's, our Navigation Markers preparation contractor, has been given to both start-up their marina AND install the markers before the long May Long Weekend, please know that  most markers may NOT be in place  should you plan to go to your cottage. So please do not count on the markers to show you the way. The installation requires at least two full days of calm water on the Bay to get all the markers in position.
This means it is advisable to be  very cautious  should the markers not yet be placed. You will definitely find that with the higher water, the shoreline and small shoals above the water last year may be underwater as you navigate around Pointe au Baril.
Yrbk Cover 2020
Yearbook 2020

Many thanks to Nancy Rogers for getting the Yearbooks out to now everyone should have gotten your copy. If not, please check with Nancy .

For a special treat, click on this YouTube Video and allow the Monarchs to flood your senses. Betsy - enjoy!

Many thanks to Chuck Scott for sharing this video with me.
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PaBIA Summer Plans!

Updates and official announcements seem to be coming on an almost daily basis. Accordingly, it is almost impossible at this time to predict exactly how all the PaBIA sponsored activities and events will unfold this summer.
But let’s be clear that we are here to make the most of the situation! We will work to shape and share the very best suite of PaBIA events and services possible.
To that end, we invite all of our members to start imagining how, within the social distancing restrictions we will all be sure to be facing, how we might make the best of things.
For example, how about a virtual  PaBIA Triathlon  where contestants make their own way around the three-event course in their own time and submit a time! How about a Fishing Derby with awards on ZOOM and a virtual fish fry…? Who knows!!! Only great imaginations and a ferocious determination to make summer 2020 a wonderful season, will be the limitation. In other words… unlimited possibilities!!
If you have any brain waves or brilliant ideas that might spark a new and innovative way to keep the PaBIA community spirit blazing bright; fire away!!!
Email Virginia Skuce , our Director of Member Activities, with your suggestions and ideas, and we promise to leave no stone unturned to make the summer of 2020 one to cherish!
We’ll be in touch, Pointe au Baril fellow enthusiasts!
Let’s Be Sensitive …

…to those who live year-round in PaB and Parry Sound – that those who live in these towns of 400 and 6000 people swell exponentially over the summer and the onslaught can be overwhelming and unnerving at times like this.

So, though everyone in PaB and Parry Sound is looking forward to seeing us again this summer, there is justifiable nervousness on the part of some of our permanent residents across the North, that the influx of seasonal residents may bring with them the risk of widened infection risk from the Coronavirus and Covid-19.

Please be aware of this sensitivity and govern your interactions accordingly.

May we suggest that the physical (social) distancing, washing of hands, and sheltering in place strategies we have all been observing thus far will continue to be key for our mutual community protection and peace of mind as we return to our summer homes.
Some of our Marina proprietors have already sent out advisories about their immediate efforts to help get us all back on the water safely. Please reach out to your marina as you plan your return and get informed about the precautions and processes being put in place to protect you and the employees on the ground.

Compressed timetables are putting big pressure on marinas, so we are sure they will appreciate your patience in their efforts to get all customers afloat!
Latest Updated Calendars for
July ( 3/25) and August (NEW 3/25)
Until we know for sure how the calendars are affected,
no changes will be made.
Of Interest
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Large Item Pickup Day is cancelled for May ...

Due to ongoing Provincial and Federal social distancing requirements and to safeguard the health and safety of each other we are cancelling the Large Item Pickup day at Pointe au Baril Wharf scheduled for Saturday May 16th.

The plan is to proceed with the scheduled June 20th date.  
H4H green logo
Thank You Pointe au Baril Community
Permanent & Seasonal Residents and First Nations!
The Pointe au Baril Habitat for Humanity GREEN build comes to a successful end after the very generous efforts and donations made by so many. Myesha, Josh and family are moving in now, making the house we all built into a very comfortable and energy efficient home.

Memories of our productive volunteer days are a real pleasure to relive through our Yearbook . Please enjoy the photos, read the stories and continue the joy of giving.

Please click on additional links found on page 22 to see even more stories and photographs.
GBLT Victoria Day
Bird Survey

Next weekend is our annual Victoria Day Bird Survey, and we hope you will participate! We know this year is a little different with not everyone able to be on Georgian Bay, so we are opening up the survey to responses from wherever you may be in the world.

Afterwards, we'll post results of all the birds that were seen on Georgian Bay, as well as all the places our community members are birding, and the fabulous species you're seeing.Keep track of your bird sightings throughout Victoria Day Weekend , and then submit your sightings  here .
Upcoming Events
Sean Tamblyn: Georgian Bay's Disappearing Lighthouses
Saturday May 30th, 10 am
30 minute Interactive Virtual Presentation
lighthouse lost 1
Sean Tamblyn won the GBLT's King Family Bursary in 2018 for his project to document in photographs the historic lighthouses of Georgian Bay as many of them fall into decay and disrepair. Now, he presents the results of his project. Come for Sean's passionate advocacy for these landmarks, stay for his incredible Georgian Bay photography!

Register here  to receive a link to attend.
Pointe au Baril Cottager's Team VIRTUAL
Run, Walk, Pole 2K, 5K, 10K on May 31
WPSHC RUN register
Pointe au Baril Cottager's Team (PaBC) is gearing up for the 2020 VIRTUAL Georgian Bay Walk, Run, Pole – Do It For Life on May 31 in support of the West Parry Sound Health Centre. This hospital needs our support very much, especially at this most critical time, and this donation will go directly to provide new defibrillators.

Last year PaBC raised over 22K and the hospital was truly thrilled. We again won the top fundraising title and with your support, we can win the fundraising competition in aid of this critical health centre again - please support us! We are looking for more team members so please email Helen if you or someone you know might be interested.

To sponsor a member of the PaBC, click here and type in the name of the person you wish to pledge.

We have a team from PaB worth supporting!!!!
On May 31
Let's support them – for a very worthy cause!!!
Or sign up as an individual participant here
WPSHC RUN verbiage
GBF May Water Level Webinar - May 26th
GBF Logo
What's Up with Water Levels??

The Great Lakes are home to 20 percent of the world’s surface fresh water. But only about one percent of that water is replenished each year. The other ninety-nine percent is there because the glaciers melted and filled the deep scars on the earth’s surface.
Water levels are the result of a variety of processes -- rainfall, evaporation, historic dredging, erosion, ice cover, diversions, managed regulation, power generation and other factors. All interact in a complex and chaotic dance. And climate change is altering that dance – instead of a regal Viennese waltz the Great Lakes are now moshing in the pit at a rock concert.

The coming decades hold a promise: “nothing in their water levels past is a predictor of what will happen in the future.”
Join one of our two webinars with David Sweetnam to learn about the forces driving extreme variability in water levels (content will be mainly the same, so just register for one)!

GBF Webinar on Microfiber Plastic Pollution
GBF Blog image fish
There will be a NEW Georgian Bay Forever (GBF) 1 HR. WEBINAR. Water pollution comes from tiny fibers in your clothes.
Discover research and solutions to change that.

What is this about? We think there is something important for everyone. Something for newcomers to this issue, and important info for those more in the know.

If you have heard or read about microfibers and the Parry Sound project from GBF before, join the webinar to learn preliminary results from about a year in on the project from the researchers and the coordinator making it happen. Teaser: Preliminary findings show a reduction of microfiber pollution not getting into the water of Georgian Bay from Parry Sound!…join to find out what that could mean if the solution was scaled up and the preliminary findings hold. Plus, have the opportunity to ask questions of the knowledgeable speakers.

If you’re new to the issue: Every single time we put our clothes in the washing machine, thousands of tiny plastic pieces wash away in the form of small fibers (microfibers). Millions get through wastewater treatment plants and into our water daily. Listen to the state of research on effects and the progress of the Parry Sound study on proving a solution. Find out what you can do to help stop this form of microwaste.
We’re looking forward to virtually connecting with you on this important issue.

Register now:

How to register: Click on one of these bitly urls of a date and time that works for you, or copy the bitly url and put it in your browser. If you are still having trouble, email  to help.
Florence Church
Florence Church Rummage Sale for 2020 CANCELLED

It is with great reluctance but out of an abundance of caution that the Florence Church Rummage Sale set for September 2020 will NOT be held this year. The Church is so appreciative of past donations that have gone a long way to supporting the local area.
Lakes Michigan/Huron Water Levels
May 11, 2020
To better read the charts, please  click  on the chart for the
Daily or Six Month Forecast Water level chart and the corresponding websites
Daily Water Level Key 2020
Lost canoe w emblem
Lost and Found
 This red canoe was found on A 43-1 Watts Island in Shawanaga Bay. Check out the emblem (enlarged left corner)

Please contact Nancy Rogers should you recognize any of these lost items!
loose dock
This floating dock with its ramp was seen floating in Matthews Bay last weekend. It has been secured to an island so it can't get broken up if it were to bash up onto the rocks in another storm.
Yearbook Update
Each eBlast, we will provide you a list of names for those who have provided updated information. The details of all the changes since the Yearbook's came out in April is provided in a printable format for you to print out and insert into your own Yearbook copy!

De Campos, Dimas (addition)
Finch, Tamara (phone numbers update)
Lintula, Pamela (new member)
Stephens, Chloe (address correction)
Stephens, Will (address correction)
Advocating for the Island Community,

Your PaBIA Directors
Pointe au Baril Islanders' Association 

PaBIA reserves all rights regarding decisions on communications to its members
in accordance with the PaBIA Policy on Communications
Fire Rating

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If you have trouble with the Bulletin Board, please contact Dave to add it to you.

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